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Leaked Studio Series 2024 Waves 1-4 Breakdown Listings with Dates!

And then there's more! With the big drops out, let the roundups begin as the usual suspects have refined and organized the many recent leaks into waves with dates. Dig into the trove of new inventory retail listings with breakdowns of each wave, dates and possible product lineups across the classes thanks to JTPrime17.

Well since the listings are now out, I guess I can share the current wave plan. This is subject to change and things can be moved around.

Wave 1: February 2024
Core MV5 Mowhawk
Core MV6 Rumble
Deluxe MV7 Wheeljack
Deluxe MV7 Scorponok
Voyager 86 Scrapheap
Voyager WFC Starscream
Leader MV6 Megatron

Wave 2: April 2024
Core MV6 Starscream
Deluxe WFC Sideswipe
Deluxe MV6 Sunstreaker
Deluxe 86 Gnaw PR
Voyager MV6 Shockwave
Leader 86 Swoop

Wave 3: August 2024
Core 86 Steeljaw
Deluxe WFC Decepticon Infantry
Voyager MV6 Skywarp

Wave 4: December 2024
Core MV6 Frenzy
Deluxe HM Megatron
Deluxe Next Gen Bumblebee
Voyager WFC Ratchet
Leader 86 Springer

Level A Ast: June 2024
Level A Ast MV8 OP
Level A Ast 86 Bumblebee

NOTE - As always, it is not official until Hasbro or Takara announces it. So take all this as a rumor until we have the official word.

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Decepticats 2024-02-24 @ 5:49 pm

These recent reveals are a dream come true, but I find myself in such disbelief for many other reasons. I'm having such a hard time believing these rumors are true because the last year or so of Hasbro tf's have been lackluster at best, and now it's a total 180 from before. This company in such dire financial straights, it's going to he laying off more staff and they are releasing all of this?! We haven't even been shown ss86 Swoop yet, so I'll believe it when I see these releases,  until then, I'll start saving money just in case we get this stuff.

Joe Velez 2024-02-24 @ 4:37 pm

Just thought about it a bit more. Or rather, I was really tired last night when I typed this and just woke up clear headed and something popped into my head.

That's pretty much the entirety of 2025 right? We also know pretty much everything coming this year too right?

Where the fuck is Armada Jetfire and/or Overload?

THIS is why Omega Prime would've been horrible at retail, especially as two retail level commanders. We get Armada Prime in 2023. No leaks for Jetfire or Overload for 2024. Now no leaks for either in 2025 either. Meaning we'll have to wait to complete them until 2026 barring any surprises or a double pack or something. Maybe both together as a commander class but that would be weirder than the thought of Hook and Long Haul together as a commander.

Imagine waiting for three years to complete Omega Prime. They would never release them both in the same year. They wouldn't even be released in consecutive years if we're being honest. So it would be just as long to HOPE that they don't cancel Ultra Magnus that we're waiting now hoping to complete Magna Jet Convoy. The Armada boys even have several deco options too (quite a few more than the RiD boys anyway) so it's not like they can't recoup some of the costs of the molds. Hell, Jetfire even has retool potential...not that they'd do another Galaxy Shuttle ever again especially with this package refresh but GoBots Spay-C is an option. I WILL have that Spay-C update lololololololol.

Going back to the idea of them being released as a commander together though as I thought more about it while typing. Maybe they could work in another combined mode between the two. Use Overload as the torso and arms and Jetfire obviously as the legs. It's something I always wanted to have done with the originals and it was almost possible too but the connectors just didn't line up between them. It would almost be a throwback to G1 Jetfire and the Valkyrie armor in a way. I doubt that will ever happen though. Just trying to give myself some hope to getting them both sooner than 2026.

Joe Velez 2024-02-24 @ 6:32 am

The hits just keep on coming. And there's still more as there's been no core or commander class leaks yet.

Crasher package refresh. Cool I guess. Got three from Ross so I'm not looking for one anymore. Still think this should've used the Dragstrip mold and that Slicks should use the Mirage mold. Also, the Kingdom Mirage mold sucks but the Siege molds is great.

Aerialbots are cool but there's not really much to say other than that.

Swindle. Not much to go on with no universe descriptor or other Combaticons leaked. Oh wait, it will be Armada Swindle lol. Deluxe is a bit large for for a Minicon for a voyager figure but hey, why not right.

Wasp is Wasp. Nice to see him but not much to say really.

Venom. Now we're getting somewhere. I wonder if he'll be a slight retool of Kickback, a redeco with a new head of Kickback or a new mold entirely with another use lined up. I'm going to go with a slight retool of Kickback. They're not going to go nuts with this since they didn't for Ransack. Meaning that it's going to look inaccurate intentionally (like the Gobots I would imagine) to look like the standard Insecticons. So a new mold would need to look like them as well which wouldn't really lend itself to anything else. So a retool along the lines of Shrapnel to Bombshell should work. Change around half the figure kind of thing. Would be nice to see the two "missing" deluxe Insecticons too. The Barrage retool and the ladybug. G1 Saberhorn and Glowstrike? Damn, that works actually.

Voyager Armada Red Alert. Cool. There's plenty of redeco potential with that mold. Orange Alert (Powerlinx), Blue Alert (Prowl) and Actually Red Red Alert (Inferno). If they're feeling frisky with the retools, maybe even Animated Red Alert and Flashpoint?

Voyager Sky-Byte. That's him! It's about time he got another big toy. 

Edit add in: Voyager RESCUE BOTS Heatwave. It's a voyager so we know it won't be a Mirage Retool or a Sludge retool. I mean, it could be a three headed dragon but I want my three headed dragons to be commander class retools of each other (Prime Predaking, SS Dragonstorm and Cybertron Scourge). So YAY, another red fire truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not salty or anything, just poking a little fun. HOWEVER...I'm really curious as to what's going to happen with Nexus Prime now. I speculated that the appearance of the Aerialbots and maybe Combaticons were going to lead to Nexus Prime but that might not be the case. Why you ask? Because the torso for Nexus Prime that used the Energon Barricade mold which was based on Onslaught is also named Heatwave. So will there be TWO Heatwave's in this new 13 Primes line/trilogy? They could get away with the second so long as Nexus Prime is released as a box set. That way they won't have two Heatwaves at retail. Maybe Nexus will be the titan for the third year. That should give them enough time to get both Superion and the potential Bruticus out before doing Nexus from their parts. Silverbolt being the first year's commander and Onslaught being the second year's. The third year's could be a real Last Autobot instead of the ark I mentioned earlier but read down below since this is all being typed after the fact. Nevermind, he would be a Vector Prime retool and they won't be doing Vector Prime at commander I would imagine if both Onyx and Megatronus are leaders. So leader at most for Vector prime but also with Safeguard included. EDIT AGAIN: Vector Prime is coming this year isn't he lol. So there goes that idea of him being a leader WITH Safeguard as he's a voyager without. So it seems he was both a Legacy character and an clue to the next line. Kinda like CW Buzzsaw way back when now. But that again opens up the possibility of the Last Autobot being a commander.

Flatline? Wow, okay. But uh, why not in Studio Series? At least two characters named Flatline should be released in Studio Series for multiple reasons. Could be a new character based on one of the three versions that barely exist. Kinda like the Fossilizers and Junkions and whatnot. 

G2 Grimlock. Blue or teal? There's three G2 Grimlocks and we have the yellow one already. So we know it's not that one. But will it be the blue that most people know or the teal that those who are in the know, know. Most likely blue as most people don't even realize that the blue and the teal are different. They look distinctly different but most would need to see them side by side to realize that the one they had as a kid was different to the one everyone else had. 

On to the Primes. What this next line is seemingly named after. Somewhat of a return to PotP. The original 13 all done as either deluxe, voyager or leader figures. Do they have a gimmick like the Junkions (even if Trashmaster barely had the gimmick)? Calling it now though, Megatronus will be a retool of SS86 Megatron or Galvatron. Nevermind, it's a reuse of CW Megatron lol. He's next to me right now. Just move the treads into the Armada Megatron position and there's your Megatronus. Just like that one black KO of the mold lol. Looking forward to Onyx Prime. A centaur is going to be a cool looking figure. You know what, I wonder if they're even going to transform. The 13 aren't always shown having alt modes. I wonder how they'll handle Nexus Prime. Is that why we're getting Superion and seemingly Bruticus? And poor Logos Prime got kicked out of the 13 so no new Cybertron Soundwave mold incoming lol. We technically already have one though. The Ark. The Last Autobot was in the same 13 that Logos Prime was in. Maybe they'll do all 20 13 Primes lol.

Joe Velez 2024-02-23 @ 4:43 am

Hey Core Dinobot and Deluxe Sureshot are still coming out. Good.

G2 Breakdown and Armada Wheeljack are new though. I'm not too worried about Armada Wheeljack's listing not having Whisper included as Sureshot's listing doesn't have Spoilsport in it but will most likely be included if Pointblank is any indication. Sucks about the rest of the G2 Stunticons not having new names though. It also sucks I never found Sideswipe or Dead End too. I imagine they'll be at Ross soon enough.

I do want another Cosmos just for the gun. I never found one at Ross. Not that I went to more than one store to check though lol. The whole shit with signing up for their credit card bummed me out. They wouldn't let me use it that same day like every other store does when you sign up in store. I had to wait two weeks for the card to come in. It took two days just for them to email me the temp code to use in store the same day. Like seriously? How do you not know how this shit is supposed to work but I digress.

