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Alliance Autobots 
Alt Mode Camaro Concept 
Year 2011 
Class Leader 
Product # 27847 
Assortment One 
UPC 653569571926 
MSRP $44.99 


Bumblebee was the first to try out the MechTech weapons system. With his speed and firepower both boosted to incredible levels, he began racking up Decepticon takedowns faster than Ironhide could even keep track.


  • Electronic lights and sounds
  • Blaster and missile sounds
  • Automatic conversion sounds
  • MechTech

  • Pop-out weapons
  • Review

    I know what you're thinking. "Jeez, not ANOTHER Bumblebee!" Yes, another Bumblebee. You'd think there were enough out there, but now a Leader class will open the ranks for Dark of the Moon. The $45 question is... is it worth adding to your shelf? This review will hopefully answer that question.


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