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Megatron Blastwave Weapons Base
Alliance Decepticons 
Alt Mode Various 
Year 2011 
Class Cyberverse 
Product # 28772 
Assortment Two 
UPC 653569593485 
MSRP $14.99 


Few Autobots have ever seriously challenged Megatron and his fusion cannon. Far fewer will dare challenge him when the Blastwave Weapons Base is deployed. This powerful piece of weaponry is equipped with the latest generation Decepticon particle blasters and multiple missile pods. The base's jet mode allows Megatron to swoop from battle to battle, leaving Autobot scrap in his wake.

  • Launching missile
  • 3-in-1 converting action set
  • Package becomes an action scene
  • Review

    We've had the chance to review 2 Cyberverse playsets so far, and the record stands at mixed. While Starscream's orbital carrier was lacking, Bumblebee's bunker definitely had things going for it. Now that the second wave is coming around, we take a look at Megatron's appearance with his Blastwave Weapons Base. To check out the full review, click here.


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