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Ironhide - Cybertron Mode
Alliance Autobots 
Alt Mode Cybertronian Transport Truck 
Year 2010 
Class Deluxe 
Product # 97586 
Assortment TRU Wave 2 
UPC 653569466956 
MSRP $12.98 




The Autobot army has never seen anyone tougher than Ironhide. Back in boot camp, the trainees considered it good fun to take their best shot at denting his armor. No one ever could. Now, on battlefields across the galaxy, Ironhide uses his ultra-hard armor and fighting skills to battle Decepticons wherever they appear.

Galactic Powers And Abilities

  • Able to transmute his armor into an indestructible alloy
  • Enjoys playing practical jokes on other young Autobots
  • Has plenty of weapons, but prefers a good fist fight
  • Features

  • Extending iron punch
  • Detachable hammer hands
  • Review

    For those who just can't get enough Animated in your diet, Toys R Us is looking like it's serving up dessert. If you crazy orangy goodness, you can take a bite out of Cybertronian Mode Ironhide, whose review can be found here. Toys R Us Exclusive



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