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#BotCon 2016 - Hasbro Panel Report & Images
ExVee - Saturday, April 09, 2016

RAC and ExVee are at the BotCon Hasbro panel, and we'll be updating live as the panel continues! See panel images below. We have also posted official images of many of the products shown in the panel at the following gallery Transformers Official Images Gallery.

Panel Members

• Ben Montano
• Ed Nasmill
• Louis D'Armuth
• John Warden

• Dedicated to making product for everyone and making future for Transformers.

RID Reveals

• Focus on Decepticons, some on floor already
• Scatterspike, homage to Quillfire
• Autobpt Ratchet, very G1 looking, Prime tie-in
• More Mini-Cons in Season 2
• Weaponizers turn into spears, swords, battleaxes
• Sawtooth, Lancelon, Dragonus

Transformers Generations

• Fort Max Art
• Prime Wars Trilogy, connected universe for Gens
• Retelling of classic stories with combiners and now Titans
• Machinima series coming along great
• Writers really are fans, know and love TFs

Titan Return

• Coming Fall 2016-2017
• All scales work together
• Smallest have power over biggest
• Fort Max the biggest.
• Power of the Nebulons, color code shows theirpowers

Titan Masters

• Entry Level two alt modes and weapon
• Wave 2: Skytread/flywheels, Apeface, Clobber/Grimlock, and BRawn!

Wave 2 Deluxe

• Wolfwire & Monxo, Highbrow & Xort
• Highbrow is a chopper, Titan rides in cockpit, blasters combine into Titan Master turret

Voyager Triple Changers Wave 2

• Alpha Trion, Beast and Ship
• Sword Tail
• Will be featured in IDW as aged Viking lleader type, Game of Thrones-inspired
• So much detail on Trion

• Astrotrain with Darkmoon
• Train and Ship modes

• Deluxe
• May Mayhem
• Groove Confirmed!
• CW aboutmakinng combiners your way

Fall 2016

• Computron formally announced
• New Hands and feet, ankles jointed, very stable!
• Improved posing
• Scattershot improved deco
• New parts on Strafe
• Nosecone
• Lightsteed, not speed
• Afterbreaker
• Scrounge!
• Special Arm, no other like it, forms special arm shield for Computron
• Mini-Con makes 7 part combiner
• Artists best in world

• Alt-Modes, little SD figures that turn into vehicles with big heads on them
• Pull tab to transform

Wave 1 Fall 2016

• Megatron, Magnus, Seekers Prowl (is frowny),
• Megs tank mode is hilarious
• blind-boxed


• Movie anniversary Autobot Heroes, movie characters
• Magnus, Springer, Arcee, Kup Blurr

• Magnus metallic deco
• Kup good colorinng
• Arcee metallic pink
• Springer, metallic green
• Blurr, old Generations
• TFTM movie box, target exclusive

SDCC Transformers Exclusives

• 3-pack Titan Wars pack
• Brainstorm, Windblade in FortMax colors, Sentinel Prime
• Samples in booth after panel
• Sentinel Prime special energized resurrected deco
• Windblade Cityspeaker FortMax Deco
• IDW Brainstorm, Decals with both faction logos

Transformers Earth Wars Game

• Preregistration up now
• Fits into Prime Wars
• Clash of Clans comparisons
• Can choose faction
• Voices of favorite characters
• Later this spring
• Design team worked with marketing to use toy-inspired designs in Earth Wars
• Simon Furman working on Story


• First official Transformers Album.
• Played at SXSW
• Brings story to live through music

Looking forward to showing more for 2017

• Duocon Tease for 2017?

• Who put out the lights?


Q: Any movie characters on shortlist?
A: Certain TFs very much on design team's mind, more in 2017

Q: Titan Master of Terri-bull, chance of seeing full on horribull?
A: No hard and fast rule against it just because small pricepoint sees a head release

Q: Any chance of another decepticon titan, like scorponok?
A: Fans voted Trypticon, he's coming. Breathtakingly amazing but too early to discuss details, other Titans on radar, matter of when

Q: Anything for Beast Wars Anniversary?
A: Yes! Hasbro not much happening, but Takara's Optimus Primal

Q: Any plans of Rescue Bots characters in Generations?
A: Want to do more detailed versions, but no plans

Q: Ever consult with fans on designs?
A: Do work with outside artists. Sara, Ken Christiansen, artists interested in working with Hasbro should stop by booth.

Q: Any chance of Takara display stands?
A: Not in immediate future, trying to find a good place, been looking into it.

Q: May Mayhem Blast-Off?
A: Not this time.

Q: Any details on Betatron ver. Scattershot?
A: Computron not originally on radar. Last combiner, lots of new tooling. Access to more parts made Computron possible. Betatron named because Beta comes before final; precursor to Computron. Wanted to make sure there was a cool spaceship in line.

Q: How are decisions made to use parts like Superion head v. new Takara G1 Computron head?
A: Based on timing, outside projects influence development. Looking for chances to fill in gaps.

Q: Chance of revisiting Combiner Wars, maybe animal combiners?
A: Ask the fans? Fans say YES! Thank you for the feedback! New molds shouted for.

Q: What's next with this as last BotCon?
A: Panel hope cheering is for the good times had at BotCon
They do not intend to walk away from the fans. More Gens toys than ever coming. Not prepared to share future of club or cons, will ensure fans are partcipants in brand. More to come in near future. Change brings anxiety, but Hasbro is committed to fans.

Q: Official name of 3-step changer/Hyperchange Heroes?
A: 3-step Changers.

Not running off to a plane, crew will be in Hasbro booth, case updated.

That's it! Thanks everybody!


Come back soon for the display images, interviews, and more show coverage today!

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