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Legacy Evolution Commander Armada Optimus Prime Shipping in August?

There's always more, thanks again to JTPrime17 who's shared a bit of news that the may be shipping this summer with his recent update letting us know of a possible "August 1st release date". This is close enough to summer that it is likely the Transformers Legacy Evolution Commander Armada Optimus Prime could be officially revealed at a convention, or just before. Read on to see the retail inventory product information followed by the latest in-hand images.

Tra Gen legacy EV Commander 2 (Armada Optimus)
Product Number: F6160
EAN: 5010996126603

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Joe Velez 2023-09-26 @ 9:36 pm



*Proceeds to shoot lasers from my eyes ala Devastator*

But seriously though, they got roasted over this set on Facebook. Nobody wants this. What a waste of plastic. 

Why bother swapping out the ass skirt if you're not going to do anything better with it? At least make those two hinged pieces flip around to the back of the ass skirt to minimize it as much as possible. What about that shield I was talking about in my last comment? I thought DNA liked to give things shield for no reason?

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to take that shitty chunk of flaps with molded missile launchers in it and attach it to the gun that has a huge extension on it? That's about the worst looking thing I ever seen. It's far worse than any attempt to turn Motormaster's base tower piece into something resembling a gun. Just fucking replace the pieces outright. Nobody wants to repurpose them into stupid looking shit. They already designed a full replacement for the ass flap so why not just make full replacements for the other parts too?

What is going on with that chest? Did they intentionally try to invoke the visage of Omega Prime with that? It's bad looking on its own and its even worse since you put the entire old chest on top of it instead of just the Autobot badge that's on a 5mm peg. And all for what? to slightly cover the hands of the smaller robot mode in truck mode? What a roundabout way to go about doing that.

Did they even try to match the gold paint? I've seen 3D printed sets on Ebay try to color match better than this.

Do they really think those shoulder flaps look good up there? They accomplish next to nothing in vehicle mode either. At first I thought those would sit in the grooves instead of hovering 1mm over them like that. It's just stupid looking when they're being used in truck mode. Who would even display the figure like that anyway? This trailer is actually useful unlike the Earthrise and G2 trailers. So the trailer stays with the figure at all times as it's needed for the super mode. So there's no need to cover the super mode hands in truck mode as the trailer will always be covering them. Even still, who the fuck cares about the fists being visible? It's such a non issue. Oh and they block the 5mm ports on the shoulders on top of looking like garbage.

The door fillers are okay I guess.

The front skirt is okay I guess. Other than the bad paint matching.

The hands look okay but I hate those tab and slot connections. It's nice they gave two ports but I can almost guarantee that they'll fall out. Those things almost always suck. Just not worth it honestly. Who really uses the finger articulation anyway if we're ALL being honest about it. You do a couple of poses here and there and it is pretty cool but that's it. You don't think of it again once it's on a shelf holding things.

The feet things are less than okay. I thought they'd at least have some molded something on the blue parts to turn those pieces in truck mode into missile launchers. But no, they have the same kind of molded detail as the stock parts. So why even bother with more than just fillers for the toes? Nobody was asking for the super mode to be taller. I think it's too tall as it is. It's taller than their already established scaling.

Just yet another almost complete failure of a kit from DNA. At least the SS RotB Scourge kit looks good.

Joe Velez 2023-08-18 @ 5:54 pm

Haven't seen these yet and I was just looking through the upgrade stores on Ebay last night. The newest set at the time was the one for Strongarm, which I picked up even though I don't have her yet but I probably will by the time I get the kit.

I wouldn't mind making the cab taller in robot mode but those pieces need to be pretty damn strong. I don't think 3D printed parts will cut it. I also don't like how they didn't design the knee the same way. There's less grey plastic side to side than the stock knees. So now there's more blue showing and that makes the knee area look weird. Minor gripe but it's something I've noticed. They transform as well. I guess you don't HAVE to since it would just make the back of the cab slightly longer. They also end up making the arms slightly longer for super mode. 

The new transforming hands for the cab robot are, weird. I mean I guess it bothered someone that those fists were barely visible in vehicle mode. Opening hands I get though, especially with the removable matrix. But again, I don't think 3D printed parts would work here either. 

