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That was quick, huh? Autobase Aichi has found a small photo showing off the entire wave from Japanese retailer Nonstop. While it's difficult to make most of them out, there seems to be RID Drift and Fixit in addition to the G1 Prime, G1 Shockwave, and Beast Wars Megatron we reported on before. Keep reading to squint at the photo!

Autobase Aichi has posted images from the Anime Japan 2015 show! Transformers Adventure - known here as Robots In Disguise - is the main focus, but there's also Masterpiece and QTransformers pieces on display. Attendees were also able to get their hands stamped with special codes to be scanned into the Transformers Adventure app. Keep reading to see!

The Tiny Titans minifigure line has solicited its third wave of blindbagged figures through Diamond Comics, and the PREVIEWSworld website has sample images! Revealed for this set are G1 Optimus Prime and Shockwave, but more surprisingly a Beast Wars Megatron! Most of the paint seems to have gone into the heads - robot and dinosaur - but even so it looks like fun. Keep reading to see!

Alfes2010 of the Higekuma Toy Blog has also posted images of Masterpiece Exhaust! Released the same day as MP-24 Star Saber, Exhaust's checkered history means you may have trouble getting him in the USA... but Japan isn't having that problem, as you can see. Also included with Exhaust is the Immobilizer from the G1 cartoon - keep reading to see!

ToysRUs Japan has posted new images of Black Knight Optimus Prime! Based on Armor Knight Optimus Prime, the heavily-reworked version of Generations Leader-class Optimus, Black Knight Prime is every bit as extensively painted as the Armor Knight version and looks great. The figure is due for release in August at a price of 8,638 Yen after tax. Keep reading for the photos!

Ever-prolific toy photographer Masabon1980 has posted images to his Photobucket of Transformers Cloud Hellwarp! Based conceptually off of the similarly sharky Hellscream from Beast Wars Second, Hellwarp is a new body for Skywarp based off of the Generations Sky-Byte mold. Keep reading to see!

I'm not sure what it is that compels people in the vicinity of Masterpiece Star Saber to take as many pictures of it as humanly possible, but Twitter user/Higekuma Toy Blog operater Alfes2010 has taken 20+ new photos of the just-released Autobot Supreme Commander. Featured are pictures of Star Saber in Robot Mode, plus Saber in both modes and the V-Star Transtector, plus the tiny Brain of Courage shown with various other figures for scale. Keep reading to see!

Maybe not the whole thing, but pretty close! Hisashi Yuki has taken to his @TFYUKI Twitter account with images of the Transformers Adventure line (still a better name than Robots In Disguise)! Included are images of the first wave of the line followed by giving special attention to the massive Three-Step "Big Bumblebee" plus Beast Hunters carryovers Dreadwing and Bloody Knockout. Keep reading to see!

IDW artist and colorist Priscilla Tramontano has posted her alternate cover to Windblade #4, which will feature the epilogue to Combiner Wars. The cover shows Windblade hovering over a riot scene - just another day on Starscream's Cybertron, or is this another part of the Transformers' universe? We won't know until June, so until then keep reading to see the image!

Hasbro Asia is continuing their practice of adding giveaways to their releases of high-end Japanese products with a special coin to be included with MP-24 Star Saber! It's difficult to say whether the coin itself is triangular or just the window on the packaging, but a triangular coin would be really neat. Keep reading to see the image!

Autobase Aichi has updated their previous story with a couple more catalog scans. A second page of Cyber 7 Series figures has appeared, showing a Movie/Prime-inspired Bumblebee and also a movie-colored Grimlock. Bumblebee in particular looks to be a scaled-up Cyberverse Legion figure. Also shown is the Platinum Triple Changers set showing off Blitzwing and Astrotrain's out-of-nowhere new paint jobs. Keep reading!

By way of Autobase Aichi, a scan from a Brazilian catalog has surfaced showing off a new series of Generations figures. The Generations Cyber Series are larger figures - 7" and 11" - featuring G1-inspired character designs and simplified transformations for younger kids. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are shown for the 11" line and Megatron for the Cyber 7 line. Autobase Aichi also speculates that perhaps that Starscream at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis might also be a Cyber 7 figure in the offing. Keep reading to see the scan!

The WB01-F is an add-on set is to add to your WB01 Warbotron combiner set. Includes X-ray mini-figure and Warbotron gun which can split apart into many individual parts and figures. WB03-B and WB03-C are two of the five parts of the mighty Warbotron WB-03! Towering above other combiner figures, each figure individually transforms and can combine to form the mighty Warbotron! Each figure sold separately. Pre-order now at TFSource. Read on for the figure previews in the gallery.

Some new listings on Japan classifieds site, Mandrake have revealed a couple of new images for the Adventure Dynamic Changers Grimlock & Bumblebee Transformers figures. These are the Japan exports of Robots in Disguise 2015 3-Step changers figures with fancy boxes and some new paint apps. Get a look at the figures that are making their way out to stores in Japan soon.

KABAYA GUM PLUS TRANSFORMERS D COLLECTION - This new display box of eight comes with six different Transformers G1 SDish style figures including: First Supreme Commander Convoy, Destructicon Emperor Megatron, and Air Commander Starscream. Each figure will have a solid color and a clear variant. The box of eight is priced at $39.99 or you can take a chance and buy a random single for $5.99 each. The figures are slated for release May 2015. Read on to check out the images and more detaiils.

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