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NYCC 2011 Transformers Prime Bumblebee and G1 Colors Arcee Special Edition Set Revealed, Exclusives Price Points Announced

By Jack Q on Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You heard it here first on Tformers and whether you believed us or not, our source and our hunch were correct.

To celebrate New York Comic Con 2011 the Transformers Prime Bumblebee and Arcee Special Edition set from Hasbro features unique Big Apple versions of characters from the animated series.

We were told back at BotCon it would not be Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon-related.

The set includes a Bumblebee figure with a classic New York City taxi cab deco, an Arcee figure featuring an exclusive pink deco, and human figures of Raf Esquivel and Jack Darby in New York themed t-shirts with Autobot shield logos.

The figures come in a special edition packaging featuring the iconic New York City skyline with an Autobot twist.

The set will cost $33.00 and will be available at HasbroToyShop, booth #302.

The NERF Bumblebee Blaster will set you back $24.99 while the Cuponk set costs $22.00.


Hasbro to Celebrate Its Iconic Brands with Fans at New York Comic Con

Special Edition Figures, Panels for its Global Entertainment Brands and 2012 Product Reveals Lead the Company’s First Large Scale Presence at the Pop-Culture Fan Experience New York Comic Con 2011

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For the first time, fans will be able to experience a wide variety of favorite pop-culture brands from Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) at New York Comic Con. The Company previously announced its upcoming presence at the convention taking place at the Javits Convention Center in New York City from October 13-16 as well as its title sponsorship of New York Comic Con’s “NYCC Kids!” experience. Since then fans have been looking forward to details about its TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS and KRE-O brands and BEYBLADE, MARVEL and STAR WARS lines at the convention. The following highlights details of each brand, panels and HasbroToyShop.com special edition figures available to New York Comic Con attendees.


Fans will be greeted to the Hasbro booth at New York Comic Con by a 20’ tall OPTIMUS PRIME statue featured in the style of the TRANSFORMERS PRIME animated series. New, never before seen action figures from the TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON toy line and upcoming 2012 TRANSFORMERS PRIME toy line will be on display at the Hasbro booth following the TRANSFORMERS brand panel. In addition to TRANSFORMERS action figures and toys including the MECHTECH ULTIMATE OPTIMUS PRIME figure and CYBERVERSE AUTOBOT ARK space craft, Hasbro will have licensed items from its TRANSFORMERS CREW SERIES of licensed apparel and other goods on display. With the recent blockbuster TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON movie from Paramount Pictures and the TRANSFORMERS PRIME animated series from Hasbro Studios currently airing on The Hub television network, the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro continues to captivate fans across the globe. New episodes of TRANSFORMERS PRIME air Saturdays at 8:30pm EST on The Hub. Fans can also now keep up with the TRANSFORMERS brand on Facebook at www.Facbook.com/Transformers.


Hasbro will have a collection of its new BEYBLADE tops on display in its booth at New York Comic Con and will host the National BEYBLADE Championship at NYCC Kids! Semi-finalists from around the country will battle in head-to-head competition to be crowned the BEYBLADE U.S. Champion. The BEYBLADE National Championship winner will be awarded travel to compete in the BEYBLADE World Championship, in Toronto, Canada in March 2012. Fans are encouraged to attend NYCC Kids! to watch the finals live on Sunday, October 16. A worldwide phenomenon, the BEYBLADE line from Hasbro is a battling tops game with a focus on strategy and high-performance competition. Based on the popular BEYBLADE: Metal Masters animated series currently airing on Cartoon Network in the United States, kids collect, customize and compete head-to-head to be the last BEYBLADE top spinning.


At New York Comic Con Hasbro will reveal the highly anticipated G.I. JOE 7-pack battle sets available as a Big Bad Toy Store exclusive later in 2011 for the first time at the opening of the convention. The brand that launched “the first action figure” in the mid 1960’s continues to introduce highly detailed figures and vehicles as well as comics, movies and television shows that have been embraced by millions of fans across the globe. Hasbro will also have on display in its booth a wide array of the current 2011 G.I. JOE toy line. The epic saga of G.I. JOE vs. COBRA is captured in great detail in the line’s 3.75-inch action figures featuring well known characters including DUKE, SCARLETT, COBRA COMMANDER and two of the most famous ninjas of all time, SNAKE EYES and STORM SHADOW. The brand is also looking forward to the theatrical release of the second major motion picture based on the brand hitting theaters in June, 2012 from Paramount Pictures.