Couldn't care less about Ramjet and Tarn as I have them already. 

I do want more Galaxy Shuttle though. I got the one but was a bit tight on money at the time so didn't push it to get the other two I wanted. Again, I never found one at Ross. I just really wish they came plain black and white with both heads and had two decal sheets. One to turn it into Galaxy Shuttle and the other into Takara's G1 Astrotrain. The third I wanted will be made into Spay-C. Based more on her Super Gobots toy than her standard one. Shame the robot mode is mostly white as a fourth could've been used for Loco. Not that the black paints I have don't work well on Transformers. I just haven't felt up to doing any more customs these past few years. Work takes a lot out of me mentally. Not that I dwell on it or anything, it just takes me out of things.

Anyway, Overcharge is both nice to see and bad to see. I did my part of getting two Blitzwings to try and move things along. I kind of did some mods to my first one I wanted to go back on and the reissue was like $25 so why not pick up a new one right? Hopefully Overcharge will go on sale quickly. I'll pick up a few to bolster out my Quintesson army. It's quite sizable now and will only get better with some Overcharge drones. I should pick up some more Sparkless Seekers to add them to the army as well. I already have three but they're so cheap now so it wouldn't hurt too much to get some more to help clean up digital shelves. 

Joe Velez 2024-02-22 @ 6:27 am

Preemptive comment:

Leader SS86 Galvatron. 

I don't know what to say about this. I'm not 100% happy with Kingdom Galvatron and I love Galvatron so I'm down for another take. Assuming it's a brand new take that is.

Leader SS86 Megatron.

A few months ago after the last major set of leaks I gave up on something like this. I just kind of thought that Siege Megatron was the best we were going to get. Earthrise Megatron still sucks though. I got a bunch of upgrade kits for all my Siege base mold Megatrons, got the BPF OSKO Siege Megatron and just got in a Takara Legends Megatron with the DX9 upgrade kit just to try and calm my Megatron urge.

So these two, the also rumored SS86 Optimus and SS86 Ultra Magnus all beg a question.

That being are these all going to be a new scale or are they going to stick to the current scale.

I mean, SS86 Ultra Magnus isn't in scale but I don't mind that as he should be super mode sized as he's combining with his trailer. What I did mind though was that Kingdom Galvatron was also out of scale. Which is what prompted me to get some of those upgrade kits for my Megatrons and the OSKO in the first place. So are these three "new" figures going to be in scale with Kingdom rodimus Prime and the rest of current Generations or are they going to scale to the out of scale SS86 Magnus making them around the height of Kingdom Galvatron anyway. I would imagine that this doesn't bother people that much and normally it wouldn't bother me either but Megatron, Galvatron, Optimus and Rodimus are supposed to be the same size and I just can't get away from that in my head. So having one bigger than the others is really bugging me but this can be fixed by a new, shorter, Galvatron mold.

I don't want another leader Galvatron the same size as Kingdom Galvatron. I would want him, as well as Optimus and Megatron, to all be the same height as Kingdom Rodimus. This way more of the budget can go into the parts count and toolings to really get them to hide and tuck intrusive kibble out of the way to make them as accurate as possible (what does that even mean for SS86 Megatron's alt mode now though). We seen what happens when making a larger leader Galvatron already. So making him shorter should allow for the designers to mitigate the tread kibble on the backs of the arms or to compress the cannon rear down more and design it to be more accurate and to change a few other things.

I really hope SS86 Galvatron isn't just a redeco along the lines of SS86 Cliffjumper though. That was an exclusive so it's somewhat questionable if it even really truly counts as a SS86 figure but it does exist. I would just be so disappointed with this if they do go that route instead of a new mold. Like Earthrise Optimus and Kingdom Ultra Magnus, Kingdom Galvatron just doesn't compare to Kingdom Rodimus, SS86 Hot Rod and SS86 Magnus. The extra budgets for them really shown though despite what some naysayers would claim. So I'd love an Optimus, Megatron and Galvatron to go right along with them. 

More elaborate transformations. More transformation "tricks". More and better articulation. More and better paint apps. Little to no kibble at all really as Rodimus, Hot Rod and Magnus are almost entirely kibble free and super clean in robot mode and have beautifully streamlined alt modes. Higher parts count be it for transformation parts or just more weapons. I can do without blast effects or things like Matrix chains though but at least Optimus will have blast effects and Galvatron will have the Matrix chain. I'm all about swords, axes, flails, guns, beam sabers, jet packs or whatever else the toys had or they used on the show and movie. No basketballs though lol. For Optimus that would also include BOTH mobile drones (Roller and that other one he had from time to time made from the rear trailer wheels it seemed) and a really good "repair" drone thing. 

I might be hyping myself up too much though. It's really too early to tell how these will turn out.

And SS86 Galvatron will come out about four years after Kingdom Galvatron first did. That's not too bad really. Sure it seems like he JUST came out but we're at the halfway point. By the time he does actually hit shelves, people will want a new Galvatron. It's also why I think it will be a new mold too. If it were just a redeco or even a slight retool, it could've been pushed up into this year or put out as some sort of exclusive like some of the Buzzworthy Studio Series redecos. But it's coming out in 2025 with Megatron supposedly. So that really does give me hope for a new mold.

We used to get new mold updates for many characters year after year for a while there from OG Generations (Optimus and Megs) to FoC (Optimus) to T30 (Optimus, Orion and 2 Megs) to CW (Optimus and Megs) to TR (2 Optimus and Megs) to PotP (Optimus/Orion) to Siege (Optimus and Megs) to Earthrise (Optimus and Megs) to Kingdom (Optimus and Megs) to Legacy 1 (Optimus). Not including, redecos of older toys still being released in market 6 stores, exclusives like VNR, Japanese releases, mostly non-G1/2 versions or any of the Starscreams that were also being released alongside them. Waiting four years for a new mold of a character is not going to be an actual issue. It's G1 Galvatron, he should have more toys than he actually does. It's crazy how few figures he actually gets compared to his contemporaries. G1, Universe 2.0, Titans Return and Kingdom. That's it. That's all the Galvatron molds. Dude can get another.

Joe Velez 2024-02-21 @ 5:36 pm

Thanks. At least someone enjoys my ramblings lol.

Surprisingly The Transformers brand has been doing well for Hasbro still. But that doesn't mean that the company as a whole isn't making quick and/or rash decisions like pushing things back as that's indeed happening. 

It's even more apparent that they don't know how to "read a room" with this most recent leak. A reissue of SS86 Jazz and Perceptor. Like what? So not only is SS86 Jazz STILL on physical and digital selves, he's getting a slightly modified version in the five pack as well as he just had that Buzzworthy mold that looks mostly the same in robot mode. But hey, why not ANOTHER run of a figure badly shelf warming for two years now that has other options at the same time right? And Perceptor? He's still on shelves too.

SS86 Grimlock is nice to see. I got one the first time around but I keep hearing people still need him.

DotM Shockwave!!!!! Finally!!!!!! I got the most recent KO recently but it just didn't fill the void of not having the real thing. Especially when they changed the colors and it felt kind of cheap. I'll get this for sure this time. I was going to get the redo from that same company as supposedly it's now going to be in the original colors but like I said, I didn't really enjoy the first. And I still need to get the oversized KO.

WFC Thundercracker and Skywarp are cool. Just makes me wish we get both the Hasbro and Takara decos for Skywarp though. I like having both on the original deluxe figures. The Takara one is either Air Warrior or Hotlink.

WFC voyager Ironhide sound cool. Hope it looks good. I never got around to getting the Planet X version so I'll be looking forward to this. It may even make me want to go back and get those Planet X figures too. I grabbed all the Dinobots, Megatron and Starscream but flaked out on the rest for some reason.

TF7 Optimus...that's Rise of the Beasts right? That's sure to please a lot of people. Hasbro let Target drop the ball majorly with that one. I had my preorder in a day before it was newsed anywhere and they still cancelled my order and I never seen it in stores. This is a hobby, it shouldn't feel like a fucking job just to get something. Sure it's been "reissued" several times on Pulse but the scalpers get them within seconds. Even when I'm on top of it within a few minutes of it going live. I have a preorder down for one of the KOs with upgrades built in but it's taking forever for it to come out. It's nice I have a REAL chance to pick up the original now.

TF4 leader Optimus? Age of Extinction? Don't they mean DotM? That's been the only SS leader Optimus and I know people want a reissue of it. DERP EDIT: It just hit me they never actually made an AoE Optimus yet. For some reason I read this as another package refresh. I was just thinking the other day about picking up an AoE Optimus since he doesn't have an update yet and I skipped out on them back in the day as I wasn't entirely sold on the figures they made, especially that First Edition figure.

Leader Apelinq. About time. I'm still getting the DNA upgrade kit for Takara's Primal. The more the merrier. The upgraded Takara figure can be Hyperlinq or something. Primal Prime or whatever, I'll think of something as it's going to looks so different to Hasbro's Apelinq and Primal anyway.

Voyager Sentinel Prime from ONE. Cool. That's about all anyone can say about it now though as we have nothing else.

Widow Maker? A "female" Stinger? Interesting. 

Que. About time.

