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Red Alert
Alliance Autobots 
Alt Mode Rescue Vehicle 
Year 2010 
Class Deluxe 
Product # 20138 
Assortment Wave 2 
UPC 653569516569 
MSRP $11.99 


As security director for the Autobots, Red Alert tries to keep his eye on everyone and everything. All the time. He installs hidden cameras and security sensors everywhere, and keeps detailed records of the known movements of enemies and allies alike. Nothing escapes his attention, and - to him - everything is significant. His paranoia keeps him constantly on edge, but it's paid off more than once by stopping Decepticon plots before they did any damage.


  • Engine combines with pulse pistol
  • Review

    Sometimes you have to wonder just how many times a mold can be repainted before a fan screams "ENOUGH ALREADY!" Once? Twice? Well, Red Alert will mark the second repaint of the original Sunstreaker mold used in Universe 2.0, but reserve screaming enough until after reading this review.


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