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Sergeant Kup
Alliance Autobots 
Alt Mode Pickup 
Year 2011 
Class Deluxe 
Product # 28593 
Assortment Wave Five 
UPC 653569565857 
MSRP $11.99 


Sergeant Kup is the oldest soldier any of the Autobots know. Even before the war he was a career military 'bot, dedicated to defending Cybertron against all threats. His long service has supplied him with an endless array of war stories, which he never hesitates to share with his comrades no matter what else is going on.


  • Exhaust pipe becomes laser musket
  • Review

    Slowly but surely, the newest wave of Generations figures are trickling on the shelves. One such figure is Sergeant Kup, who hasn't seen much action since the 1980s. He makes his glorious comeback, but should he adorn your collection? Read this review to see for yourself!


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