ONE Starscream is a deluxe? That's a bit of a shame. I thought we moved past deluxe Starscreams. Wait and see I guess.

Hey look, Hatchet get's a standard release.

Double Punch? A redeco of Scorponok? In an even MORE colorful deco? Damn. That's going to be one colorful boy.

Some more troop builders sound nice. Looks like a WFC Autobot this time. Cool. Hope it's not weird like Barricade/Decepticon Soldier.

Bumblebee is Bumblebee regardless of which movie. But the listing for ONE B-127 could be interesting depending on the design. MV6 is Bumblebee movie. Wouldn't that just be a PR or reissue or something? Unless it's one of those SS86 mixups. I never got BB Bumblebee though. So at least there's that.

DEV Optimus? Deluxe? There's been a leak for a deluxe SS Optimus before so this is probably just that. Not that we know what any of that means though. At least the other A Level figure is ONE B-127 so we at least know where it's from. But what's DEV?

Okay, time to talk about the gestalt in the room.

Studio Series 86 Constructicons. 

Deluxe arms and voyager legs it looks like. So they're moving some of the leg bulk to the leg bots like CW Devastator. Hopefully it will help poor Long Haul this time around. Also hopefully they won't end up like PotP Tantrum and Headstrong. It'll all be up to how they do Long Haul and Hook. I wonder how they'll be doing the forearms and hands. Separate pieces with a "leader" Hook or something? They have to have the extra pieces since this is going to be SS86 and not IDW. A deluxe coming with these pieces would suck as it would hamper the figures. It'll be nice to have a legit Devastator at the "standard" size. The undersized KO of CW Devastator is cool and all but they didn't do a single upgrade, not even the Takara ones. Which is odd given how long after that KO was made. You'd think it would've come with some kind of upgrade.

Thinking a bit more. Maybe the arms should've been voyagers as well to come with the extra pieces. That way Long Haul and Hook could be unburdened and have the full budget of whatever size class they'll end up being put fully into the figures themselves instead of having part of the budget allocated to combiner kibble that could've/should've come with the figures they go to.It all remains to be seen still though as listings really aren't much to go on. Yet I somehow am able to ramble on for quite a while. At least the people at work actually think I'm working right now lol. Not that they'd say anything to me though.

I think that's it. That's it right? For now that is. Watch more go up while I was typing this. BaCon has done that to me before lol.

Decepticats 2024-02-21 @ 8:15 am

Enjoy reading Joe's analysis per usual, especially about the Knock Out problem, and just re-releasing figures, just without clear plastic now. I just look at a lot of what Hasbro's set to release upcoming, and it's clear to me these decisions are a result of a company in dramatic decline. I know many would disagree with recent updated figures we're supposed to get, but I think there's no guarantee we'll even see these, as they'll probably be canceled or moved back indefinitely. Hasbro,  prove me wrong.

Joe Velez 2024-02-20 @ 6:39 pm

Chopshop and Barrage.


Ruckus and Bludgeon.

I mean, it was fairly easy to narrow everything down with so many beast modes amongst the different versions of the Mayhem Attack Squad. There's only so many that would make sense given available molds as it was likely they wouldn't do new molds and were barely going to retool anything. My previous ramblings were more wishful thinking than actual picks.

Then there's Knock Out. I avoided him just like everyone else seemed to with his last figure. You know, that one that's still on shelves and will be all over Amazon for $12.50 or less even when this version goes up for sale. What else can they do for him outside of a different or new mold? At least Bludgeon has other options. His current figure is a blending of his shell and inner figure. You can go full on either way deco wise (add green and remove orange or add orange and remove green) for another. Maybe even use another mold like a Megatron mold too without it looking weird. Not that we NEED another Siege Megatron mold usage. Oh wait, they can use RiD 2001 Bludgeon's deco. The bright yellow one. See? Bludgeon has options.

It won't be the real G1 Knockout as he was half a Micromaster combiner.
It won't be Armada Knock Out as he's a Minicon.
It won't be Energon Knock Out as he's also a Minicon technically but is the small component to Energon Ultra Magnus.
It won't be Speed Stars Knock Out. 
It won't be Battle Masters Knockout.
It could be RotF Knock Out though. But does anybody really want another Prime Arcee redeco? I kinda like that mold and I sure don't. I mean, they could shoehorn it onto Prowl just like they're doing for Chromia which would make sense in a way as Chromia and RotF Knock Out would've made great retools of each other otherwise as they share the split wheel over the shoulders look.

Damn, this is going to be RotF Knock Out from Prime Arcee isn't it? I can totally see that happening now lol. At least it would be better than another Knock Out colored Knock Out. Just like all those Impactor colored Impactors we got. One mold, four similar but different decos, three similar but different heads, two different chests and two different cannons. Or the Jazz colored Jazz we're most likely getting in that five pack. Like, what else are they going to do with that Jazz other than change the translucent plastic to opaque like the rest of the figures seen so far? Oh, is that what this Knock Out is going to be? Just an excuse to release him without the translucent plastic. I haven't had any problems with that mold but people claim they're all prone to breaking. So maybe that's it. Just Knock Out without translucent plastic. 

I just don't like being right about Venom though. It should've been Venom with Windsweeper instead of Knockout. Or you know any of the other deluxe figures I mentioned that were last released five or more years ago like Spinister, Flywheels and even Battletrap or Slugslinger.

Went to click "submit replay" until I realized I never even mentioned the Party Wagon.

I might just get more than one of that. I hope that it's a big figure too. It doesn't need to scale with anything so they can make it however big it needs to be in order to work into some of the more popular features. I really hope they don't drop the ball on this one.

Joe Velez 2023-12-25 @ 7:34 pm

Mayhem deluxe two pack?

I hope it's Venom and Chopshop. Even if that would leave Barrage out from the Deluxe Insecticons for the moment. It's still better than just having Ransack though.

At the very least, I hope it's not Spinister and Flywheels. Although there's a certain appeal of having them withclean decos. And it's been a while since those were released in Siege so there might be people who need them. It could be Battletrap with Flywheels but I doubt it since the Battletrap mold is still made from two what would now be called core class figures and is most likely not able to be sold as a deluxe due to inflation and whatnot. But Hasbro did question the fans about Prime Wars molds and which ones they'd like to see again so it's not off the table to use PotP molds still. Meanwhile there's also the thought of releasing Needlenose with Spinister even if Needlenose doesn't need a reissue yet. That would be odd though to have two Double Targetmasters in the same pack but only one comes with his Targetmasters. Anything else would need "new" molds or toolings to work as they're all beastforming Pretenders...and Bludgeon who was just released and is a voyager. 

There are other iterations of the team as well. Ruckus is an option from those other versions of the team to go along with Crankcase maybe using the Beachcomber mold. Windsweeper as well to finish off the trio but I can't think of a mold to use for him. Maybe a retool of Needlenose without the Targetmasters?

Oh wait, Take the Targetmasters from the Windsweeper retool of Needlenose and put them in that two pack of Needlenose and Spinister. That way they can both have their Double Targetmasters lol.

Other members are Pretender vehicles or those ultra Pretenders which cause problems as do you make them triple changers or just base them on the inner robot or what. I mean, is ROADgrabber just supposed to be a jet? Is Roadblock supposed to be just a six wheeled car?

I figured it out!!!!!! The whole subline will be based on the 2005 IDW team. So this way we'll finally get Polar Claw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, Tidal Wave is in more than one group (the Star Seekers that are also coming next year at Walmart) since he's also in this same group of the Mayhem Attack Squad. So other than Polar Claw, Tidal Wave and the already mentioned in the article, Impactor (as this is the only version of the team he's even in) its; Stampy, Claw Jaw, PrOWL!!!, Leobreaker!!!, Tuskmaster?, PCC Steamhammer, PCC Smolder, Overbite (Universe version) and their leader Carnivac. Tuskmaster looks to turn into a car so maybe a retool of Axlegrease or Chase. Carnivac is a wolf so maybe a retool of Tigatron that could also be used for Wolfang and K-9. Stampy as a Rattrap or Snarl/Tasmania Kid retool. PrOWL as an Airazor retool but that would suck for him as I really love his design so much more than I love even Airazor. The rest would need new molds though like Claw Jaw, Leobreaker, Steamhammer, Smolder and Overbite. Maybe Smolder could be based on Siege Ironhide or something. The rest really don't really share anything with any "current" molds. Unless they dig up T30 Sky Byte and use that for Overbite lol. Not that making a new Sky Byte mold in general wouldn't sell like gangbusters though. Same for Leobreaker...what's that you say? He's not THAT Leobreaker? Well then. He can be a retool of Cheetor or Tigatron or something depending on how big you want him. There's more you say? Tidal Wave turns into a whale and a tank?!?! but not his standard Dark Fleet? Well I'm just going to ignore that last one despite how cool it would be to have a whale Transformer as Tidal Wave was the main link to this version of the team lol. Oh and Polar Claw can be a retool of Rhinox. That mold is just begging to be turned into so many other Beast Wars characters and yet they do nothing with it. Ironhide/Santon, Torca, Bonecrusher, Polar Claw, Big Convoy, Transmetal Rhinox and more. Well, we don't have to worry about Big Convoy anymore though supposedly though.

Just more of my random ramblings. Think of it as my Christmas present to you all.

