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When Will Revenge of the Fallen Toys Actually Come Out? Nobody Seems To Know

By bwbm on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Despite the numerous embargo-breaking that's been going on in Targets and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, it seems as if we are all having some issues trying to find out when these Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen figures will be officially released. We have heard from multiple sources some conflicting dates, both mainly circulating around May 30th and May 31st.

Regardless of when the toys are coming out, BotCon 2009 attendees will be able to purchase these figures starting on Thursday night of the convention, May 28, 2009.

The press release from Hasbro, Inc. announces that the figures will be available to the fans two days ahead of the official release date. We're not sure if the press release counts Thursday as one day, or if the two days are Friday and Saturday.

I'm raising this because we received an email today from a TFormers.com visitor, which claims that an email he received from Hasbro states that the Revenge line will hit stores on Sunday, May 31, 2009, and expressed frustration.

This date has been consistent with what Wal-Mart has been telling us officially. However, an internal Wal-Mart memo lists that the spring modular update for Revenge of the Fallen will occur on May 29th, a full two days before their release date. That seems a little odd to leave the product out on the shelves for two days.

We'll totally ignore the fact that some stores have already done that update.

A recent Toyfare article spotlighting the toys reports that the toyline will hit the stores on May 30th.

Also, Ender reports that Toys R Us will release the line on May 30th.

When will it actually come out? Well, if you're a hardcore enough fan that cannot wait for this line, I suppose it's not that big of a deal to check twice. Then again, you could always just wait for the 31st and then go to your local store and knock little children out of the way for your fix.

If you do decide to go on the 30th, though, please let us know (and take your camera or something) if you find anything and can actually buy it.

Stay tuned to Tformers.com for more details as they are made available. Your best resource for all the Transformers news and community every day.

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