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Autobot Ark
Alliance Autobots 
Alt Mode Spaceship 
Year 2011 
Class Cyberverse 
Product # 28699 
Assortment Two 
UPC 653569574668 
MSRP $27.99 


Autobot Roller is the pilot of the mighty starship that at one time was the flagship of the Autobot fleet. Together they protect the vast expanse of outer space from the Decepticon threat.


  • Includes exclusive Roller figure
  • Battleship converts to battle-ready space station
  • Moving repair platform
  • Decepticon prison cell
  • Lights and sounds
  • Firing missile
  • Works with any Cyberverse figure
  • Note

    Tech specs are for Roller


    Many fans have asked for an Autobot or Decepticon ship to come out with a series line. After all, there are some pretty wicked designs out there. After 27yrs, a ship has finally been released that lets fans interact their figures with. The Autobot Ark is the ship that crash-landed on the moon, and it features it's pilot Roller as a bonus. Click here to read the full review.


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