Decepticats 2023-11-13 @ 3:46 pm

I don't think anything is a sure thing with Hasbro anymore,  which both confuses me and pisses me off. Take ss86 Brawn: You would think it's a no brainer we get Outback, right? Well, I no longer have faith Hasbro thinks like this anymore. It has made me turn to third party to fill the gaps Hasbro refuses to fill. I recently bought xtransbots Tailgate and Windcharger, and dx9 Powerglide. This is all because Hasbro has introduced us to deluxe sized minibots, and I don't want to cross my fingers in hopes they maybe get around to the others by 2030. Soundwave and Blaster's tapes are the same thing right now. I was hoping a third party company would just beat Hasbro to the punch with all the tapes, cause I would buy them in a second. If any of my crypto's hit big, I will create my own third party tf company and make the tf's fans want, by making the ones I want, to fill those annoying collection gaps with some of the coolest, obscure tf's from G1/G2 and Beast Wars. Well, here's to dreaming.

Goldbug 2023-11-13 @ 6:30 am
On 11/11/2023 at 11:23 AM, Joe Velez said:

Kup, as a Triple T? Kup? KUP? Where's the Optimus Prime for this line already? It's nice to see Kup and all but what the hell? Kup? I had to look up what a Triple T was and that's not exactly screaming Kup. Neither was the vehicle for Bumblebee or Soundwave but still. I guess the front scoop thing of the figure looks a bit like Kup. I'd think that maybe maybe Seaspray, Warpath and Powerglide would make for better GI Joe crossovers but okay. I'll get this but when it goes on sale and it WILL go on sale.

Yeah Kup doesn't make sense. Especially since he is a future Transformer.
They need to make Beachcomber like this...

Hound as a VAMP is just so obvious and annoying they haven't done that yet.

Joe Velez 2023-11-11 @ 5:23 pm
On 11/2/2023 at 9:28 AM, Decepticats said:

Enjoyed reading this thread. Many of the comments are spot-on. I'm annoyed that Hasbro hasn't used generations selects to give us more obscure tf's like Windsweeper,  Guzzle, Polarclaw, Horri-bull, Squeezeplay, Dogfight and others. There has to be a large group out here that would buy these characters. Also, I wish they would stop dinking around and give us all the Blaster and Soundwave tapes, like Overkill, Ratbat, Ramhorn, to name a few. 

You mean my constant rambling? lol. Thanks, nice to know that someone other than Bacon read my nonsense.

It's baffling as to why Hasbro does and doesn't do things. Especially Polar Claw. They know people are very upset about not getting him so you'd think they would've made him by now. Rhinox is right there to be retooled into him. It wouldn't be too difficult to do and there's even redeco potential for the retool after that. 

And even taking into account all the Walmart, Target and Pulse store exclusives (that you can pick up right now at Ross), there's still more that could always be done for Generations Selects but they just don't. They start stuff and then don't finish it like they did with Ransack and Fangry. 

Anyway though more leaks.

Of course Cannonball was going to be released. It was obvious. Then why did I go and purchase that Renderform set? Oh yeah, I had an extra Burnout sitting around doing nothing. And an extra Crosscut for the Red Alert set. Still it was rather stupid of me to get them. I guess it was a case of FOMO. They are unique though so that cool. 

Obvious Dinoking was Obvious. The only problem is deciding on what Upgrade kit to get. You know the three of them so far will all be redone to match. I hope they're retooled. Yes Volcanicus was obviously supposed to be Dinoking but the figures themselves are 100% Dinobots. So to me this would be a bit of a let down if it's just a redeco set with new heads. But I guess that's par for the course with Dinoking having only been a redeco of Monstructor with new Pretender shells. 

MPM Brawl is what it is. More exciting than Bonecrusher but I couldn't care less about MPM figures. I have Megatron only because it was like $50 on HasbroToyShop on Ebay. Otherwise I don't pick up MP figures other than the Trainbots. 

Leader Optimus with Bullseye?. Okay. Let me guess, it's NOT a brand new mold that's just Optimus as a leader so that he can look good standing next to Rodimus and Magnus? As he is now, he looks like a cheap "kids toy" next to them. Especially when you bring his dinky little baby trailer over. So I guess we need a SS86 commander class Optimus so he can match Rodimus and Magnus. No ass kibble. New legs! A trailer that isn't shit and actually comes with Roller...both versions. Or rather, that other rolling drone scout thing he had in the show. An Ion Cannon that doesn't fold in half and isn't long enough. A flight pack that you don't have to get from another set like you do for the current one, Roller, a longer (but actually too long) Ion Blaster and his energon axe. So this is most likely going to be a reuse of an existing Prime with that shitty trailer and a Targetmaster. I guess there's quite a few Battlemasters out there now from RotB and WFC that can be used.

Kup, as a Triple T? Kup? KUP? Where's the Optimus Prime for this line already? It's nice to see Kup and all but what the hell? Kup? I had to look up what a Triple T was and that's not exactly screaming Kup. Neither was the vehicle for Bumblebee or Soundwave but still. I guess the front scoop thing of the figure looks a bit like Kup. I'd think that maybe maybe Seaspray, Warpath and Powerglide would make for better GI Joe crossovers but okay. I'll get this but when it goes on sale and it WILL go on sale.

"Classic Heroes" Primal and Mirage. Okay. Not much to go on here.

Decepticats 2023-11-02 @ 1:28 pm

Enjoyed reading this thread. Many of the comments are spot-on. I'm annoyed that Hasbro hasn't used generations selects to give us more obscure tf's like Windsweeper,  Guzzle, Polarclaw, Horri-bull, Squeezeplay, Dogfight and others. There has to be a large group out here that would buy these characters. Also, I wish they would stop dinking around and give us all the Blaster and Soundwave tapes, like Overkill, Ratbat, Ramhorn, to name a few. 

Joe Velez 2023-09-29 @ 5:27 pm

That's maybe a little TOO accurate to the original toy. Something just looks off about it.

Why oh why did they keep the beast leg kibble hanging off the arms like that? This isn't supposed to be a Masterpiece figure and it's not based on the original show either. They don't need to be THAT accurate with a Generations figure that isn't also a Studio Series figure. There's no need to have those there like that. Do something with them to hide or mitigate their presence. Fucking TransArt did the same thing with theirs. Change or clean up almost everything else but leave the kibble. I don't care how accurate it is. It's stupid and intrusive, get rid of it. 

I hope it looks better when we get better photos of it. Not that it looks bad though as the original toy is really good. This just looks a little weird or the light's catching it oddly or something.

I hope he's a big boy still despite the wings. You'd think the wings would make the figure itself smaller. He's actually about the same size as Rhinox in the show though. So it would be nice if this is one of the larger voyager figures since the transformation didn't need to be reworked. Just take the original deluxe, remove the wing gimmicks and make them work like both T30 and Legacy Armada Starscream's. Sit on back or come up and over the shoulders. And I mean, that's what it looks like they did. Other than give it thigh and bicep swivels and ankle pivots. No more grabby claw feet though.

Joe Velez 2023-08-25 @ 5:03 am

More? Already? Okay.

Hey, there's that new Drift I've seen people asking for after the last set of leaks. I missed that weird Drift set with the Dinobots so I'd like another shot at him. Not that I'm all that excited for him since it is just a SS figure afterall. I'll get it, enjoy transforming it a few times then forget I have it.

Deluxe "Rise" Lifeline? She wasn't in Rise of the beasts nor the Rising game. So I don't know. Oh okay, Reactivate. I still don't know lol. I was thinking SSBB Arcee in Lifeline colors. I'll take more of that mold. But this appears to be something we haven't seen yet for a game that's not out yet. Interesting that Lifeline made the cut. Maybe it's not the Lifeline we're used to or maybe she'll have a larger role in the game as the primary or secondary medic.

Another commander for SS. No further descriptor. Dragonstorm maybe? Wait, wasn't there a mild rumor a while back about a new Stratosphere? While I'd rather RotF Stratosphere, it's most likely RotB Stratosphere since you know, he actually at least made it into the movie that time. 

Legacy commander and titan listings. No further descriptors. One is obviously Tidal Wave. I hope it's the commander and not the titan. We need some Decepticon commanders. Titan should be the Guardian's Command Center or the Renegade's Thruster from GoBots lol. Or Cybertron Menasor. Yes, he's titan sized, just shorter and wider than Metroplex. Have him come with Minicons Wideload and Drillbit to fill out the price point. Since Menasor is a smaller and simpler design, they should be able to fit both Minicons for both Cybertron titans in there.

A Generations Selects 3 pack of deluxe figure specifically and an Autobot multipack. Since there's no number of figures in the multipack, I'll take it that there's more than 3 figures in the set going by sets with 3 or 2 have that in their listings. The 3 pack could be a troopbuilder or the same mold in three colors. Don't really know for either. Oh wait, Zaptrap, Shothole and Salvo for the 3 pack. That would be perfect. Just have all three Insecticon redecos in one set. They're perfect for GS.

Buzzworthy Legacy Universe multipack. So another 4 pack most likely. So maybe the GS multipack will also be a 4 pack. Only time will tell. Hopefully we'll get either more of the deluxe Insecticons from the standard Insecticons to go with Ransack or we'll FINALLY get Horribull and Squeezeplay to go with Fangry. If only.