The red pieces to finish out the sides of the cab in vehicle mode are interesting. They seem to fill it out while staying out of the way for the other modes. 

I will never use screw hole covers. Moving on.

Toe fillers are toe fillers.

Gun extender...okay?

Star Saber looks like shit though. There are better looking options out there. Maybe not as long but better looking. Maybe it's too flat looking. Maybe it's how it reminds me of a cookie cutter. I don't know. I just don't like it.

I'll keep waiting though. I want someone to do something with that stupid trailer hitch thing. It looks stupid and doesn't really do much even in base mode. It's just an awkward looking chunk of plastic with some rocket launchers and guns sculpted in. I'd love for someone to redesign it completely into something more useful instead of just being bad looking kibble for super mode.

A foldable separate shield and gun thing maybe? It would still be able to serve the purpose of the vehicle and base modes but actually do something for both robot modes. I couldn't care less about accuracy, I just want something useful and doesn't look like crap while also doing nothing except be a hitch. 

I don't really know what else I'm waiting for though. I think it's just that one thing. WIth this one set BaCon is showing here, that's pretty much all that could be done. Other than Sparkplug and Over-Run Minicons. And maybe full Star Saber, Requiem Blaster and Skyboom Shield Minicon sets. I guess just Minicons in general which seem to be coming. There's just so few things to actually complain about from Legacy Armada Optimus Prime.

Quautobot 2023-08-04 @ 12:25 am

If you flip out the trailer stands in Super Mode, they look like the knee cannons from the original toy.

Joe Velez 2023-05-12 @ 3:42 am

The grey prototype from Wondercon literally has the supermode fists in the lower legs where they should be and the pelvis can split like it should. You can even see the transformation joints to turn the legs into the super mode arms inside the torso as well as the openable shin flaps that would be needed to turn the legs into arms and the ports on the shoulders to connect the top to the bottom. So I think was was meant was that the prototype itself wasn't able to combine and not that they design itself wasn't able to combine. Otherwise why have the super mode hands there at all?

I went back to this story to read it myself when I heard a Youtuber talk about it in their video the other day that it was NEVER meant to combine into super mode at all. I guess you can interpret what Mark said either way if you wanted to but it literally says that it's the grey model itself that isn't capable of combining. I mean, it's a greyscale prototype afterall. It's not meant to do everything as it's a proof of concept and it was probably glued into place. But it was always meant to combine into super mode once it was finished. 

So something was either lost in translation when Mark asked them about it, it was such and old prototype that whoever in Takara answered his question about it didn't actually know or that it's just a single sentence and Mark being from Massachusetts butchered the English language so badly that he fumbled it all or something before moving on in the next sentence.

Joe Velez 2023-03-25 @ 4:33 pm

Yeah, that's what I thought. It is in between Super Ginrai/Star Saber and God Ginrai/Victory Saber in height. That's very unfortunate. I want it to be one or the other if anything. I guess the designers who like to stick to a certain scale didn't work on this one like they did for Star Saber. It's just weird that they even mentioned that Star Saber will be in scale with older figures like Super Ginrai as a selling point but then don't do something similar for Armada Optimus. Not that G1 and Armada have the same scale to begin though. It's just that it's the perfect height. Hopefully the upcoming Armada Megatron will at least scale with this if nothing else.

I just can't possibly make GUOP any taller and have it still look good though. I have the new feet upgrade to make it look more like the super mode feet from Cybertron Optimus Prime. I have the DNA legs. I even have thigh extenders as well. There's nothing else available to make him any taller. Yeah Cybertron Optimus Prime is almost all legs but that's as long as the legs can get on GUOP. As is, my fully upgraded GUOP and Cybertron Optimus are pretty similar proportion wise. So adding another set of thigh extenders would push past that and it would really look silly at that point. Not that the thigh extenders can even be doubled up as I don't think they're designed to do that but I haven't tried yet. I have quite a few sets around and two right next to me. I'm going to try so wait a minute...and I'm back.

Short answer is nope.