A ‘truly outrageous’ icon of the 80’s, Hasbro's JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS property retains a significant following to this day and JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS fans have been buzzing about the brand’s presence at New York Comic Con. As a branded entertainment company, Hasbro delivers its properties to fans in a variety of formats including the airing of the classic JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS series on The Hub television network. As a result, new fans and nostalgic fans have been tuning in to watch the classic pink-haired rocker, her band and their arch-rivals, THE MISFITS. Hasbro’s JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS presence at Comic Con will pay tribute to this iconic animated series with product such as the October 11th release of all three seasons on DVD for the first time, as well as items from the classic JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS line of soon-to -be-released licensed goods. The classic JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS series currently airs Monday-Friday at 7:30am and 2:00pm EST on The Hub.


New York Comic Con attendees will want to keep an eye out for KRE-O statues, roaming OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE KREON costume characters and special edition OPTIMUS PRIME KREON figures featuring “MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP” deco not available in stores. These promotional KREON figures will be distributed to convention attendees at the Hasbro booth (while supplies last). The recently launched KRE-O line of construction sets from Hasbro brings action and adventure to the construction toy category. At retail and on display in the Hasbro booth, the KRE-O brand offers twelve building sets featuring popular TRANSFORMERS characters.


Hasbro will celebrate New York City’s most famous Super Hero, SPIDER-MAN and more iconic MARVEL characters in its booth at New York Comic Con. With the 2011 Marvel films THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and the highly anticipated MARVEL’s THE AVENGERS as well as Columbia Pictures’ THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN films in 2012, Marvel fans have a lot to be excited about. Hasbro, home to the Marvel master toy license, delivers outstanding toys like the CAPTAIN AMERICA DISC LAUNCHING SHIELD and THOR LIGHTNING HAMMER that immerse fans in the character experience as well as its fan favorite MARVEL UNIVERSE line which dives deep into the pages of MARVEL COMICS to deliver 3.75-inch action figures of a wide variety of MARVEL Super Heroes to collectors. In addition to having these and more MARVEL toys on display, including action figures from the upcoming 2012 line (and the highly anticipated return of the 6” Legends figures), and never before seen figures following the Hasbro MARVEL panel, Hasbro will have a ‘larger than life’ AVENGERS blister card for attendees to step in to and ‘become’ an action figure for a one-of-a-kind photo op. Fans will also find a New York You City street scene in the Hasbro booth featuring a life-size SPIDER-MAN statue adorned in a replica of the web-slinger’s new costume from the upcoming 2012 movie.


At New York Comic Con Hasbro continues to bring the excitement of the STAR WARS blockbuster movies and the highly-rated STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS animated series to life with displays of its innovative new role-play items like the STAR WARS ULTIMATE FX LIGHTSABER, highly detailed action figures from the entire STAR WARS saga, and vehicles like the new STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS REPUBLIC ATTACK SHUTTLE. Hasbro will also have never before seen toys from its STAR WARS line on display in the booth following the Hasbro STAR WARS toy line panel. Visitors to the Hasbro booth will also have the opportunity to ‘become’ an action figure by stepping inside a ‘larger than life’ STAR WARS action figure blister card for a photo-op and see a life-like statue of the menacing DARTH MAUL character from EPISODE I. For more than 30 years Hasbro has been the worldwide — and galactic — leader in bringing the action, epic battles and characters of “a galaxy far, far away” into homes and backyards around the world. Fans can celebrate the recent release of STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA to Blu-ray disc and the upcoming release of STAR WARS: EPISODE I in 3D by checking out the Hasbro booth where THE FORCE is strong.


Giving fans a peek behind the curtain and an inside look into what’s coming in the future for many of its entertainment brands, Hasbro’s lineup of panels and special events at New York Comic Con 2011 follows:

Hasbro STAR WARS Action Figure Panel; Friday, October 14; 5:00pm-6:00pm; Room 1A23
Jagex & Hasbro TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE Browser Based MMO Panel; Friday, October 14; 7:45pm-8:45pm; Room 1A24
Hasbro TRANSFORMERS brand panel; Saturday, October 15; 12:15pm-1:15pm; Room 1A24
Hasbro MARVEL Action Figure Panel; Saturday, October 15; 7:30pm-8:30pm; Room 1A03
Hasbro Studios TRANSFORMERS PRIME Panel; Sunday, October 16; 11:00am-12:00pm; Room 1A24
BEYBLADE METAL FUSION National Championship Finals; Sunday, October 15; NYCC Kids!
Hasbro Studios and The Hub television network present Transformers Prime and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic episode screenings and Hasbro presents KRE-O stop motion screenings; Sunday, October 16; 3:00pm-4:15pm; NYCC Kids! Stage


