Synopsis: Transwarped

Act I

The episode starts right in the heat of battle, as a cast of new-to-us Transformers dukes it out. For the Autobots, Rodimus leads Brawn, Ironhide, HotShot and red Alert. Strika, meanwhile, leads an assault with Cyclonus, Spittor, Oil Slick and Blackout. While the Autobots try their best to defend the space bridge the Decepticons are after, the effort proves futile. Rodimus attempts to request backup, but the Elite Guard mothership is also under heavy fire. Longarm Prime assures Ultra Magnus and crew that the Space Bridge nexus that the Decepticons are wanting to breach is fully guarded. However, they do not know that Longarm is actually the double agent Shockwave. As Strika's crew finishes up the Autobots, and OilSlick gives Rodimus a dose of cosmic rust, Strika asks to transport. However, Shockwave insists that Megatron must give that order. Meanwhile, Megatron and Starscream are trading barbs in an unknown quadrant of space. Starscream gets his anger up enough to activate a beam via his Allspark shard, which removes Megatron's stasis cuffs. Just then, Omega Supreme emerges from a transwarp, but appears to be offline. Megatron remarks at the usefulness of this situation.

Back on Earth, Sari and Isaac are hashing out the secret that (surprise!) Sari is actually a robot. Sari is extremely upset that she wasn't told this, but Isaac tries to explain that he isn't really sure how she came into being. The only clue was that he came across a small, metallic body. He went to touch it and was given a shock. However, when he came to, Sari was there. Upon arriving at Sumdac Towers, Isaac finds his labs in shambles, and Powell (with Masterson aka Headmaster) present. Neither seem pleased to see Dr Sumdac. Masterson begins mouthing off about the Autobots, not realizing that Optimus Prime is loading on a dock behind him. Prime subsequently gives Masterson a reality check. As Sumdac escorts Masterson and Powell off premises, Powell begins working a nerve on Sari by questioning her origins (again). This activates her hands, which becomes blasters that blast both villains into the elevator. As Sumdac tries to calm Sari down, she instead runs off with the Autobots. Prime promises to look after her.

Back at Autobot camp, Sari and Prime are trying to figure out who (or what) she is. When Prime mentions a liquid metal body, Prowl transforms and races off. Meanwhile, Bumblebee and Bulkhead are trying to find a way to send communications to Cybertron to warn them about Shockwave. The loss of their ship (Omega Supreme) triggers Rachet into a flashback where Ratchet is asked by Ultra Magnus to probe Arcee's memory for the access codes. Prime recommends that Bulkhead attempt to repair the space bridge that Megatron built. Bulkhead ponders the possibility while Bumblebee prods him to head towards the bridge site. Ratchet gets a report back from his computer that suggests Sari is a hybrid of both human and Cybertronian origins.

In another part of the universe, 2 of Starscream's clones are bonded with Blurr in an ooze. While Thundercracker complains about the situation, Blurr recommends a possible solution. After taking Blurr's advice, Thundercracker manages to free them from the bond. Blurr immediately runs off at super speed, trying to radio Autobot Command. Thundercracker attempts to capture him, but to no avail. As Blurr attempts to run back to Cybertron, we find Masterson at the bridge site trying to locate his Headmaster module. He succeeds, and also manages to uncover Starscream's discarded body.

Back to Megatron, who has forced his way into Omega Supreme's cockpit. He is subdued by Omega, who is about to terminate Megatron's life functions. Megatron, however, shows his cunning by convincing Omega to return him to Cybertron to face trial. Omega buys into this story and spares Megatron. Megatron hopes that Omega can find a space bridge and transport them to Cybertron. However, Omega proves to be his own space bridge, as he transforms into starship mode and warps away.

At the bridge site, Bumblebee and Bulkhead attempt to find the parts necessary to rebuild the space bridge. Bumblebee manages to find the plasma dynamic thruster, the main device of the bridge. The thruster malfunctions, warping Bumblebee to parts unknown. As Bulkhead tries to find Bumblebee, he instead runs across Headmaster. The 2 engage in battle, but Headmaster ultimately triumphs. At Sumdac labs, Isaac attempts to call Sari while Prowl tries to access Sumdac's database to learn about this metallic body. At Autobot base, Prime is trying to convince Sari to contact her dad. Sari is becoming more obnoxious by the minute, which triggers another Ratchet flashback. While trying to probe Arcee's mind, she inadvertently beams the access codes to Ratchet. Ultra Magnus and his assistant rush Ratchet to a secret bunker, where Project Omega is commencing.

Ratchet is snapped by Prime worrying about Bulkhead and Bumblebee. As Prime sends Ratchet to check on them, Prime tries to set up Sari and Isaac to an impromptu meeting at the Burger Barn. Headmaster also intercepts the call. Once at the Burger Barn, Sari realizes the setup when Isaac appears. As Isaac tries to talk to Sari, Headmaster appears on the scene looking for revenge against Isaac.

