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Alliance Autobots 
Alt Mode Sports Car 
Year 2010 
Class Deluxe 
Product # 98455 
Assortment One 
UPC 653569493167 
MSRP $11.99 


Autobot Drift used to fight for Megatron, and was known as one of the most terrible warriors ever to stalk the face of Cybertron. Something happened that changed him, bringing home all the horror he'd inflicted. Since then, he has hunted the Decepticons from one end of the galaxy to the other, bringing his own brand of justice to the evil robots.


  • Sword storage
  • Dual swords


    You were promised an onslaught of reviews, and the votes are in as to who leads the pack. It's no other than the IDW created character Drift. See how the swordsman stacks up by reading this review!


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