Long answer is that the ones I have on GUOP are different than the ones I have on Tenseg Optimus. They're not compatible. The ones on GUOP can definitely not be doubled up. The top port that attaches to the hip is a different direction to the bottom port that attached to the original or DNA thigh. So the thigh extenders just can't double up. The ones I have on Tenseg Optimus/Kingdom Ultra Magnus/Magna Convoy might be able to double up as the port directions are the same. It's just that since they're not designed to do that, some slight modding would be required. Since that modding would be on the front of the thigh, I won't try it though. Also, the right thigh extender was already broken when I grabbed Optimus and the left one broke when I took the leg off to even try to see if the thigh extenders could double up. So I didn't even bother trying to take the thigh extenders off the legs to fully see as that could've broken them more. The legs still stay on and I can even hit them with some glue but damn I hate most 3D printed stuff. Most pieces just do not have long term stability. Or even short term as I haven't had this set for long when compared to the set on GUOP. I thought with these newer models they'd be sturdier than the ones that broke quickly on Siege Ultra Magnus a few years ago but I guess not. Oh well.

RamsesThe7th 2023-02-26 @ 3:06 am

i changed my mind on this guy, he looks great! also i LOVE how they did the combination sequence like in the show! that was soooo cool

Joe Velez 2023-02-25 @ 7:56 pm

Finally some actually good, meaningful shots and comparisons.

Now that we have a clear look at how that front skirt works for super mode; yeah, it needs to be replaced. I really wish Hasbro would stop thinking that it's okay to have the entire front skirt be one piece instead of three. It looks so stupid when you move one leg up and the entire skirt has to move with the leg. Admittedly they tried to mitigate this by having a swivel in the middle but it's still dumb. I fixed SS86 Ironhide's skit by cutting it into three pieces so that the whole thing doesn't move all at once. I want to try something with the Earthrise Seeker but it wouldn't be simple and I wouldn't want to mess up some of the more expensive versions of that mold. I really think things like this are what DNA should be upgrading when it comes to certain figures. I'd pay for every single ER Seeker to have a better skirt.

And now that I see some size comparisons I think the super mode is perhaps a little too tall. It's taller than Star Saber, Super Ginrai, Star Convoy, Dai Atlas, Optimal Optimus, PotP Rodimus, PotP Optimus, TR PMOP and CW Ultra Magnus but not as tall as Victory Saber and God Ginrai. I'd want it to have been slightly smaller to match those other Autobot leaders. Or just be as tall as God Ginrai and Victory Saber. Just not in between. I even have enough kits on my Siege GUOP to make him as tall as the rest as well. So that makes it worse when Armada Optimus being taller than Cybertron Optimus.

With the better look I see that they could've given the super mode some nice forward butterfly joints had they done something with the translucent side windows of the cab on the chest. There's more than enough room between the red roof/chest and the gray parts of the shoulder assembly that should allow those to swing forward quite a bit instead of stopping where they are for the standard shoulder position. It's just that the windows are the only things in the way and since they're pretty small, it's not like there's much to move out of the way. Being translucent plastic though, I doubt they would've put hinges on them to get them out of the way. But since it's not like there's anything to even see inside the cab, the windows never needed to be made of translucent plastic to begin with. It just kind of bothers me that it's such a small piece that's preventing a major boost in articulation. But even getting rid of the windows wouldn't allow for the forward movement as there's other things preventing it too since it was never conceptualized to move that way to begin with. Once I get it in hand I'll see if it's actually possible by shaving down a few other pieces.

I like the overall look better than Naval Commander. Naval Commander looks puffy like a Pat Lee drawing whereas this Legacy version doesn't. Also the core robot has the giant shoulder pads unlike Naval Commander. However, they's still something off. That Takara prototype was the best looking update. Shame that will probably never get made now. I think there's something I don't like about the core robot's torso but it's nowhere near as bad looking as Naval Commander. I also don't like how long the pelvis is. It looks kind of like Titanium Soundwave aka Diaperwave. So yeah, the Legacy core Optimus kind of looks like he's wearing a droopy diaper. I'm nitpicking now though as I really do like it and very much want it now. I also hope Cybertron Optimus Prime gets a commander figure too. I know supposedly Hasbro considers him "done" because Siege GUOP exists but I hope they reconsider like they have with Ultra Magnus and his rumored SS86 commander figure.

lonecow12 2023-02-22 @ 4:24 pm

The knees! They bend!!!!

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