Leaked Transformers Legacy Store Exclusives Listings - RID Scourge, More Possibles

Hasbro retail listings insider operative JTPrime17 has leaked more Transformers product listings for Legacy, Selects, and Buzzworthy Bumblebee. Some of these were known such as the Amazon Wreckers and Alpha Trion and Orion Pax, others may be reissues such as Terrorsaur, and a few were anticipated such as the G2 Laser remake as Velocitron Leader Black Convoy with Tanker (RID Scourge). Read on to see the full list organized by retail outlet.

NOTE - As always, it is not official until Hasbro or Takara announces it. So take this as a rumor until we have the official word.

Merry Christmas all, have a happy holiday! As a gift to y’all here’s an updated list of the upcoming legacy store exclusives. Keep in mind some of this is still pending/subject to change in solicitations.


• Velocitron deluxe Clamp Down
• Velocitron deluxe Burn Out
• Velocitron deluxe Blurr
• Velocitron deluxe Cosmos
• Velocitron deluxe Road Rocket
• Velocitron Voyager Road Hauler
• Velocitron Voyager Override
• Velocitron Leader Black Convoy with Tanker


• Buzzworthy Legacy Deluxe Silverstreak
• Buzzworthy legacy Multipack (Gold Bug, Ransack, Toy Scorponok, Paralyzer)
• Buzzworthy Legacy Deluxe Toy deco Terrorsaur
• Buzzworthy Legacy Accessory Pack (Red Cog)


• Legacy Deluxe Minerva


• Legacy Wreckers deluxe Impactor
• Legacy Wreckers deluxe Twintwist (saltman)
• Legacy Wreckers deluxe Topspin (saltman)
• Legacy Wreckers deluxe Leadfoot
• Legacy Wreckers voyager Springer
• Legacy wreckers voyager Bulkhead redeco
• Legacy Deluxe Fractyl

Fan Channel (subject to change)

• Legacy deluxe Beast Wars Sandstorm
• Legacy deluxe Nightprowler
• Legacy deluxe beast wars Buzzsaw
• Legacy Selects Deluxe DK3
• Legacy Selects Deluxe Guard
• Legacy Selects Deluxe LiftTicket
• Legacy Selects voyager Cyclonus’ Armada

Hasbro Pulse

• Legacy Pulsecon set (Deluxe Orion Pax and Voyager Alpha Trion)

Unknown where they’re going to end up, but are a thing:

• Core class Packrat
• Voyager Antagony
• Titan Guardian Robot

Data Center

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Joe Velez 2021-12-25 @ 11:28 pm


TL/DR. I said some stuff about some stuff.

I'm as happy and sad for Clamp Down as I was with Deep Cover and Tigertrack. Siege Sideswipe, Red Alert and G2 Sideswipe were so cheap and readily in stock for quite a while that I went and customized my own. Yellow plastic beats yellow paint any day so I'm very glad to get a real Tigertrack but Deep Cover wasn't any better than my custom. Clamp Down will be somewhere in between those two I would imagine. It's all good though.

I have Botcon Burnout already but am interested to see if she's retooled to be female. I doubt it as they didn't for Road Rage. I'll get it anyway as I know if I don't, I'll regret it later.

Blurr is interesting. I'm going to guess Cybertron Blurr but could just as easily be Armada Blurr knowing Hasbro but maybe not as they'd have to make a new head for that one. It would be cool if they used Punch/Couterpuch instead of SS Blurr so they could get the shoulders right. I seen a few customs and the P/CP mold looks amazing as other characters.

Odd that a seemingly new mold like Cosmos will be in a line like this. Unless it's a retool of something like Origin Bumblebee or something. Maybe it's an alternate color. Maybe it's just an oddball like Netflix Bumblebee.

Road Rocket is another one I want. Retool of Legacy Prime Arcee from what everyone keeps speculating. I hope they leave it feminine looking still as I love female figures due to the lack of them in the 80's and 90's except for April O'Neil and Power Rangers that were just recolors and a select few others from Toy Biz Marvel stuff.

Road Hauler is Road Hauler. Second toy of him? Awesome to see him get remembered.

I hope Override isn't a SS Hot Rod anything like people are speculating. I like the mold but that one is clearly Hot Rod and that's about it. I don't think even Sideburn would look good in that mold. I'll get it regardless as again, I'll regret it if I didn't. Prices on things people claim to not like or skip shoot up later.

Scourge is Scourge. Can't wait.

Wan't Silverstreak supposed to be a Walgreens exclusive?...Wait, that's BLUEsteak. So Silverstreak will maybe be the all silver deco. So we'll get all three versions then.

Goldbug from a version of Bumblebee. Maybe they can reuse the Netflix version this time.

Ransack is one I thought too hard about. I went with another retool of Legacy Prime Arcee as Cybertron Ransack as it would explain the leg wheels but then thought it would've been best to release that in the Walmart Velocitron wave instead of Road Rocket. It's much simpler than that though, It's G1 Ransack from Kickback. Derp.

Toy Scorponok? Obviously using Kingdom Scorponok. Toy colors of which version though? G1, BW, 2007 or RiD 2015? I kid of course. It'll be BW toy colors as with Blackarachnia before. I wouldn't mind the others too though.

Paralyzer though. They really going to go for the white Botcon redeco of Waspinator? I don't mind but why the one that's based on Bug Bite? I would've went with Parasite instead as then it would've worked with Nightprowler and we could've gotten both Horrorcons. Or better yet, it's Squeezeplay's new name and it's another retool of Doublecross to go with Fangry. 

