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Toy Fair 2011 - Live Transformers Press Event Report

By bwbm on Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tformers is live at Toy Fair 2011 covering the news as it happens from New York City. Tune in now as we are reporting from the Hasbro Press Event with all the Transformers new products details as it happens. Check out all that happened after the jump.

Comic-Con 2011 Exclusives | Transformers Vault Book | KRE-O | Rescue Bots | Dark of the Moon the Video Game | Dark of the Moon Toyline | MechTech | Cyberverse | Robo Power | Transformers Prime | Q&A Session

Transformers Team:

Greg Lombardo Sr Marketing Director
Jerry Jivion, Director of Global Brand Development
Michelino Paolino Director of Design

Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive

View Starscream Skystriker Press Images

Starscream Skystriker has been announced and will be a ComicCon exclusive. The figure is a redecorated Skystriker as Generation 1 Starscream. Cobra Commander will pilot the jet and will have the Generation 1 Megatron in gun mode as an accessory for Cobra Commander..

2011 is the most expansive year ever! Will include Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers Prime, KRE-O, and Rescue Bots.

KRE-O is a building set initiative, Rescue Bots are for pre-school.

Transformers Vault Book

Cool publishing piece that will be released May 20, 2011.

The book digs into the story of Transformers and they are working really hard internally with Mike Kelly, Aaron Archer, to show things we've never seen before.

"So awesome, that I guarantee if not only has the touch, it has the power!" exclaimed Mr. Lombardi.


New initiatives that will be available in the construction aisle - 8/2011 release. Product Innovation, Quality Bricks, Hasbro's Best Brands. The bricks will be compatible with Lego. Transformers will be the first brand with 12 sets in 2011.

Bumblebee will have over 300 pcs - 2 KRE-ONs, Bumblebee, Ratchet and accessories. Starscream, Mini SS, Pilot. Prime 500 Pcs, with 5 Mini Kre-Ons. Trailer can be built as a battle station. Skywarp, Prime, two motorcycles

View more press photos of KRE-O


"if we are going to create a line of TF robots, we will create a new cast of characters for the line," said Mr. Lombardi.

Four new characters have been created: Blades - Helicopter, chase - Police Car, Heat Wave - Fire Truck, Boulder - Construction Vehicle. Bumbelebee and Optimus Prime will also be available.

These new characters will not be battling Decepticons, said Mr. Lombardi, but helping humans on their rescue missions - each will include a human. Rescue Bots assortment on August 2011.

Rescue Bots will feature new transformations. Pulling the ladder of Heat Wave, the fire truck, will automatically transform. Different play to tell a different story that is more pre-school appropriate. The Autobot logo will be the Autobot logo in a rescue shield.

View the Display Gallery

Dark of the Moon Video Game

Dave from High Moon Studios is now up to talk about the Dark of the Moon video game. As a player, you will experience the events leading up to the film.

They are show a trailer.

We see Megatron, Starscream, and Shockwave.
Bumblebee drives off a carrier and transforms.

The Ultimate battle is coming. Bumblebee driving in vehicle mode just shot a shitload of missiles at an unknown target.

End Trailer.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Toyline

Jerry Jivion, Director of Global Brand Development,
Michelino Paolino Director of Design

Launching May 16th 2011 worldwide!

The line includes MechTech, Cyberverse, and Robo Power.

Each line will receive its own design packaging.

MechTech is the "Core;" Cyberverse - an expanded world of Legends and Scout; and Robo Power will be targeted at younger consumers.


View MechTech Display Images | View MechTech Press Images

Whole new weapons system. Interchangeable across all core figures, deluxe, voyagers, and leaders. Combination play for more power.


Ratchet will receive a brand-new deluxe mold

Brand new Ratchet and Starscream.

Ratchet has a great weapon. A saw will come out and spin when the weapon button is pressed.

Starscream has two blades that can combine into a Darth Maul look.

Roadbuster (aka AMP #88 Wrecker) and Crankcase (Dread). Roadbuster will have a clean look as opposed to the AMP version we see in the film.

Topspin (Lowe's Wrecker) lives to have all of his gear exposed. He's got A LOT of weapons. Ports available all along his vehicle mode to plug the guns in. He will be in

Megatron - Pressing a button will reveal the back of the tank in vehicle mode. Voyager - New Ironhide - ports on the side, too. Voyager - New Prime - ports all along his vehicle mode.

Shockwave - Transforms into a Cyber Tank.

