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Ho Ho Ho Santa's Leaked Transformers Listings?! Armada Optimus Prime, Collabs, SS, More!

No worries about 2023, there are loads of new Collaborations, Studio Series, Buzzworthy Bumblebee, Rise Of The Beasts (TF7), and more than meets the Generations. Thanks to the leaks two Santa's left under the tree. Our pal GotBot dropped a bunch of new Canadian listings on the recent Goes Live show (below). Additionally, we have some supplements from JTPrime17.

Maybe the biggest news, right now, is the confirmation of the Legacy Evolution Armada Optimus Prime Commander class figure. Surely, there are plenty of surprises in the cryptic listings that are still to be revealed. Read on for the full dump below that has been organized by series, followed by the GotBot Goes Live stream.

NOTE - As always, it is not official until Hasbro or Takara announces it. So take all this as a rumor until we have the official word.


Collab 2 $149.99 CAD

Collab 3 $47.99 CAD

Collab 4 $114.99 CAD

Collab 5 $59.99 CAD

Collab 6 $47.99 CAD


Tra Gen Fan Exclusive 2 $76.99 CAD

Generations MPM $236.99 CAD

Selects 1 $35.99 CAD

Selects 2 $299.99 CAD
(Titan Guardian - Diaclone Omega Supreme Redeco?)

Selects 3 $35.99 CAD

Tra Gen legacy EV Commander 2 (Armada Optimus)
Product Number: F6160
EAN: 5010996126603

Tra Gen Legacy EV Titan 2 (Nemesis)
Product Number: F6161
EAN: 5010996123077
(Legacy Titan Class Nemesis Decepticon Spaceship)

Studio Series / Buzzworthy Bumblebee

Tra BB Studio Series Deluxe 1 $35.99 CAD

Tra BB Studio Series 3 $76.99 CAD

Tra BB Studio Series 4 $47.99 CAD

Tra Gen BB Studio Series Leader 1 $76.99 CAD

Tra BB SS Voyager 2 $47.99 CAD

Tra Gen Studio Series Commander Class $134.99 CAD
(86 Commander Class Ultra Magnus)

Tra GEN BB SS TF-86 2 Pack $76.99 CAD

Legacy BB SS Deluxe $35.99 CAD

Legacy BB Voyager $45.99 CAD

Transformers Bumblebee Studio Series Leader Reissue
087263604 87449970

Transformers Bumblebee Studio Series TF86 2pk
087260165 87449971

Rise Of The Beasts

EX-TF Bumblebee Movie 7 Hurricane $22.99 CAD

M7 Animatronic Changer $189.99 CAD

Tra TF7 Deluxe Butch (Cheetor)

Tra TF7 Core Voyager Assortment
Product Number: F5476

Tra TF7 Voyager Optimus Prime

Tra TF7 Voyager Rhinox

Tra TF7 Voyager Optimus Prima

Transformers Bumblebee MV7 Jungle Mission Pack
087267234 87964440l

4 Image(s) - Click to Enlarge

Transformers Bumblebee MV7 Jungle Mission Pack 087267234 87964440 (1 of 4)

Transformers Bumblebee Studio Series Leader Reissue 087263604 87449970 5599 (2 of 4)

Transformers Bumblebee Studio Series TF86 2pk 087260165 87449971 5599 (3 of 4)

Transformers MV7 Deluxe Butch Cheetor Action Figure (4 of 4)

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Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:44 pm

Nova is pretty self explanatory color wise. White is white. Black is black. Grey is grey. Gold is gold. I changed the tint of the windows by painting the inside of it gold. It gives the bluish plastic a greenish tint now.

Brimstone is fairly self explanatory as well. The yellow is Testors flat Sunflower if I recall correctly. The purple is the same mix I used for Toxitron I think. The chest was also mixed and it ended up being a lighter shade than I wanted. It looks more "fleshy" than I would've liked but it's okay. 

As for Toxitron, I couldn't find a good purple so I spend quite a while making my own. It works fairly well. The greenish color is Testors flat enamel "Zinc Chromate". I used it straight as I thought it was pretty toxic looking. I also didn't want to go bright either as I wanted it to be different to my CW Toxitron. I went with a darker grey for quite a bit of the figure as well based on the old prototype shown from the G2 Laser Prime mold. The metallic was supposed to be dingier looking but it just ends up looking exactly like the gold used on Nova. I probably should've went with flat rust but I didn't like that shade. I was supposed to go back over it in metallic copper or flat brass  but never did. The windows are flat grapefruit. 