The BB SS voyager is a voyager not much else to say.

The BB SS leader is a reissue. Shockwave maybe? Please? I actually need and want that one. I promise I won't just forget about it once I have it like other SS figures.

BB SS 2 pack. I bet it's going to be Ratchet and Brawn to go with the Ironhide and Prowl set.

Couldn't care less about G1 Reissues, even if they're cartoon accurate. Well, maybe if it's Ultra Magnus and Cosmos.

Yes Thunderwing and Energon Megatron should share a mold. However they shouldn't be a voyager class. They'd be tiny as they have huge wings and Megatron has the tank to deal with and Thunderwing with maybe the Pretender gimmick with a smaller robot. I still have this huge chain linking these two that I've never told anyone but Megatron could be a leader but Thunderwing would be a commander. Obviously the Star Seekers Thundertron shouldn't be the incorrect listing. So that would leave the voyager class as the one that's possibly the incorrect listing. Instead of ThunderWING, I wouldn't mind ThunderHOWL or ThunderBLAST instead. ThunderCLASH could also work.

I wouldn't mind if they skip his trailer so that I don't have another lame box sitting around like I have with all the Optimus Prime, Scourge and Toxitron Trailers. Although those last two are only one each. and that trailer isn't actually all that bad. So it's all the Earthrise trailer molds that we've been accumulating that bother me. ER, AU, Netflix Spoiler, Holiday, VNR. That's five right? I have six since I have two Alternate Universe Primes as I wanted to turn one into Nemesis but then never got around to it. Kind of like how Hasbro hasn't gotten around to an Earthrise Prime as Nemesis either. At least Netflix Optimus and SG Optimus don't come with trailers.

Vector Prime from Jhiaxus sounds terrible. If they need to reuse that mold (not every mold get's reused like every Rhinox since BW except for the Battlemaster from RotB), then it should've been Senator Shockwave. Since they were retooling parts anyway, it could've worked just as easily and it would've had the opening hands so he could debate with Senator Ratbat and his single open hand.

It appears there's some Earthspark listings too that aren't up yet.

Deluxe Prowl is most likely going to be a redeco of Cyberverse deluxe Prowl.

It's going to be tough for deluxe Thrash to beat Warrior Trash. With the extra budget I can see them doing something stupid and making it weird or kibbly. 

Jawbreaker is good at warrior class but isn't great. He could definitely use a bigger toy.

Deluxe "Aftermath"? Maybe a character from season 2? Maybe a code name still? I don't know.

Lunatic Prime 2023-08-21 @ 8:58 am

Two Thundertrons, huh? I've read some sections of some of the previous posts. Yea, maybe, Idk.

Thundertron would make sense for the Star Seekers as he would have been their leader in TF Prime's original plan for season 03. But I could very easily see this being a mix-up or copy-paste error and actually being ThunderWING. Especially as these Star Seekers mostly consist of Decepticons and one of them is Ferak from the Wings Universe Star Seekers (

And Thunderwing could be a pretool for Energon Megatron and Galvatron.

And Vector Prime could be the Legacy Jhiaxus mold reuse I've been wondering about.

But what's that Deluxe G1 Optimus Prime? We still need a War Within style OP resembling his IDW form as a law enforcer. The chest of the LE version (the SIEGE Hound retool) looks like that but the rest of him. But that one should be a Voyager class. And the labeling G1 doesn't really fit.

Lunatic Prime 2023-08-21 @ 8:25 am

No RotB Transit?

No WfC Breakdown?

Joe Velez 2023-08-20 @ 11:56 pm

Two different Optimus Primes in one wave? Why not also have the deluxe in wave one as well as another package refresh for the core class too while we're at it. And maybe have a reissue of Armada Optimus for the commander class as well. Really though, why Animated voyager and the as of yet to be determined leader in the same wave? That doesn't sound like a good idea. Especially since I think there will still be a bunch of different RotB Optimus figures still clogging shelves then. Shame it won't be the RotB Primes people actually want though. I'd swap leader Optimus for Sandstorm. Otherwise Energon Megatron, Windblade, Thundertron and Tigerhawk have me really excited. It's wait and see for Chase, the Rock Lords and that leader Optimus though. Tasmanian Kid/Snarl is interesting as I always thought Rattrap would be a good base for a retool into him but I'd rather have the T30 deluxe instead.

I'm not going to go looking but I thought I read somewhere that the core Dinobot was going to be Transmetal 2 Dinobot 2 and not the standard Dinobot. It would be the easier design to do by far. Also it's not just Quake, it seems Sureshot doesn't have anything listed about the Targetmaster. I'm fairly certain that Pointblank and Needlenose did. I already have the Takara Legends Targetmasters for the Autobots so it's not like I'm even going to be using the new ones for them, it's just annoying as I've said previously. Especially for Quake since his Targetmasters haven't ever been redone yet. Meanwhile I have like six with my Siege Spinister. The Collectors Club set, the Siege set and a pair of T30 Spinsters that came with legends Nemesis Prime just for fun. Wave 2 is packed though. Couldn't care less about Gears but it's nice to see him. The rest of the wave sounds amazing though.

What happened to core rock 2? The core and deluxe Rock Lords have their own numbering systems. So rock 2 isn't listed here. I'm sure it's just a minor oversight. Shit happens.

Wave 3 isn't as stacked due to it most likely being half repacks. Vector Prime is very exciting. I wonder if we're going to get an Alpha Trion from him. They keep pushing out Orion Pax figures so why not Alpha Trion too? One from Scourge, one from Vector Prime, Alpha Trizer from each of the two Thundertron molds/retools and the one from Cyberverse to have started them all. Shame that figure doesn't do much other than look pretty. Galvatron and Hot Shot are cool though. I wonder if they'll revisit CD Hot Shot from another mold. Shame there's no Roadbuster of any sort in the leaks. G1 Roadbuster or even Superlink Roadbuster/Energon Ironhide could work. They'd be better than Siege Hound in any event. 

And wave 4 is less stacked. It's nice that each wave has a female Transformer even if one is a PR. Two different Galvatron in the same line is crazy. I hope they do a leader Energon Megatron mold that could also be used for Thunderwing (I have a whole thing based around this with a ton of redeco and retools). Cybertron Megatron/Galvatron needs some love too. I'd love a commander class Car Robots Gigatron/Devil Gigatron too as that's the only way to top the original mold. 

Seriously can't wait for Filch. I just hope she's more than just a straight redeco with a new head of either of the three Airazors. Damn though, three deluxe Airazor molds in such a short amount of time with another Battlemaster mold. That's fucking crazy and I love it. I really want someone to make a Masterpiece version of her and her Transmetal form. I would eat that shit up. Really am curious about these two Thundertron at different size classes. I've read people say that the leader could be based on Tigerhawk which is awesome. He'd look great in those colors..oh wait, Tigerhawk is pretty much already those colors though so yes he'd look great in those colors as he only has one other choice which you should know is Razorclaw. 

Origins voyager Wheeljack with enough space to fit Bumblebee in the back if I'm not mistaken is going to be cool.

I can't ever seem to get as excited for Studio Series figures though. I mean I enjoy them, I just don't really do much with most of them once I have them. WFC Starscream is one I'm excited for though. He'll look nice standing between his deluxe FoC toy and his Planet X doppelganger with that "legends scale" doppelganger leading them that I almost forgot I had. Just like the new Cybertron Starscream will look good between the old legends of Cybertron figure, the Galaxy Force voyager, the Maketoys doppelganger and the Cybertron supreme toy. Mohawk I'm interested in. Is it me or are we getting a shitton of motorcycles lately? Like damn. Bumblebee movie Megatron is cool too. I loves me some Megatrons. I get that the TLK molds were really good and all but I could go for another toy from that mold now too.

Wave 2 has me more hyped though. I know I didn't say much good about BB Starscream, I do like me some Starscreams if you couldn't tell yet. Another from that weird Tetrajet would be cool. Watch it be so much better than the voyager too. Putting Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in the same way was a stroke of genius regardless of which versions they are. I love me some Shockwaves too and my dumbass completely missed SS DotM 'Wave so I guess I'll have to settle for BB 'Wave. And Swoop should've been wave 1. The wait has been excruciating. 

Wow, wave 3 kind of sucks. Barricade retool, another of those voyager BB Tetrajets and a Cassettebot. Well I guess since it's Steeljaw and Skywarp it should be okay.

Wave 4 is going to be interesting though with two figures for well known characters that we have no clue as to what they're going to be referencing. A Frenzy that may just be a name mess up.  A WFC voyager Ratchet that hopefully is better than the rest of the line. I don't doubt Starscream will be good though. I mean, how could they mess that up right? And Leader Springer. We'll at least have some idea what's going on here as we'll see Sandstorm long before we see Springer. That will be the gauge as to if they'll be heavy retools or not.

And finally those two random listings. Maybe they will be some kind of "capsule" line. Maybe not. Who knows?

Joe Velez 2023-08-19 @ 4:58 am

Something stupid happened when I went to comment on the last set of leaks so I'll do both here.

Pump the breaks though, the leak from 8/15 has a VOYAGER Thundertron in wave 1 but now this leak from 8/18 has a LEADER Thundertron as part of the Star Seekers subline. No use complaining about it as it's just rumors and listings. It's just a bit confusing. If he is a leader then it most likely won't be a Legacy Lio Convoy retool which is going to be amazing. Thundertron leads to Alpha Trizer and Go Prime. Maybe even Leobreaker and Nemesis Breaker since they're rather similar. If that's the case then they might not be able to combine.

