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TFND has posted images of Generations Jhiaxus out of package, showing off the extensive remolding from Generations Armada Starscream. It's an attractive shade of orange- which I guess is a decent second choice since apparently it could not be colored like Jhiaxus. Keep reading for the photos!

Thanks again to Ebay seller lena81822 we have some more images this time of the IDW inspired Crosscut figure. Get a look at the Transformers Generations deluxe class toy that is a remake of the Generations Skids character with a newly molded head and paint scheme to go with. This figure was displayed at BotCon and SDCC this year and is expect to hit store shelves anytime now. Read on to see the out of package images.

Thanks to Ebay seller lena81822 we have some new image of the Streetsmart (Streetwise) figure that is part of the Protectobots Emergency Response 3-Pack with First Aid based on Prime Ratchet and Groove based on Legends Arcee that will be out later this year in the Transformers Age of Extinction line. Get a look at the repaint of Beast Hunters Prowl as the new figure shown in his robot and vehicle modes. Read on to see all the images for a preview now.

There's a new Transformers game in development for iOS and Android - but most likely it's only coming out in Japan. Transformers Ultimate Allstars is listed as a "Line Strategy Game," which isn't a subgenre of strategy game we're familiar with. What is known is that the game will include something called Cybercoins, so if you get access to the game expect it to be pushing in-app purchases. Keep reading for images and a link to the Japanese website!

KFC revealed their next project at Auto Assembly. Get a look at the concept images for their MP scale Transistor figure that is a homage to the G1 Blaster character. No word on prices or a release date, but keep an eye on TFsource for more news on this figure soon.

Transform and save out to these new Transformers Age of Extinction USB Drives From InfoThink. Fans can store all their files and other goodies they need to go mobile with these Transformers USB drives that include Optimus Prime and Bumblebee heads with accessory arms that can be used as a stylus. They are also offering branded adapters and power drives. No word on pricing or availability at this time. See the images after the jump for the full look at the USB drives.

Masabon has taken a nice, detailed gallery of photos for the Transformers Expo Japan-exclusive Nemesis Grimlock, a Nemesis recolor of Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Grimlock. I think at this late date it's fair to just declare "Nemesis" a color palette since 90% of people reading this will know exactly what I mean. That said, it looks pretty nice in those colors- keep reading to see for yourself!

Robot Kingdom has posted more images to their Facebook page, among which are better images of the die for G1 Optimus Prime that give a better idea of what exactly is on this sprue. The blue and vac-metal parts are gang-molded - no surprise to anyone who's ever scraped the chrome on their figure - and it seems as though there may be removable stops to allow the shortening of smokestacks for US rereleases. Keep reading to see the details!

MMC announced a new figure at Auto Assembly this weekend. His name is Spartan, and not IMpactor. He shares the same basic design as MMC's upcoming Commotus figure, with an alternate mode inspired by the Metal Slug video game.

Just in are some images of the Bold Forms BF-01 Gladius Not-Megatron Triple Changer! Get a look at the prototype and design shows for the triple changing Voyager sized Megatron! The G1 stuled figure turns from robot to tank to handgun that is reported to be highly articulated. Read on to see the first looks at the figure.

More images are in from Transformers Expo 2014 with looks a the Prime 1 Studio Products display at the show. Get a look at images of their large scale products featuring Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Starscream and the movie style Matrix. They are also showing some looks at new smaller figure statues and what appear to busts that will be coming soon. Read on to see all the new products and other shots from what looks to be an amazing event.

Thanks to douglas over at ACToys who have posted many new images of the Nowhere/A Bathing Ape Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy Bape Version. Get a look at new the A Bathing Ape Exclusive Optimus Prime exclusive that is a camo green redeco of MP-10 Convoy/Optimus Prime. Read more to see the images showing the robot and alternate truck cab modes with notes from douglas that have been google translated for reading below.

Thanks to the CYBERGEEKS Alliance Facebook page who have posted a preview Transformers Generations 2014 Volume 2 showing the Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus figure details. The images taken from the book that will be out August 25, shows the intimate details of the MP-22 Ultra Magnus figure with looks at the robot mode, alternate car carrier mode and the truck mode. Read on to see what's behind this much anticipated release from Takara Tomy.

Via Masabon's 2005 thread, we also have images of an interesting display from Transformers Expo 2014: An original mold for G1 Optimus Prime! Repaired repeatedly for reuse over the course of 30 years, the huge metal die in question seems to be for the chromed parts of the figure- you can make out what appear to be the grille and front bumper, wheel hubs and gas tanks. Keep reading to get a closer look!

The prolific MASABON1980 has posted extensive images to his Photobucket of Transformers Expo exclusives G1 Slug and Voyager Nemesis Prime, an inevitable but attractive recolor of Lost Age Advanced Series/Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime. Slug looks pretty good as well and is similar, but not matching, to the SDCC Exclusive from this year's Dinobots set. Keep reading for the photos!

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