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Transformers Universe

The official Transformers Universe facebook page has been updated with new images from the Gadget Show Live convention as well as with some previews for their recently announced characters Catapult and Shellshock. Read on to see the video promos, images and more updates for the full previews of the Transformers Universe MOTA Game.

New Transformers Universe Game Characters have been announced by Jagex. See the new character video promotions and bio summaries for Autobot Catapult and Decepticon Shellshock. The Autobots have got another fembot on their site with Catapault who's listed as a sharpshooter. Shellshock is said to be a willing warrior who's got a long kill list. See the video previews and more details in their bios below.

From the official Transformers: Universe Youtube channel we have a new trailer featuring actual gameplay footage, plus Gamespot has also put up a little bit longer preview video with additional footage and a summary of the gameplay mechanics. It looks like after the long and difficult road of development, Universe may finally be nearing its release! Check out both videos below!

Transformers Universe MOBA Game Front-Line and Conduit Characters Revealed. Former vigilante, Front-Line was always first to gate-crash and last to exit the most depraved crime scenes. Killer and healer in equal measure, crash into Conduit and you'll quickly get wise to the hand you're being dealt. Watch the clips below showing off these new characters along with short write-ups about their abilities.

Transformers Universe are rolling out more bots for their MOBA game. This week we are revealing two new warriors, a former vigilante and a gangsta healer. Judging from the Autobot Meltdown and Decepticon Duststrom character announcements, there will be some more images and so forth later this week with more details on these figures, Get a look at their robot faces along with a part 1 and 2 of Q&A that has been posted to their forums.

As promised the Transformers Universe MOBA game site has revealed details on their new warriors. They have posted new details on the characters Autobot Meltdown and Decepticon Duststrom, who is a Fembot, characters we learned about earlier this week. Get the scoop on the character's summary with overview of their weapons and the many functions. See the full profiles below with images of the characters and their weapons.

Transformers Universe is rolling out another playable character for the long awaited online game that will allow fans to battle as transformers type robots. Following the Melt Down reveal, we have our first at Duststorm that appears to be a dune buggy that transforms into what the clip calls the "Ghost Gorilla Face" who also gomes armed with a nice array of weapons you see in the preview clip and images below.

The folks at the Transformers Universe MMO Game have let us know a new warrior approaches this week for Transformers Universe! Here’s a quick preview! Judging from the hashtags and video, this is likely to be Autobot Meltdown based on the Medic style Transformers with weapons like the Motion Spore: Boraya Beam Gun, Fix Field: Starstream Beam Gun, and Hot Heal: Protex Rocket Launcher. But does it matter who or what faction these characters are on with the way this game is designed?

The official Transformers Universe site has posted a few new gameplay screenshots showing us some looks at the early beta version of the game. The three images show the MMO style game with first person and group play views along with notes from Jagex on what is shown.

Finally, after multiple stops and starts, Jagex are getting ready to roll out their Transformers Universe MMO game. Its taken so long that we nearly forgot it was coming. Now the game that allows fans to play with 100s of others is slated for release this summer. Watch this new trailer that gives us some looks at the in-game action below for more details now.



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G1 Starscream
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Toy Galleries

Thanks to The Spacebridge who have posted yet another blast from the past that never left the launch pad. They have posted yet more images of the Transformers Universe figures that were never released. Get a look at the Jetstorm and Toxitron action figures that are both sporting eye opening color schemes. Check out the images and notes on these figures from The Spacebridge below.

Thanks to The Space Bridge who have shared another one of their uber rare Transformers antiquities: Back in 2003 Hasbro had planned a repaint of Thunderclash / MW Prime as Menasor. A few unpainted prototypes have appeared over the years along with the box art. Here are some rare pictures of Hasbro's paint guide for the completed toy. See the images of the Unreleased Transformers Universe Menasor Figure that never was mirrored in the gallery below.

Thanks to the Allspark's Powered Convoy who has posted an extensive review and image gallery for the Transformers United Seeker Ace Set. Check out the many images of Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker figures out of the box in their robot and seeker alternate modes as well as compared with the Botcon and Henkei releases for the full shake-down on what the new new United editions bring to the collectors table. Check out the full review now at allspark.com.

The updates keep coming on the Shared Exclusive Minicon Three-Pack. BBTS has updated all their listings for the previously reported Shared Exclusives adding images to the pre-order pages we have our first looks at the figures and paint jobs on the Helicopter Re-Deco, Motorcycle Re-Deco and Fighter Jet Re-Deco figures. Again, these are repaints from the Classics line. Check out the images on the pre-order page at bigbadtoystore.com.

Follow on the previous report of new shared exclusive Minicon Dinobot 4 Pack. We have our first looks at the figures thanks to BBTS who have updated their listings with images of the figures. The figures are redecos of the Mini-con Dinobots released in the Classic series. Here we see the Dinobots repainted in homage colors to the G1 Dinobots. Check out the images and post your comments after the jump. You can order these figures now at BigBadToyStore.com.

Entertainment Earth have updated their web site with news of some new Transformers Speed Stars action figures. These guys have two alternate modes which means vehicles that have pop-out weapons! Based on the best Transformers from every generation! You've never seen Autobots and Decepticons like this!

Thanks to forums member Cronald17 who has posted a few images of the Transformers Device Label Broadblast (Blaster) action figure / USB hub that as picked up by Toshiba. Get a look at the Autobot in robot mode and in comparison with the Universe Blaster repaint of Soundwave after the jump.

As reported earlier today, the Walmart exclusive Masterpiece Skywarp is flowing into Walmarts across the nation. For those of you that have not had the fortune to find him, or for those on the fence about finding him, we have added a new database entry full of images and info. Click here to check it out now!

Wal-Mart has posted official images of their exclusive Transformers: Universe Ultra Hard Head, Skyfall, and G1 Powerglide figures on their website. According to a leaked Wal-Mart circular for the week of October 4th to the 10th, these figures will be available starting Sunday for $30 each.

Thanks to "nightwish," we have our first look at the bio of Transformers Universe Ultra Hardhead, the Onslaught redeco. The Wal-Mart exclusive is set for an October 2009 release.

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