Deluxe Windblade is long overdue. Seeing Slipstream now it should be safe to assume that they're going to be redecos or retools of each other. No sense making TWO distinct female jet molds that look like Seekers. 

Leader Optimus Prime is interesting since there's no other descriptor for it. It's thankfully not another package refresh but it's also not Animated Optimus as that's a voyager, Cybertron, Energon, Armada, Prime, Cyberverse, RID 2015, RID 2001, Machine Wars or any other non-G1 Prime. I wonder if this will be a leader Optimus without the trailer and all the budget put into him or the rumored deluxe Optimus Prime with a big beefy trailer that can also be used with Earthrise Optimus. However I don't see Hasbro releasing that Optimus as a deluxe without the trailer then again as a leader with the trailer. So I hope it's a full leader Optimus by himself. Maybe sell a new trailer for him elsewhere. Separate so as to not clog up the commander class spot with another Optimus that wouldn't have a super mode. 

Rescue Bots Chase is cool. Difficult to tell what he'd be though as the only other newish car mold is Shadowstriker and that's being used for Sideburn. That and it's the wrong design entirely. Pointblank? Sureshot? Both completely wrong too and one's only been rumored. Maybe a Hot Shot reuse? A new mold maybe? Looking him up to get reminded about his design, a new mold for him could also work for G1 Downshift. Unless they go with his truck form and use Kup again. Or his SUV mode and use Strongarm. Or his motorcycle form and use Prime Arcee again or maybe Animated Prowl instead. Or his dragster mode and be used as potential retool of Rescue Bots Blurr as he looked on RID 2015. I got it! A deluxe stegosaurus! Perfect. Damn though, Chase has a lot of different forms.

Of course Energon Galvatron was going to happen. It would just be nice to see what they plan on doing with Energon Megatron as a core class to begin with though.

More "Rock Lords". Not much to say without knowing anything else about them though.

Of course Sideburn was being made. That was painfully obvious when we first seen Shadow Striker. I do hope to get all the colors though including the OTFCC versions of Roulette and Shadow Striker. 

Deluxe Quake. No mention of his Targetmasters though. I really would hate it if they changed the molds yet again without getting a full set out. Not that I particularly like the ones that came with Needlenose, it's just annoying having so many different ones. I recently purchased another T30 Scoop so I can repaint his Targetmasters into Quake's so that at least the Decepticons can have matching ones since I have the ones from the Thunder Mayhem set for Needlenose and Spinister.

Animated Motormaster. More Botcon inspired decos. Nice. Boring, but nice.

Star Seekers. Cool. There's one not named. Maybe Cannonball? If so, then that's possibly what Chase could be. Cannonball is an SUV. This would also lead to Cybertron Red Alert too. Oh Primus no! I just had a horrible thought when I went over in my head who else it could be. Crankcase. You know, the horrible retool of the actually okay Skids mold. Maybe they'll all just be more Skids retools. No, please no. No more uses of that Crankcase mold. I don't even have Medix yet either and it's already too many. I'm fine with Skids but Crankcase SUCKS. Give me Reboost, Diaclone red Skids, Mudflap, Screech and AoE Rollbar all from Skids but never another Crankcase use after Medix. 

Lockdown. As much as I would be fine with it being a retool of Wheeljack, I really hope it's not just a retool of Wheeljack. Axor and Circuit too please regardless. Oh and Bandit, Blazing and Stealth Lockdowns too.

Voyager Ferak. Again, another Botcon deco. Unless they go Marvel UK colors but I highly doubt that. I wonder if we'll get Tornado at some point too. I hope so. 

Roadpig. It was only a matter of time until the other Laser Cycle got made. I just hope they name the unreleased Soundwave deco as Laser Cycle Too like I said previously when they took the Jazz name away from the Toxitron Laser Cycle toy.

The rest I think I've talked about already except for one. The one I want the most other than Tigerhawk, Windblade and Slipstream anyway and that's FILCH!!!!!!!! Yes please!!!!!!! It's about damn time she got a toy. I hope they use the RotB standard deluxe Airazor instead of either Kingdom Airazor and her easy to break wings or Studio Series Airazor and it needing to be modified to have the bird mode's legs sit as nicely as Kingdom Airazor. Better yet, give her a new mold entirely and then make Energon Divebomb from her. Yes people seem to think RotB Airazor looks like Divebomb but I don't. That mold looks like the Classics Minicon Dreadwing mold. Wedge Shape, Longview, SG Divebomb and Stiletto should all be made from RotB Airazor along with Dreadwing. Energon Divebomb and the Cosmo type Shadowhawk from Superlink can be a new mold with Filch.

Glowstrike next please!

Figures that more leaked. It was odd not to see Studio Series figures.

G1 Steeljaw is both cool and boring at the same time. I'll be glad to get it but it's just a cassettebot.

Frenzy. We know we're getting a SS86 Frenzy so is this that or something else? The sixth movie would be Bumblebee correct? Maybe this is 2007 Frenzy but compatible with SS BB Soundwave. If that's the case then hopefully he won't shelfwarm like Ravage. I say it since I haven't seen anyone bring this up as a possibility. They keep going to it being 86 Frenzy based on Steeljaw's movie designation jumping around until it finally landed on 86. Otherwise there is a DotM and AoE Steeljaw that can be made. Technically DotM Steeljaw was made with Leadfoot though. Maybe we'll get two SS Frenzy and two/three SS Steeljaw.

RotB Wheeljack. Okay.

WFC Decepticon troopbuilder. Okay. Looks like Toyhax jumped the gun though lol.

"Next Gen" Bumblebee? Not much to say without knowing what that means. Maybe it's an older working name for the new animated movie Transformers One? I haven't seen anyone bring that up as a possibility either.

Deluxe "HM" Megatron. People think "High Moon" but then it still doesn't make sense as that's just WFC/FoC and the DotM game. So we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe he's meant to scale with core class or something.

MV6 Skywarp. So just another clunky "Tetrajet" to go with Starscream and Thrust. I wouldn't mind a Blitzwing reuse instead but that wouldn't be accurate. 

Voyager WFC Ratchet. Well, I think less will go wrong with this than with Optimus and Megatron since he's a smaller character but still a voyager. So hopefully he doesn't have the jank the other molds have. I still need to get the real Generations WFC Bumblebee at some point. I have them all except him. I even have Darkside Megatron and Optimus. Such beautiful figures. Well, I don't have the retail United versions either but oh well.

Two new size class/price points for Optimus and Bumblebee. Movie 8 could be meant as 86 or One. By the time these could come out, One could be releasing and they're just ready with the Studio Series figures this time around. Or it's a one time only price point just for a beautifully done 86 Optimus and trailer. Somewhere between leader and commander since the trailer has to do more than the previous one but not as much as Rodimus' and Optimus is just a few tweeks away from being "perfect" at a voyager after Earthrise. For Bumblebee, somewhere between deluxe and voyager? A deluxe with a hefty Volkswagen tax?

Joe Velez 2023-07-22 @ 4:58 pm

Leader Tigerhawk, voyager Silverbolt, voyager Thundertron and voyager Cybertron Starscream? That's like the best leak ever. i couldn't care less about voyager Animated Optimus Prime though unless he has his jet armor and the Magnus hammer. Doesn't mean I won't get it though. Other than Tigerhawk and Silverbolt pretty much having the same alt mode just using different animals, this is a fairly diverse lineup. I just really, really, really, really hope that Thundertron isn't just a retool of Leo Prime. Have Prime ThunderTRON be its own mold with Cyberverse ThunderHOWL as his retool. Go! Prime and Alpha Trizer could also be reuses of Thundertron. 

Deluxe G1 Sureshot, core Beast Machines Cheetor, core Dinobot, leader G1 Sandstorm, core Energon Megatron, core and deluxe "Rock Lords", core BW Snarl/Tasmanian Kid, deluxe Animated Bumblebee, deluxe Rescue Bots Chase, deluxe Gears, deluxe "Cyberverse" Windblade (but really, it's just "G1" Windblade as there isn't much of a difference), deluxe Cyberverse Chromia,  core Mohawk, deluxe WFC Sideswipe, voyager WFC Starscream, voyager SS86 Scrapheap, leader Swoop, leader BB Megatron, voyager BB Shockwave, deluxe BB? SS86? Sunstreaker, deluxe RotB Scorponok, core BB Starscream, core BB Rumble will also be next year. That's going to be insane. There's so many different UNIverses being represented through all the Generations lines. But still no damn Polarclaw leak. Gears but no Polarclaw. There's a perfectly good voyager Rhinox or three now that can be retooled into Polarclaw. It would be fairly easy from the Kingdom version. And it's not like Polarclaw doesn't have any redeco options either so they can reuse the mold or retooling quite a few times while padding out Generations Selects.

Speaking of GS, going back through the leaks in this thread I seen that there was supposed to be two more GS releases this year. Deluxe Windsweeper and deluxe "Headmaster". Antagony was in between them according to the leaks. I thought it was really odd that they claimed Antagony was the last GS for the year and this is why I thought it. I must have remembered reading that leak but couldn't recall it during that livestream when Antagony was shown. There's still Cryotek and a myriad of Seekers that need releasing too. Siege Bitstream and Sunstorm now please so we can complete that team with Hotlink and Nacelle. Stepper, Chopshop, Zaptrap, Shothole, Blackout and more could also be made for GS. 

