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Soundwave - Electrostatic
Alliance Decepticons 
Alt Mode CUV 
Year 2009 
Class Deluxe 
Product # 89494 
Assortment 83462 
MSRP 11.99 




After a couple of years working alongside LASERBEAK, SOUNDWAVE realized it was time for a change. His new partner, RATBAT, lets him lay down multiple cracks of sound at a time, creating frequencies that can do more than just control other robots. Now SOUNDWAVE is into straight-up mind control. Using complex synch beats he can make people - and even other AUTOBOTs - do whatever he wants.

Galactic Powers & Abilities

  • Invented a note that can actually rock a robot's face off.
  • Recently got really into old Earth Westerns
  • RATBAT synch mode fires lightning bolts

  • Features

  • Keytar converts to RATBAT
  • Keytar or RATBAT attach to roof

  • Notes

    Transformers Animated Lead Character Designer Derrick J. Wyatt has said that this version of Soundwave is an homage of Soundblaster.



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