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Masterpiece Skywarp
Alliance Decepticons 
Alt Mode Fighter Jet 
Year 2009 
Class Masterpiece 
Product # 93290 
UPC 53569434573 
MSRP $60.00 


Skywarp appears once again, reproduced in a near-perfect detail. He is a cheap and dirty thug who takes simple joy in catching friend and foe alike unaware. Though he's too lazy to be an effective warrior without direct supervision, he puts immeasurable effort into planning the pranks he pulls of whichever unfortunate target wanders into his sensor net. he'd rather lounge around on the airstrip than fight, but he's always ready to slash a few tires.

This is a Walmart in-store exclusive figure.


  • Highly articulated and poseable!
  • Amazing detail!
  • Includes display stand!
  • Opening canopy!
  • Swing open nosecone!
  • Hidden missile pods!
  • Adjustable thrust vector!
  • Two different heads!


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