Joe Velez 2023-06-15 @ 1:10 am

Deluxe Cybertron Hotshot. Pretty cool. As good as that original mold was, it's one that could very much use an update. I even want the redecos. Red Exillion, Excellion, Breakaway/Getaway and most importantly, the real SG Goldbug. Maybe even Bumblebee and Red Alert based on the redecos the legends version had too. I had Red Exillion but sold it. I'd like another shot at that deco. Someone on Facebook was selling him and Chromia Medic for only $100 for the pair. I jumped on it as soon as I seen it and was surprised nobody else had. I really only wanted "Minerva" but took them both. Then flipped "Hot Rod" on Ebay for $110. Not bad but now I kind of regret selling it since I mainly did as I was kind of hurting for money at the time and $100 for two deluxes wasn't really being responsible lol. I miss that guy who sold them. He sold quite a few "rare" figures for cheap. I picked up some nice figures from him. Thinking about it, I haven't seen his posts in a long time. 

Guess I was "wrong" about the Rocks not exactly being Rock Lords based on the names. I mean if you "squint" at the names of 1 and 2 long enough I guess they kind of sort of resemble the names of the leaders of the Rock Lords. Others seem to think they do in any event. I just didn't really see it other than the first letters being the same and them being loosely based on rock like things. We'll still have to see. And again, I really hope they go back to the older style of Weaponizers for them though and not the Junkion style. The Junkions just aren't as fun as the older figures since the torsos can't combine as they lack pegs and ports. 

Prime Strongarm is a long time coming. She needs to be bumped up to the top 20 or so Autobots that get made. She had a good design and personality and her alt mode is pretty good too being a larger automobile. Most importantly though she can be used as a basis for Smallfoot and any chance to get some more Gobots is always a win. I also want Gregevor/Greejeeber, "patrol mode" Strongarm, "desert camo" Strongarm, "arctic" Strongarm (was she in that mission?), armored up Strongarm and Ratchet too. Just give me all the Strongarms. 

So Lockdown's Steeljaw and not the Wrecker's Steeljaw? Either are fine I guess as it's not important. I wonder if they'll be retools of Ravage or a brand new mold. Will they have robot modes or just be "Action Masters"? I like having little guys like this to troopbuild so I'll pick a few up.

Leader class SS86 Springer? I'm not really sure he needs to be a leader class. The Siege voyager was really good and it's not like he really changes all that much between modes. The mold is pretty big too so it's not like he needs to be resized to match Astrotrain and Blitzwing. If anything, they both need to be resized as they're both too short. Springer's height was always spot on though. I just don't really see how much better he can get from this point on. Yes there's a few things here and there but overall, his Siege design is pretty much it.

Leader Soundwave? There's no descriptor for the universe he comes from so it must be standard G1. Obviously this is going to come with at least one minion, maybe two. I would imagine it's Netflix Soundwave with a new core class Ravage and Laserbeak. That would be about leader class. Otherwise what are they going to be doing with Soundwave? Make him a full blown triple or quad changer and give him one minion? I would love for Soundwave and Blaster to always have a third mode like Perceptor does but maybe one that's a little more involved than his. I just don't like inanimate objects as the main/only alt mode.  The fourth mode would be the "lamp post"/spy mode thing.  I would love a leader class Cybertron Soundwave though. I have all three of that mold and would love an update as the kibble is intrusive and the wings lack any poseability. The one thing that bothers me though is that they forced Blaster's mold to have Eject/Rewind come with it. With Hasbro potentially making all of Soundwave's minions as core class figures, the Eject/Rewind mold is always going to be some odd thing now until they do another Blaster figure.

Joe Velez 2023-06-03 @ 9:59 pm
2 hours ago, BaCon said:

SORRY I didn't see these before. Niiiiiice! Being a Prime head, I can really appreciate all of these. I think your Nova works very well. Will be fascinating to see what Hasbro works up. I hope they do some proper wings. I dunno if you saw my Daily Prime post, but I reshot the SND upgrade for Combiner Wars Core Optimus Prime.


Something seems to be off with your comments on news stories and when people quote you lately. Your comments aren't showing up until you go into the full thread. So maybe something is up with how the site works with admin level accounts but I don't know much about those kind of things. 

I seen the Primo Mortis post but I didn't click through it as I have that set already. I'll give it a look today. I also have the Seraphicus Prominon figure as well.  But for some reason I still haven't had all three of my "Nova Primes" next to each other yet. The most I can do right now until I remember where I put Seraphicus is my custom and Mortis. I know where they both are right now. 

I never picked up Hypernovae as it was too expensive for what it was. I've been waiting on the oversized knockoff of it from Neoart for years now but I don't think it's going to happen.

I didn't get the Botcon figure either. Or at least, I don't think I did. I have Orion and Lio Convoy for sure though. 

Sir_Hubris 2023-06-03 @ 3:15 pm

 I just want to know when they're going to release that sweet Buzzworthy Hound that was leaked back in October.  I've been itching to get my hands on him for the last 8 months.

Joe Velez 2023-06-03 @ 4:44 am

Seems I took over this thread with my crappy customs lol. 

Vector Prime is/was a multiversal singularity. So any Vector Prime released will be the same Vector Prime regardless of anything else. However there's only been one Vector Prime anyway though and that's CyberTRON Vector Prime. Well I guess there's been two if you count PotP Metalhawk since the Primemaster that came with him is Vector Prime. The wiki still has them as being the same Vector Prime though.

I was literally just thinking about Vector Prime and how he needs a new figure. We need more big Autobots with flying alt modes and he certainly fits the bill. I wonder what they're going to do with Safeguard? Hasbro claimed they don't want to do Battlemasters and Micromasters anymore as they supposedly didn't sell well. No, the Rise of the Beast ones don't count as they should've been out about two years ago. Those seem to be selling well now though regardless of when they were supposed to be on shelves. So maybe they'll circle back around to them to do the Armada and Cybertron Minicons. Swindle, Leader-1, Sparkplug, Drillbit, Jolt and now Safeguard and Clench all need to be done. And we do need new ones. I dug out Armada Jolt, Universe Jolt and even T30 Blazemaster who has a Jolt variant and none of them work well with Hot Shot. The two Minicon Jolts don't peg onto the Minicon peg in Vehicle mode and the peg isn't accessible in robot mode. Blazemaster can't peg onto the Minicon peg either but can at least become a gun for robot mode. Maybe if the hood or the engine had a 5mm port then Blazemaster could plug in as a gun in vehicle mode.

Deluxe Optimus Prime is mildly interesting. We've come a long way from the Classics deluxe Optimus Prime mold so it's bound to be way better than that and thankfully won't have the spinning gimmick. 

Armada Galvatron is a long time coming. I get the CW mold wasn't amazing for Armada Megatron but I really did want Galvatron too. Now we're getting a proper update and I still kind of want a CW Armada Galvatron lol. I hope they finish the trifecta and do Megazarak too. I'll even take a Lucky Draw redeco.

Origin Wheeljack is a VOYAGER. Nice. I hope they keep going with these even though there's technically little to no more they can do. Soundwave and Laserbeak? No not the "hidden" mode of the Siege figure, I mean one that only turns into the "lampost". I would hate that so much as I hate having an alt mode that doesn't move on its own other than for small weapons. Blaster and Netflix Soundwave annoy me but I do own all versions. At least Perceptor has his tank mode thing.

 If these new "rocks" are indeed Weaponizers, I hope they work better than the Junkions. I hate how the torsos don't do anything. I couldn't care less about having a self contained transformation if it means that you lose functionality of the gimmick. I don't even bother messing with the Junkions the same way I did with the Weaponizers, Modulators and Fossilizers.

The names don't seem to line up with any Rock Lords either for the most part. Not that they'd need to change the names since Hasbro owns those. They'd only need to make sure not to have them be accurate to the original toys like Velocitron Crasher. Not that I'd know since I never found one let alone the two I wanted. Maybe these are like Rock Lords though and they're really trying to do new (aka old) things. Just going to have to wait and see in two weeks or so when they start leaking from the factories now that they're showing up again in store listings.

Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:44 pm

Nova is pretty self explanatory color wise. White is white. Black is black. Grey is grey. Gold is gold. I changed the tint of the windows by painting the inside of it gold. It gives the bluish plastic a greenish tint now.

Brimstone is fairly self explanatory as well. The yellow is Testors flat Sunflower if I recall correctly. The purple is the same mix I used for Toxitron I think. The chest was also mixed and it ended up being a lighter shade than I wanted. It looks more "fleshy" than I would've liked but it's okay. 

As for Toxitron, I couldn't find a good purple so I spend quite a while making my own. It works fairly well. The greenish color is Testors flat enamel "Zinc Chromate". I used it straight as I thought it was pretty toxic looking. I also didn't want to go bright either as I wanted it to be different to my CW Toxitron. I went with a darker grey for quite a bit of the figure as well based on the old prototype shown from the G2 Laser Prime mold. The metallic was supposed to be dingier looking but it just ends up looking exactly like the gold used on Nova. I probably should've went with flat rust but I didn't like that shade. I was supposed to go back over it in metallic copper or flat brass  but never did. The windows are flat grapefruit. 