Strange the four pack is seemingly four deluxes this time instead of three and a voyager. Maybe someone forgot Primal was a voyager the first time or something. Maybe I'm speculating wrong.

Toy deco Terrorsaur is toy deco Terrorsaur.

Red Cog who's not Aragon. Grand Maximus' Cog? Dammit, another one I customized myself already. I even did Brave Maximus' Cog (blue on blue and also known as a Lucky Draw or something). It'll look better than mine and be easier to use and I can get three. Odd that they're not reissuing Grand Maximus though instead of doing Guardian Robot then. I didn't get it the first time around. I kinda forgot. I knew of a site that still had some for normal price and when I went for it, they were gone already. They sold out the day Black Zarak got announced it seemed and I was just too slow as I was at work when it was announced. Or maybe he's just one of the background Cogs. Either way I love Weaponizers/Modulators/Fossilizers.

Minerva is supposedly a retool of Legacy Elita One. Curve ball is though that they're both based on Cybertron Thunderblast as they all technically shared that mold. Thunderblast herself, Botcon Elita One and then Galaxy Force Chromia white who was based on Minerva. I have all three and they're awesome. I got so lucky when I got that Chromia white version too. I went so far as to customize a PotP Elita into Thuderblast. It's scary how well it worked too. Almost like it was planned. I want an offical one now.

What are they going to do different for Impactor? I even skipped the Netflix version as all it did differently was be more shiny or something. I have the two different head sculpts/factions. Is there a need for another one? I hope they do something cool or different. 

Topspin and Twintwist in one of their Saltman Z color schemes are cool. I got lucky and found the TR versions at retail. I also never cancelled my preorders of the TL versions as I also wanted the Targetmasters so I have all four so far.

Leadfoot is Leadfoot.

Again, what are they going to do differently for Springer? I don't even care about "clean" versions as I have so many figures now with battle damage that I just don't care anymore.

Yet again, what are they going to do differently for Buikhead? Especially as the standard retail version isn't even had yet. They might share digital shelf space too. I hope it's different enough looking to justify it this time unlike Impactor.

Fractyl? That's new. With three versions of Terrorsaur now it really makes me wish they did more when retooling Airazor. Or even gave him his own unique mold or something. For retooling it would've been cool to see something like what they did for Pipes from Huffer. Make the backpack be able spin around to the "correct" orientation. I also wanted them to utilize that oddly official taller mode from Airazor in which the torso doesn't get compressed down. With the new chest plate added, they could've made it big enough to lock the pelvis in place, solidifying the robot mode. Would've needed longer arms though and I have an idea on how to do that and have it still transform almost exactly the same. I wish I knew how to design stuff and had a 3D printer. Or knew someone who did. 

What happened to the Fossilizers? I'm looking forward to those.

BW Sandstorm is BW Sandstorm. I like the base mold but that one upgrade kit looks really good on it. I almost don't like liking it as much as I do to HAVE to get two more. It's jut not an option to not get these two reuses upgraded. I got mine for cheapish but I hope by the time these other two reuses come out they drop in price a bit. Those sellers really do charge way too much for most of the different upgrades. I'd get more if they were priced better. Instead I get very few because of the high prices for what little you actually get. Most also don't really do much so I ignore most of them too.

Nightprowler is Nightprowler. Again, would be cool if they redeco a Waspinator to match.

Buzzsaw is Buzzsaw.

DK3. I got nothing. I don't know enough about old numbering conventions to guess as Diaclone No.3 is Cordon and we already have that. Assuming DK3 is referencing Diaclone that is.

Guard is supposedly black Ironhide. But the black Ironhide that was shown on this site last along with a Ratchet was a custom as I already pointed out. So if it is black Ironhide then it won't look exactly like that. The Buzzsaw photo was legit though as the shoulders for Waspinator aren't painted and there's no way someone would think about the parts layout of Waspinator to photoshop the shoulders of Buzzsaw to have a paint line before the mushroom pegs. Let alone photoshop that clean a line. The shoulders would need to be painted as they're not on the same sprue as the other parts that color. SImply photoshopping them that color would've been the giveaway that it was a fake picture. To me anyway.

Lift Ticket is Lift Ticket. I'm glad we're getting one as I sold my Botcon figure a while back in anticipation of this release. I was almost worried that it wasn't going to happen. Although, now I'm regretting having sold all three of that mold as I really liked it. I wish I had gotten the oversized versions as I wouldn't have sold them. I've since stopped selling older versions as almost everything I have in my collection right now are things I like. I'll still like them even after getting another version.

Cyclonus' Armada...I picked up a second  Kingdom Cyclonus for this as I thought they wouldn't do it. There's never been anything to distinguish them ever unlike Scourge and the Sweeps even though they look the same in the show and movie but several toys looking different. I got the second one for cheap on EE though so I don't feel too bad.

I don't like SS Kup enough to want a Pax from it. I'm fine with my TR Pax...and TL Kup. Alpha Trion from SS Scourge would be cool though even though I have TR and Cyberverse Trions. I'll get them to not regret them.

Packrat will be too small but that's not his fault. At least he'll be cheap. Even though it is a good mold I think Rattrap should've been a deluxe. A small one like Cliffjumper with a bunch of weapons.

Again, I hope Antagony will be retooled slightly to be more feminine but I doubt it. Still awesome to see. Especially if Inferno is good as we haven't actually seen it yet. That "Legacy Inferno" that keeps getting shown has long since been disproved. 

Omega Supreme is really good and so will be Guard Robot. I just wish it was a Hasbro run of Grand Maximus instead as I already said for red Cog. People are much more receptive to him now with Black Zarak coming out any week now. I wonder how they'll redeco Countdown.

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