Act II

Headmaster urges Prime to back away, but Prime takes action and fights Headmaster. After subduing Headmaster, Prime safeguards the Sumdacs. Headmaster and Prime resume fighting and Prime looks to be taking a beating. Headmaster tries to finish off Isaac, who his trying to protect Sari. However, Sari blasts Headmaster. Prime collects his wits and tackles Headmaster away. He then tricks Headmaster into trying to transform Starscream's body, using Headmaster's ego against him. The headmaster module can't accommodate for Starscream's transform sequence and is detached. Masterson is placed back in police custody. Sari and Isaac have seemed to reconciled. Back at Sumdac Labs, Prowl divulges that Sari is actually a Cybertron protoform who was tainted by Isaac's DNA. Prowl is still concerned about how a protoform ended up in Sumdac's lab. His inquiry is interrupted by Ratchet, who has found Bulkhead down and Bumblebee MIA.

Speaking of Bumblebee, he is transported to the spot previously occupied by Omega Supreme. Omega Supreme comes out of transwarp, then powers down due to the drain. This allows Megatron and Starscream to escape Omega's imprisonment. Megatron cannot escape the ship due to Omega confiscating his weapons, but sees an opportunity to commandeer the ship instead. Meanwhile, power to the space bridge nexus on Cybertron is shut down, much to Shockwave's surprise. He assumes his Longarm Prime identity and inquires. Cliffjumper reports that Ultra Magnus has shut the bridge system down due to the Decepticon's attempts to utilize it. Just then, Blurr reports to Longarm Prime.

Blurr (temporarily out of breath) manages to report that he knows about Shockwave's infiltration of the Autobots and can use his voice to find what his Autobot identity is. After Longarm makes sure no one is around, he attempts to destroy Blurr to keep the secret. Longarm transforms into tank mode, but he can't catch Blurr. Transforming back into Shockwave, he tracks Blurr down, traps him in the tunnels, and compacts him into oblivion.

At Autobot base, Bulkhead tries to figure out what happened to Bumblebee while Ratchet attempts to fix him. Sari enters the room and shows off her new powers (while destroying equipment) then suggests that Ratchet uses her key. Ratchet argues with her to not rush things, but Bulkhead overrides him and Sari uses her key to heal Bulkhead. This triggers another flashback, where Ultra Magnus explains the Omega project to Ratchet. Perceptor then divulges to Ratchet that the code Ratchet has cannot be transferred. This means Ratchet is now Omega Supreme's mentor. Reluctantly, Ratchet grasps his new destiny and activates Omega.

Back to the present, the Autobots continue to figure out what happened to Bumblebee. Bulkhead comes to terms that Bumblebee must have the thruster. Ratchet tries to use the beacon, but Sari uses her key to fix it. They then try to track Bumblebee down. On Omega Supreme, Megatron hotwires the ship, reactivating it. The reactivation disturbs some rock creatures. As they attack the ship, Omega transwarps again. Almost instantly, Bumblebee transwarps to the same spot and is eaten by one of the rock creatures. Bulkhead, meanwhile, fixes on Bumblebee's signal and beams him back, as well as the rock creature that ate him. As the creature runs amuck, the Autobots attempt to stop him, knowing that Bumblebee is inside it. As Sari tries to join the fight, Prime makes her stand down. Sari pouts about Prime leaving her behind, she comes to the realization that her key might upgrade her. The key indeed upgrades her into a new form.

As Omega comes out of transwarp, Megatron attempts to hotwire Omega again, this time using Starscream and his Allspark fragment.


Back on Earth, the Autobots are trying to stop the rock creature when Sari arrives on scene. The Autobots try to figure out what's happened to her while she takes on the rock creature. She manages to crack the rock creature into pebbles, freeing Bumblebee in the process. The pebbles form new smaller creatures, which Sari busts up as well. As the Autobots are still in shock, the key (which is still inside Sari) overloads and spins Sari out of control. The Autobots try to control her but her upgrades fight back. Ultimately, Bumblebee suffers a potentially fatal wound at Sari's hands.

Ratchet's initial diagnosis of Bumblebee is grim. As Ratchet tries to fix Bee, he goes into yet another flashback to when he was forced to put Omega into sleep mode. Snapping out of it, Ratchet shows nervousness about trying to do his work. The Autobots plan to remove the key from Sari in an attempt to power her upgrades down. Using teamwork, the Autobots succeed. However, Sari still overloads despite the absence of the key. Ratchet weakens his resolve and requests the key. Prowl gets the key to Ratchet, but the key is now drained of it's previous abilities. Prowl consoles Ratchet to rely on his abilities instead of the key's.