Optimus again has the modified pelvis I showed yesterday as well as the thigh extenders. It also has the DNA legs since they're one of the few sets actually worth getting from DNA lately. I got the most recent "slipper" upgrades for the super mode feet. This adds a tiny bit of height and makes it so that he can stand straight up now since the feet are now flat. I also got the leg cannon upgrades too. I also got that one big upgrade set and took a few pieces from that set and slapped them on this. The parts for the black cannons and the pieces that fill in the super mode legs. I took the lower arms from my Siege Delta Magnus/Magna Convoy and put them on this to better match Cybertron Optimus. I modified the back of the super mode head so that he can look up pretty far for proper "swooshing".  With all the added height, he stands about the same height as other older leader figures like Star Convoy, Optimal Optimus, Super Ginrai, Dai Atlas, PotP Optimus, CW Ultra Magnus, PotP Rodimus and Star Saber. This is the height I feel Armada Optimus should also have stood at in super mode but they went and made him larger. Why bother making sure Star Saber stood at the same height as the rest but then go and make Armada Optimus taller but not as tall as God Ginrai or Victory Saber. It doesn't make any sense. Given how tall we've seen Armada Megatron is compared to super mode Optimus, Optimus should indeed be shorter in super mode..

I had plans to also make a Galaxy Upgrade Nemesis Prime and Fire Guts Ginrai but never got around to it. I had an extra prime but sold it along with the rest of that upgrade kit I took some pieces from for quite the profit on Ebay a while back. With a possible new Nova Prime coming, I hope they do his Nemesis Prime colors since that mold never got any black redeco yet as it is. The new parts would really help it to stand out. And since I'm crazy, I also feel it's a good base mold if they wanted to do a vehicle mode for Tigerhawk and Universe Razorclaw. I've wanted this ever since I first seen Maketoys Hypernovae for some reason. Something about Nova just makes me think of TIgerhawk for some reason. The wings are obvious but I think it's some of the poses Nova did in the comics. Or at least, from the  screen caps I've seen as I haven't read the comics.

Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:08 pm
Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:07 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:06 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:05 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:03 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Forgot about this one. It's Siege Shockwave repainted as Cybertron Brimstone based on the Botcon figure. I had planned to do at least Galactic Man and Energon Sixshot as well and maybe FoC Air Raid and Fireflight but when an actual Galactic Man Shockwave as announced, I put a hold on anything else. I also started to run out of extra money and went back to work and stopped making customs in general all around the same time. 

I can only post about six pics a post so I'll be posting a few in a row here for you. The rest will be all about the GUOP mold.

Joe Velez 2023-05-18 @ 11:05 pm
7 hours ago, BaCon said:


I really should take pics as I've been asked several times about my customs before. I thought I had at least one but that must have been on my previous laptop. For now, settle for my custom GUOP pelvis that allows for a perfect transformation with thigh extenders until I dig Nova out tomorrow. Also works for Siege Ultra Magnus too but not quite for the Kingdom retool, not that it matters for that version of the mold anyway. I haven't tried either but the retooled front bumper infringes on that space in an attempt to fill it in so there's not as much room there anymore for the hips and thighs as with the other two versions of the mold.

The thought process was inspired by TR voyager Optimus Prime/Octane in how the hips move back to align the trailer with the cab for truck mode. I looked at how much room there was in the pelvis of the Siege mold and just cut out a channel and some other minor bits that allowed the hips to move back to fill in the gap behind the front wheels in truck mode. The ratchets don't engage anymore, which could probably be fixed if I bothered, so I just tightened everything up with Kiki Fix Loose Joints and the more cost effective for the same stuff, water based polyurethane. 

I asked someone on Shapeways to design a new pelvis that allowed for this and would also have ratchets and locks or whatever but they couldn't fathom what I was talking about. Or rather, they couldn't be bothered. And I don't know how to design things like that so there's that but I do know how to cut things lol. I'll take more pics of my GUOP with Nova and Toxitron tomorrow to really show off just how tall he now gets compared to the base mold.

Joe Velez 2023-05-17 @ 2:21 am

As someone who repainted a GUOP into Nova, I can confirm that this would make for a great base mold. With new wings, shoulder pads, super mode chest and forearm guards (all from what I can tell from the silhouette anyway) , this will make for a great retool that's a long time coming. It also is the last character from the Siege era that I did a custom of to receive an official toy. At least my Toxitron will remain unique since I also used GUOP for that. 

