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Alliance Decepticons 
Alt Mode Half Track/Battle Station 
Year 2010 
Class Deluxe 
Product # 19809 
Assortment Wave 2 
UPC 653569503422 
MSRP $11.99 


Few robots achieve the same legendary status as Megatron, but Darkmount is one. He is just as famous on Cybertron as the impenetrable fortress that bears his name. From there, he ruled his small corner of the machine world with an iron fist, controlling his subjects with an equal measure of fear and pain. So terrible was his rule that even Megatron gave him a wide berth, and treated him with the respect due to an equal.


  • Cannon converts to battle axe
  • Triple Changer
  • Review

    It's futile to understand why Hasbro names figures the way they do. Take Darkmount. Everyone knows that he's the Decepticon tyrant known in Marvel Comics as Straxus. However you name him, this review will tell you all his details.


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