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Prime Beast Hunters
Toy Fair 2013 - Hasbro Live Presentation Report Transformers Beast Hunters and Construct Bots News

By Jack on Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hasbro today at the New York Toy Fair will be giving a overall presentation for their Star Wars, Marvel, G.I. Joe, and Transformers lines. Over the course of the next hour or so we will be bringing you live updates from this presentation followed by images from the Hasbro showroom with all the new products on display. Be sure to update your browser often over the course of this next hour as we will be updating this page often with information.

Hasbro Product Representative Josh Lamb and Jerry Jivon for Transformers on stage presenting:


A new evil has been awaken on TF Prime New Universe, Legends, Kre-O, Robots in Disguise, Beast Hunters, Rescue Bots Energize line.

Beast Hunters

- Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Preview is being shown.

- The Ultimate Autobot Hunter coming this Spring.

- IDW Beast Hunters comic coming, 3 alternate covers.

- Predacons have been detected. Predaking Dragon and Optimus Prime Voyager Class. Officially comes out 2/11.

- Television show in spring.

- New Digital web site will be fully live on 2/18.

Legion Scale

- New Soundwave. Prowl wave 2.

- Hun-Gurrr with dragon tooth saw.

- Starscream with thunder talon and Shockwave in Commander Scale.

Deluxe Scale

- Ratchet with DragonGrinder Drill Dreadwing with Dread Assault Cannon

- Skystalker with Cryostrike disc launcher

Voyager Wave 2

- New Shockwave with detachable Beast Armor.

- Ultra Magnus with Forge of Solus Prime and Grimwing w/Blackbeak. Think bear and falcon combo, is green colored.

- Beast Hunter Optimus Prime with spinning dragon cannons, sword and shield. Light up head and chest, upgraded vehicle mode/robot mode.

- Target Exclusive Beast Fire Predaking with light up fire breath., 21" Wing Span and tail comes off to become a sword.

- Hunt and Battle Online at Transformers.com.

- CNA means Cyber Nano Algorithms. That was a trivia question they asked us.

- Bot Shots Beast Battling also online.

Transformers Construct-A-Bots

- Showing a teaser ad for them.

- With Contruct-A-Bots you can build and then transform them without taking anything off.

- Can also customize and make up your own bots.

- Scout Class will see Ironhide, Starscream, both in G1 colors.

- Elite will see Wheeljack and Soundwave also in G1 colors.

- No cassettes pop out on Soundwave.

- Blitzwing & Bumblebee Triple Changers.

- Ultimate set has Optimus vs. Megatron.

- Triple Changers and Ultimate set have projectile weapons.

- Packaging has reusable storage container for Elite class and up.

- Full color instruction books and red and purple storage trays.

- Pricing expected to be $9.99 USD to around $39.99 USD in price range.


- 30th Anniversary will see a new Anniversary logo on packaging in 2014.

- They've teamed up with IDW for a story for this.

- Deluxe scale will start seeing comic books packed in.

- We will see Bumblebee, Megatron (Stealth Jet), Trailcutter, and Orion Pax.

- Trailcutter looks like a G1 Trailbreaker.

- Legends scale will see Optimus will Roloer and Bumblebeel with blaster.

Voyager Scale

- Triple-Changer Springer - Robot, Chopper and car in G1 colors.

- Blitzwing - Robot, Jet and Tank in G1 color, looks real nice and like the G1 version.

Transformers Platinum

- Ultra Magnus with Forge of Solus.

- Grimlock vs Bruticus 2-pack.

- Grimlock will have vac-metal.

Transformers Masterpiece

- New Japanese logo!

- First up is Acid Storm who is a green seeker

- Soundwave with all 5 cassettes and Frenzy and Rumble will have ground pounders.

- Acid Storm and Soundwave will be Toys R Us exclusives.

- It was mentioned Soundwave may sell for around $100 USD, but this is not final.

- Titan Class will include a BIG Metroplex coming!!!

- Inspired by Fall of Cybertron game. This toy will be 24 inches tall.

- Features, Scamper who is a legend scale.

- Figure has light up eyes, flip down visor. articulated pupils, independent cannons, head converts to gunner turret.

- Metroplex will have sounds and phrases.

- Metroplex will have a fashionable and functional helmet.

- Firing projectile blaster, articulated hands/fingers, autobot repair bays, take-off/landing strips, weapon turrets, helipad landing zone in vehicle mode

- Release planned for Fall 2013

- Expected price is $125 USD

Kre-O Toys

- Micro, Combiners and classic brick building. Beast Hunters for Transformers with Optimus, Bublebee and Trailcutter. Beast Hunter Ripclaw Daragon.

- Micro Changers, 36 Kreons to collect. Micro Changers are Kreon figures that can be rebuilt in their alternate mode.

Showing wave 2 and 3.

- Micro Changer Combiner set. 4 Microchangers that combine. 7 total.

- Defensor, Prianacon, and Abomimus coming out soon.

- Fall 2013 will also see Autobot Command Center. Kreon based Transformers playset.

- Limited time only will see customizable Kreon figures, not blind bagged.

- Comes with extra parts, some of which are vac-metal and will work with the command center.

- Optimus, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave.

Transformers Segment of the Panel has finished! Head over to Toy News International for more Live toys news from the panel that is going on now at toynewsi.com

We are dedicated to being to be the best resource for all your Transformers news and reviews every day. Keep your browser dialed to Tformers.com for updates as they happen.

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