Otherwise it's Siege Magnus for Delta Magnus, GUOP for Nova Prime, and Siege Sideswipe/Red Alert/Covert Clone for Tigertrack, Deep Cover and Clamp Down. Well, I guess a Siege Delta Magnus is still pretty unique vs the Earthrise version we technically got. As well as Nova Prime form GUOP without any new parts. Deep Cover was reworked into a Siege Scamper and the rest don't do much of anything right now.

At least I never started on Black Ironhide since we've gotten two of them now or most of the other Diaclone or G2 repaints I was going to do. Although I probably should start on red Mirage just to hurry an official version of that along. I was going to do Detritus too but that's also being done. I started on a green Ratchet but never finished it. Maybe if I did, we'd get one of them too. I should grab some extra Skids/Burnout/Crosscut to do Skids and Screech. Oh and I plan on doing a lazy custom of parts swapping Blue Trailbreaker with Lift-Ticket to make Red Trailbreaker and Blue Hoist and then repainting the heads. Oh and I do mean to do yellow Cliffjumper, red Bumblebee and white Hubcap too. I have the heads somewhere to be repainted but a lot has happened since I took the heads off and now I don't know where they are anymore lol. Oh and 2007 Jolt, Cybertron Crosswise and someone else, I forget who it was, from my extra ER Datsuns. So many easy releases being skipped for some reason. They can just keep pumping out the Generations Selects if they wanted with all of these but they don't for some reason. But they're constantly saying that they're running out for GS since the stores want so many exclusives. But there's still so many more they need to do. Yellow Ratchet, Silver Silverstreak, Yellow Trailbreaker and Hoist and so on and so on not to mention the Go Bots redecos of the G1 Mini Bots. 

Lunatic Prime 2023-05-16 @ 6:53 pm
2 hours ago, BaCon said:

Following the Fanstream reveals, the relentless data miners have dug out more bits of information on the Amazon Pre-Cybertronian War Capsule series. Following the new two packs, we've for listings for a thrid set as well as a Leader Nova Prime and Voyager Nacelle. Not much else is known right now, but you can see some products details below thanks to JTPrime17.

Above Orion Pax you can see Nova Prime and his legs look a lot like SIEGE Ultra Magnus‘es / Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime’s. So my money is on a retool of that mold.

Joe Velez 2023-04-15 @ 3:43 am

Hey some news on BB SS86 Hound. So people can stop thinking that it's cancelled now. I was just looking at this today on the wiki, it still looks really good. I really like how the legs were retooled to have less bulk compared to the Siege mold.

I really want Hatchet but I don't at the same time. That back kibble is going to look really bad with it right there on top for everyone to see. However I think having a quadruped robot mode is worth it.

BB Bumblebee 2? Don't care. I rarely pick up movie Bumblebee figures.

SS multipack. Decepticons to go against the Autobots 5 pack maybe?

Comic 2-pack? That's interesting. I hope it's not just barely changed comic decos of characters we already have and are some kind of set with new character redecos with at least new heads. New parts otherwise would be good too but I'm not too sure that would happen.

Capsule 2 doesn't have anything to let us know what it is. 

There's obviously a missing listing here called Capsule 3. That is all.

Nacelle. Great, Thrust get's a reuse. It just sucks that he's not going to be the same mold as Hotlink since they're both on the same squad. Maybe when they get around to it, Bitstream can use the Siege mold and Sunstorm can use the Earthrise mold to balance the team out. Luckily there's four on this squad and not three like the others. I really would like some more Siege mold Seekers too. It has the better robot mode. And it's more fun to swoosh around.

Retro 6 and 8? Most likely more G1 reissues. Don't care. I'd love a chance to actually obtain Shadowstrip and Crasher though. Maybe a second or third Galaxy Shuttle to do some customs on would be nice too. I barely got the first Galaxy Shuttle at the time due to money troubles and completely missed the 5 minutes I would've been able to secure the other two without having to find them in stores which hasn't happened yet. I even had customs in mind for those two as well and would've needed at least two of each. At least one of them is getting reissued supposedly, I hope the other does too and Galaxy Shuttle as well. Walmart sucks. These are the only two since BB SS86 Cliffjumper that I wasn't able to get.

SG Grimlock we already know about. Are the other three more SG figures or something else though? Strange that we've known about number 2 (SG Grimlock) this far before we find out what number 1 is. Hasbro's schedule is so weird when it comes to announcing figures.

RID15BumblebeeFan 2023-03-06 @ 7:37 pm

OMG, this is so totally exciting! I just can't wait to finally buy R.E.D. Prime Starscream by the time he finally becomes available on Hasbro Pulse!

Eagle Killer 2023-02-11 @ 10:33 pm

I will be so happy to finally get Sureshot! 

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