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As a person with no conventional artistic skills, one of the ways I like to express myself from time to time is by digitally recoloring photos of toys to be other things - Photoshopping! What-If Wednesday is a new occasional feature where I'll share my "what if?" recolors, either inspired by my own ideas, or sometimes from other source media. Our first What-If Wednesday takes on the Headmaster Bludgeon concept seen in the Magna Convoy comic this week, which we get only a limited view of. How might it look and work as a toy? Keep reading and find out!

A while back, ToyHax introduced a label set for Titans Return Rewind that would turn him into a version of Dispensor, the infamous soda machine from the first live-action Transformers film from 2007. Now, Trent Troop's Prize Inside! store has upped the ante with a new head and soda gun for the figure! Keep reading to have a better look at the completed custom and a link to Trent's Shapeways store.

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