Meanwhile, Sari is still on her rampage. Ratchet succeeds in temporarily repairing Bumblebee while the remaining Autobots take a beating. Prime radios Ratchet and pleads with Ratchet to use his EMP against Sari. While concerned that the EMP will damage Sari, he uses it before she can destroy the city.

On Cybertron, Longarm Prime arrives at Metroplex containing what's left of Blurr (a compacted cube) and requests that Cliffjumper dispose of it. In Longarm's office, he receives a transmission and assumes his Shockwave form. It's Megatron giving him a status report. Shockwave reports that the nexus is shutdown and the Earthbound Autobots know his secret. However, Megatron hints Shockwave that he has things under control. Back at the original start of the episode, Strika's team is about to engage the Elite Guard ship. Megatron sends out a broadcast demanding all forces stand down. Strika is distraught but obeys command. This surprises the Elite Guard members.

At Autobot base, Ratchet was able to bypass Sari's upgrades but is unsure what will happen. Isaac Sumdac then appears on scene, shocking most of the Autobots. Prime admits that he told Sumdac where the base was and insists that no more secrets should be held. He shows Sumdac to Sari, who is shocked by her new appearance. Bumblebee still holds the thruster, which reactivates. Bulkhead shuts off the thruster before it can transport. At that time, Omega Supreme transwarps in the area. However, it's not the Omega the Autobots know as Megatron has hardwired into his systems.

As Megatron (using Omega's body) goes on the attack, Prime plans a strategy. He tells Ratchet to stay with Sari while the rest lead Megatron away from the city. He tells Ratchet that he may need to undo the bypass, causing a stir with the Autobots. As Megatron continues his rampage, Ratchet upgrades Bumblebee's stingers to combat duty, irking Prime slightly. The Autobots take off and head underwater, where Omega's blasts can't penetrate the water surface. Prowl surmises to infiltrate Omega Supreme and free his circuits from Megatron. As Bulkhead and Bumblebee distract Megatron, Prowl and Prime manage to board Omega. Prime defends Prowl as he accesses Omega's core.

In the core, Megatron meets with Prowl and attempts battle. Prowl urges Omega to override Omega Supreme, which he does. As Megatron is disconnected from Omega, Omega comes to his senses. Megatron tries to regain control, but Prime interrupts and another battle begins. Megatron manages to knock Prime to the side and then goes for Prowl. Prime once agian engages Megatron, but all parties are shocked as Omega loses control. Starscream, still hotwired to the control panel, takes over. The Autobots are expunged from the ship and Starscream manages to hold Megatron prisoner. Prime tells Ratchet to ready Sari, but Ratchet refuses and takes off. Megatron tries to talk Starscream into transwarping to Cybertron. As Starscream tries to figure out how to do this, the Autobots go on the attack.

Ratchet arrives on the scene and tries to access Omega. Omega warns that Starscream's control is too much and begs Ratchet to shut him down. Ratchet tries to stop Omega with an EMP, but it proves futile. As Omega transforms into starship mode and prepares for a Transwarp, Bumblebee gets an idea. He takes the plasma thruster and gives it to Prime, who places it on Omega, causing him to warp endlessly and randomly.

At Autobot base, Sari comes to and apologizes for not following Ratchet's advice. A round of further apologies ensues. Bulkhead and Ratchet set to work on regaining communication ability to Cybertron. Meanwhile, an Autobot council meeting is commencing within Metroplex. Ultra Magnus is now convinced of a Decepticon double agent. Longarm, feeling nervous, convinces the council that the escaped Wasp is to blame. Magnus sends Sentinel Prime and Jazz to find Wasp. Magnus also commands to re-establish contact with the Earthbound Autobots, which Longarm protests out of haste. He then recants and requests that he should be the one to contact Earth... for security purposes.


There's a LOT to like about this episode. Some of the tidbits to take away include:

Judd Nelson reprising his role as Rodimus
Cameo of Alpha Trion
More Beast War and G1 references
Old plots closing (Sari is indeed a robot) and new ones opening
The fact that death does occur to Transformers (poor Blurr)

Sari's upgrade was handled very well and was somewhat contradictory to what was reported earlier (as in Isaac performing the upgrades). If the Autobots and Sari can learn how to control these upgrades, it could get very interesting.

However, there are some things that bothered me:

Perceptor being voiced as speech-to-text? How lowbrow
Short use of newer Autobots (will Rodimus and crew resurface? They looked pretty slagged)
Megatron hot-wiring Omega Supreme? Very lowbrow

Overall, a great kickoff to Season 3. As this season may very well be the last for Animated, there is much hope that it will be the best if this moviesode is any indication.

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