Hasbro’s presence at New York Comic Con will also feature HasbroToyShop.com special edition collectibles available at the Hasbro booth. The complete list of 2011 special edition New York Comic Con items follow:


(Ages 9 & up; Approx. Retail Price: $22.00; Available through HasbroToyShop.com & Booth #302 at New York Comic Con)

Can you pull off a trick shot that’s MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE? CUPONK, Hasbro’s hot trick shot game that’s all about showing your style and pulling off cool shots, blasts into New York Comic Con with a special edition set featuring Hasbro’s iconic TRANSFORMERS brand! The CUPONK: TRANSFORMERS SPECIAL EDITION set includes two stylized electronic cups and six balls, each featuring special edition AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON artwork and iconic character artwork including OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON! To learn more about CUPONK, visit www.CUPONK.com.


(Ages 3 & up; Approx. Retail Price: $33.00 each; Available through HasbroToyShop.com & Booth #302 at New York Comic Con)

One of Manhattan’s most iconic and legendary Super Heroes is getting a special MARVEL MINI MUGGS treatment just for New York Comic Con. The classic SPIDER-MAN storyline “MAXIMUM CARNAGE” gets re-imagined as ultra-hip vinyl MINI MUGGS. The MARVEL MINI MUGGS SPIDER-MAN MAXIMUM CARNAGE Special Edition Collector’s Pack includes SPIDER-MAN, CARNAGE, DEMOGOBLIN, J. JONAH JAMESON and VENOM (with an alternate EDDIE BROCK face on the back of his head!). These figures are made from “100% recycled awesome” and, in celebration of Hasbro’s first attendance at New York Comic Con, are presented in special edition skyscraper packaging!


(Ages 4 & up; Approx. Retail Price $11.00; Available through HasbroToyShop.com & Booth #302 at New York Comic Con)

What’s more powerful than HULK and RED HULK? The two HULKS combined into COMPOUND HULK! This 3 3/4" MARVEL UNIVERSE figure recreates a memorable moment from this year’s HULK #30 comic, when the two hulking enemies were combined into one red-and-green behemoth! Just in time for New York Comic Con, the figure is based on the images of superstar artist Ed McGuinness of MARVEL Comics whose artwork adorns the special edition blister card and outer packaging of this special edition figure!


(Ages 6 & up; Approx. Retail Price: $24.99; Available through HasbroToyShop.com & Booth #302 at New York Comic Con)

Introducing the NERF N-STRIKE BARRICADE RV-10 SPECIAL EDITION TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE blaster, a motorized, semi-auto NERF blaster with revolving dart barrel that holds up to 10 whistle darts. With artwork from IDW Publishing's TRANSFORMERS comics, the blaster features new and exclusive deco with TRANSFORMERS detailing, styled after the BUMBLEBEE character. The NERF N-STRIKE BARRICADE RV-10 SPECIAL EDITION TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE blaster is compatible with the NERF Tactical Rail System and accessories (each sold separately). Requires three “AA” batteries; not included.


(Ages 5 & up; Approx. Retail Price: $33.00; Available through HasbroToyShop.com & Booth #302 at New York Comic Con)

To celebrate Hasbro’s first participation in New York Comic Con, the AUTOBOTS and their human friends are getting into a New York state of mind! Based on TRANSFORMERS PRIME, the hit animated series produced by Hasbro Studios and currently airing on The Hub television network, the TRANSFORMERS PRIME BUMBLEBEE AND ARCEE Special Edition set features unique Big Apple versions of fan favorite AUTOBOTS and friends. The set includes a Deluxe scale BUMBLEBEE figure with a classic New York City taxi cab deco, a Deluxe scale ARCEE figure featuring an exclusive pink deco, and human figures of RAF ESQUIVEL and JACK DARBY who sport exclusive New York themed t-shirts with AUTOBOT shield logos. The figures come in a special edition packaging featuring the iconic New York City skyline—with an AUTOBOT twist!

Session schedule subject to change without notice.

About Hasbro, Inc.

Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company’s world class brand portfolio. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, video games and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its customers through the strategic leveraging of well-known and beloved brands such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY. The Hub, Hasbro’s multi-platform joint venture with Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) launched on October 10, 2010. The online home of The Hub is www.hubworld.com. The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved. Come see how we inspire play through our brands at http://www.hasbro.com. © 2011 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Lucasfilm, STAR WARS™ and related properties are trademarks and/or copyrights, in the United States and other countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit www.marvel.com.

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