Shockwave was also seen during the presentation, but was not on display here

Sentinel Prime - Shield with rotor blade, which we saw earlier this week. The back-end of the firetruck does close, for those who were worried. The figure features lights and sounds.

Leader Bumblebee - Lights and sounds, and a big gun mountable at the top of the vehicle.

Coming in the Fall.

Biggest Prime ever at 22 inches when combined with Trailer.

The thought was that they wanted to figure out what to do with the trailer and what if that trailer meant something. It used to disappear when Prime transformed. His trailer is a giant weapon with lights and sounds with the voice of Peter Cullen.

Bumblebee (Stealth Bumblebee colors) with Sam.

Skids with Elita-1 and Sgt Epps.

Spike Witwicky and Backfire - Backfire is a Spyker, the three-wheeled motorcycle.

Ice Pick with Sgt. Chaos. A snow mobile.


View Cyberverse Display Images | View Cyberverse Press Images

The tagline is "Collect the World." These will include the bases we have seen before. Micro-masters are back!

Renamed from Legends.

The wave will include Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Crankcase, and Topspin.

Each figure will have a "C-grip" hand so each figure can grip weapons.

Fear not, Mudflap returns. In toy form, at least


Prime will have a jetpack


Sentinel Prime

Between the two assortments, well over 30 figures to collect.


Basic triple changer base sets that we have seen before.

Starscream - Vehicle he can ride in, gunner station, and launching bay.

Bumblebee - this is with the APC that we have seen before, The figure will also get a jetpack

AUTOBOT ARK Fall launch!

Autobot Ark with Autobot Roller!

The ark will open up with a Cybertronian jail launching vehicles this can interact with the rest of the Cyberverse figures.

Robo Power

View Robo Power Display Images | View Press Images

Stand up and transform scheme.
Sideswipe. Go Bots will wobble around. Starscream and Ironhide.

Optimus Prime will have a rotating saw and lights and sounds with voice of Peter Cullen.

It's back! Energon Shock Sword and Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster. The blade flips out and the Cyber Blaster shoots Nerf darts.

Real-D 3D Masks! Will come in Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Leaves the face so kids can eat and snack: "designed for optimal snackage." Jokingly, they expect us to go to all 3D movies with this mask on.


Will continue through 2011


View Transformers Prime Display Images | View Transformers Prime Press Images

Launching late Fall.

Bumblebee, Starscream and Arcee.

The Starscream figure is very thin and the way to make the figure look like the show version, is amazing.

Entertainment Pack will include a DVD, Prime, Megatron, and the three kids Raf, Jack, and Miko.

More Transformers: Prime with Jeff Kline, Jeff Fogel and Greg Lombardi are now on-stage. Fogel: They look at fan sites and are glad fans love the show.

First reveal: Shows Miko being surprised with Bulkhead. Light turns off and Bulkhead screams like a little girl. Bulkhead is on edge. Bulkhead hears stuff and randomly starts shooting. Wires fall down on him and he screeches like a little girl.

Pebbles and little bots start to come on. Raf and Bumblebee are also going down another corridor. They come up to a grate. Little chomp bots come at them. Bumblebee starts hooting at them.

Cut to Ratchet and Jack. The damaged conductor is repaired by Ratchet but the Ground Bridge won't get power. The little chomp bots have invaded Autobot base, too.

They can only see the robots. They are attacking Ratchet. Jack kills them with a fire extinguisher.

More are coming!

They start attacking all the Autobots. Bulkhead screeches like a little girl again. The Autobots are getting PWNED.

Clip ends.

Q&A Session

Just like the Beast era, the voice actors also record in the same room together.

Most CG series have a two year production cycle, Transformers Prime got only a year and debuted 5 episodes at once, versus once a week. Prime is the most technical CGI for television ever.

Will Cliffjumper come back? A lot of people were saddened that the non-red Bumblebee was killed off so quick. He may come back in flashbacks, like we have heard previously.

Awesome Terracons. Dave Hartman loves the Terracons.

More bots and cons? Yes. But they need to take it slow due to the CGI. Each bot has two builds - vehicle and robot.

The Autobots, as always, will be at a dis-advantage.

Female Decepticon is coming as well as sleeper robots.

Jeff Kline hints at Unicron!

Tranformers Press Panel over.

We are dedicated to being to be the best resource for all your Transformers news and reviews every day. Keep your browser dialed to Tformers.com for updates as they happen.

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