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An official Combiner Wars Liokaiser came out as the last of the boxsets for that line last year, but it had a bit of reimagining and was only five members instead of six. And with no Unite Warriors version, a more accurate interpretation seemed unlikely. So one fan by the Twitter handle of @omochasoku02 decided to fill in that gap, and customized a full set, with Breastmaster partners, plus both Leozack and Jallguar who form the torso together, and even Deathcobra, the animation-only single-appearance extra member of the team. This is definitely worth a look, so check out the photos in the gallery below!

So we've talked about Flame Toys' Kuro Kara Kuri Drift figure before. The company has now announced on their Facebook page that the second entry in the series of super-articulated, LED-lit, non-transforming action figures will be none other than the Decepticon Justice Division's leader Tarn! Keep reading to see the lineart for the figure.

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