Optimus again has the modified pelvis I showed yesterday as well as the thigh extenders. It also has the DNA legs since they're one of the few sets actually worth getting from DNA lately. I got the most recent "slipper" upgrades for the super mode feet. This adds a tiny bit of height and makes it so that he can stand straight up now since the feet are now flat. I also got the leg cannon upgrades too. I also got that one big upgrade set and took a few pieces from that set and slapped them on this. The parts for the black cannons and the pieces that fill in the super mode legs. I took the lower arms from my Siege Delta Magnus/Magna Convoy and put them on this to better match Cybertron Optimus. I modified the back of the super mode head so that he can look up pretty far for proper "swooshing".  With all the added height, he stands about the same height as other older leader figures like Star Convoy, Optimal Optimus, Super Ginrai, Dai Atlas, PotP Optimus, CW Ultra Magnus, PotP Rodimus and Star Saber. This is the height I feel Armada Optimus should also have stood at in super mode but they went and made him larger. Why bother making sure Star Saber stood at the same height as the rest but then go and make Armada Optimus taller but not as tall as God Ginrai or Victory Saber. It doesn't make any sense. Given how tall we've seen Armada Megatron is compared to super mode Optimus, Optimus should indeed be shorter in super mode..

I had plans to also make a Galaxy Upgrade Nemesis Prime and Fire Guts Ginrai but never got around to it. I had an extra prime but sold it along with the rest of that upgrade kit I took some pieces from for quite the profit on Ebay a while back. With a possible new Nova Prime coming, I hope they do his Nemesis Prime colors since that mold never got any black redeco yet as it is. The new parts would really help it to stand out. And since I'm crazy, I also feel it's a good base mold if they wanted to do a vehicle mode for Tigerhawk and Universe Razorclaw. I've wanted this ever since I first seen Maketoys Hypernovae for some reason. Something about Nova just makes me think of TIgerhawk for some reason. The wings are obvious but I think it's some of the poses Nova did in the comics. Or at least, from the  screen caps I've seen as I haven't read the comics.

Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:08 pm
Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:07 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:06 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:05 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Joe Velez 2023-05-19 @ 11:03 pm
On 5/18/2023 at 10:45 AM, BaCon said:


Forgot about this one. It's Siege Shockwave repainted as Cybertron Brimstone based on the Botcon figure. I had planned to do at least Galactic Man and Energon Sixshot as well and maybe FoC Air Raid and Fireflight but when an actual Galactic Man Shockwave as announced, I put a hold on anything else. I also started to run out of extra money and went back to work and stopped making customs in general all around the same time. 

I can only post about six pics a post so I'll be posting a few in a row here for you. The rest will be all about the GUOP mold.

Joe Velez 2023-05-18 @ 11:05 pm
7 hours ago, BaCon said:


I really should take pics as I've been asked several times about my customs before. I thought I had at least one but that must have been on my previous laptop. For now, settle for my custom GUOP pelvis that allows for a perfect transformation with thigh extenders until I dig Nova out tomorrow. Also works for Siege Ultra Magnus too but not quite for the Kingdom retool, not that it matters for that version of the mold anyway. I haven't tried either but the retooled front bumper infringes on that space in an attempt to fill it in so there's not as much room there anymore for the hips and thighs as with the other two versions of the mold.

The thought process was inspired by TR voyager Optimus Prime/Octane in how the hips move back to align the trailer with the cab for truck mode. I looked at how much room there was in the pelvis of the Siege mold and just cut out a channel and some other minor bits that allowed the hips to move back to fill in the gap behind the front wheels in truck mode. The ratchets don't engage anymore, which could probably be fixed if I bothered, so I just tightened everything up with Kiki Fix Loose Joints and the more cost effective for the same stuff, water based polyurethane. 

I asked someone on Shapeways to design a new pelvis that allowed for this and would also have ratchets and locks or whatever but they couldn't fathom what I was talking about. Or rather, they couldn't be bothered. And I don't know how to design things like that so there's that but I do know how to cut things lol. I'll take more pics of my GUOP with Nova and Toxitron tomorrow to really show off just how tall he now gets compared to the base mold.

Joe Velez 2023-05-17 @ 2:21 am

As someone who repainted a GUOP into Nova, I can confirm that this would make for a great base mold. With new wings, shoulder pads, super mode chest and forearm guards (all from what I can tell from the silhouette anyway) , this will make for a great retool that's a long time coming. It also is the last character from the Siege era that I did a custom of to receive an official toy. At least my Toxitron will remain unique since I also used GUOP for that. 

Otherwise it's Siege Magnus for Delta Magnus, GUOP for Nova Prime, and Siege Sideswipe/Red Alert/Covert Clone for Tigertrack, Deep Cover and Clamp Down. Well, I guess a Siege Delta Magnus is still pretty unique vs the Earthrise version we technically got. As well as Nova Prime form GUOP without any new parts. Deep Cover was reworked into a Siege Scamper and the rest don't do much of anything right now.

At least I never started on Black Ironhide since we've gotten two of them now or most of the other Diaclone or G2 repaints I was going to do. Although I probably should start on red Mirage just to hurry an official version of that along. I was going to do Detritus too but that's also being done. I started on a green Ratchet but never finished it. Maybe if I did, we'd get one of them too. I should grab some extra Skids/Burnout/Crosscut to do Skids and Screech. Oh and I plan on doing a lazy custom of parts swapping Blue Trailbreaker with Lift-Ticket to make Red Trailbreaker and Blue Hoist and then repainting the heads. Oh and I do mean to do yellow Cliffjumper, red Bumblebee and white Hubcap too. I have the heads somewhere to be repainted but a lot has happened since I took the heads off and now I don't know where they are anymore lol. Oh and 2007 Jolt, Cybertron Crosswise and someone else, I forget who it was, from my extra ER Datsuns. So many easy releases being skipped for some reason. They can just keep pumping out the Generations Selects if they wanted with all of these but they don't for some reason. But they're constantly saying that they're running out for GS since the stores want so many exclusives. But there's still so many more they need to do. Yellow Ratchet, Silver Silverstreak, Yellow Trailbreaker and Hoist and so on and so on not to mention the Go Bots redecos of the G1 Mini Bots. 

Lunatic Prime 2023-05-16 @ 6:53 pm
2 hours ago, BaCon said:

Following the Fanstream reveals, the relentless data miners have dug out more bits of information on the Amazon Pre-Cybertronian War Capsule series. Following the new two packs, we've for listings for a thrid set as well as a Leader Nova Prime and Voyager Nacelle. Not much else is known right now, but you can see some products details below thanks to JTPrime17.

Above Orion Pax you can see Nova Prime and his legs look a lot like SIEGE Ultra Magnus‘es / Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime’s. So my money is on a retool of that mold.

Joe Velez 2023-04-15 @ 3:43 am

Hey some news on BB SS86 Hound. So people can stop thinking that it's cancelled now. I was just looking at this today on the wiki, it still looks really good. I really like how the legs were retooled to have less bulk compared to the Siege mold.

I really want Hatchet but I don't at the same time. That back kibble is going to look really bad with it right there on top for everyone to see. However I think having a quadruped robot mode is worth it.

BB Bumblebee 2? Don't care. I rarely pick up movie Bumblebee figures.

SS multipack. Decepticons to go against the Autobots 5 pack maybe?

Comic 2-pack? That's interesting. I hope it's not just barely changed comic decos of characters we already have and are some kind of set with new character redecos with at least new heads. New parts otherwise would be good too but I'm not too sure that would happen.

Capsule 2 doesn't have anything to let us know what it is. 

There's obviously a missing listing here called Capsule 3. That is all.

Nacelle. Great, Thrust get's a reuse. It just sucks that he's not going to be the same mold as Hotlink since they're both on the same squad. Maybe when they get around to it, Bitstream can use the Siege mold and Sunstorm can use the Earthrise mold to balance the team out. Luckily there's four on this squad and not three like the others. I really would like some more Siege mold Seekers too. It has the better robot mode. And it's more fun to swoosh around.

Retro 6 and 8? Most likely more G1 reissues. Don't care. I'd love a chance to actually obtain Shadowstrip and Crasher though. Maybe a second or third Galaxy Shuttle to do some customs on would be nice too. I barely got the first Galaxy Shuttle at the time due to money troubles and completely missed the 5 minutes I would've been able to secure the other two without having to find them in stores which hasn't happened yet. I even had customs in mind for those two as well and would've needed at least two of each. At least one of them is getting reissued supposedly, I hope the other does too and Galaxy Shuttle as well. Walmart sucks. These are the only two since BB SS86 Cliffjumper that I wasn't able to get.

SG Grimlock we already know about. Are the other three more SG figures or something else though? Strange that we've known about number 2 (SG Grimlock) this far before we find out what number 1 is. Hasbro's schedule is so weird when it comes to announcing figures.

RID15BumblebeeFan 2023-03-06 @ 7:37 pm

OMG, this is so totally exciting! I just can't wait to finally buy R.E.D. Prime Starscream by the time he finally becomes available on Hasbro Pulse!

Eagle Killer 2023-02-11 @ 10:33 pm

I will be so happy to finally get Sureshot! 

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