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Act I

The episode begins just outside of Earth's orbit, with Sentinel Prime at the helm of the Elite Guard flagship. Longarm Prime is clearly not happy that Sentinel is going to Earth, reminding Sentinel that only he is supposed to have contact with Optimus and company. Ultra Magnus conferences in and tells Longarm that it was his order for Sentinel to be there, since he didn't want to risk Wasp (Sentinel's quarry) being tipped off. Just then, Jazz picks up a signal. From the looks of things, Wasp has more interest in the Autobot Earth base than any Decepticons. This worries Longarm even more , who asks if any contact has been made with the Earthbound Autobots. Sentinel is happy to report that they haven't, while Jazz adds that the moisture from the planet might be interfering with signals.

Within Autobase, the monitor room seems to be unmanned. That's because Bumblebee is busy playing video games (note Torq, the supercomputer from G1 in the game's background). Optimus reminds Bumblebee of his current duties, but Bumblebee is disgruntled, being there hasn't been any Con activity lately. Prime also reminds Bumblebee that they still need to inform the Elite Guard of Longarm (aka Shockwave). At that point, an alarm goes off in the monitor room. Cybertronian signals are being detected, but the rain is interfering with the specifics. Prime tells Bumblebee to stay back and watch the monitors while the others look into it. With Prime gone, Bumblebee goes back to his game.

Meanwhile, Sentinel Prime and Jazz have managed to land on Earth. Sentinel is still disenchanted with the planet (complaining about the rain) while Jazz continues to be intrigued by it. Sentinel orders for a sweep to be made in order to find Wasp. Jazz informs Sentinel that it's already in place then transforms to roll out. Sentinel transforms as well, but his hastiness doesn't allow him to make traction with the road. Disgusted, he transforms back to robot mode and runs off, muttering how he 'hates this planet'.

Bumblebee, now back at his game, is unaware than an ominous figure is creeping behind him. It doesn't help that a lightning strike knocks out power to Autobase. As the generators kick in, a voice calls out for “Bum-ble-bottttttt”. Bumblebee, showing a bit of fear, stumbles around looking for the source of the voice. He finds it being Wasp. Wasp seems to have a priority to seek revenge on Bumblebee for implicating him as a spy. Bumblebee tries to talk to Wasp, but it only gives Wasp a chance to activate his battle mask. Now scared, Bumblebee tries to call for backup, but Wasp nails him in the back. Trapped, Wasp unloads verbally on Bumblebee about his hardships. He then takes off his helmet assembly and hits Bumblebee with some kind of weapon.

Act II

As Bumblebee... er... Wasp comes to, he finds that Wasp somehow was able to switch identities with him. At first, the Autobots don't buy that the bot that looks like Wasp is really Bumblebee. The more the real Wasp talks, though, the more suspicious the other Autobots get. It also looks suspicious that his battle mask is on. Wasp, trying to think quick (and not having much luck) tries to turn the attention back to Bumblebee. As the Autobots try to figure out what to believe, Bumblebee snaps. He shoots out the lights, transforms and blows out of Autobase.

As the other Autobots pursue, they are met by Sentinel and Jazz. Sentinel unleashes his anger on Optimus, asking why no communication has been established. Optimus tries to update Sentinel on their situation, but Sentinel clearly doesn't care being that he's on the trail of a Decepticon spy. Sentinel is even less enthused when Optimus tells him that Wasp (who is actually Bumblebee, remember) just got away. Sentinel calls for a lockdown of the entire area. Instead, Optimus makes an attempt to convince Sentinel that Wasp isn't the real threat. Sentinel is disgusted that Optimus is indicating Longarm as the double agent. However, when Optimus tells Bumblebee (the real Wasp) to give the proof, Bumblebee comes up short. Sentinel has enough, transforms and heads out. Optimus and the others leave as well, determined to get to Wasp first... not knowing the real Wasp is being left behind at Autobase.

There's trouble brewing on Cybertron as well. Longarm Prime, converting to his real identity as Shockwave once in the safety of his quarters, tries again to contact Megatron. Shockwave is gravely concerned that Sentinel's presence on Earth will lead to his identity being exposed. He cannot seem to hail Megatron, though. Instead, Shockwave leaves a message to Megatron telling him that he will take matters into his own servos.

Back on Earth, Optimus asks Ratchet if he thought Bumblebee was acting odd. Ratchet tries to get Optimus to shrug it off. Which is probably a good thing, because 2 jets scream by at that moment. Both Optimus and Ratchet are convinced that, due to the piloting skills of the jets, they must be Decepticons. Close by, the real Bumblebee is trying desperately to wash away the Wasp paint job. Just then, the 2 mysterious jets block off Bumblebee's escape routes and assume their robot forms. The blue jet (which is Jetstorm), engages in a cyclone attack. As the orange jet (Jetfire) prepares to launch a fireball at Bee, Ratchet interrupts his pitch with a jolt from his magnet claws.

Bumblebee is relieved to see Ratchet, but the gale force winds from Jetstorm blow him into the atmosphere. As Jetstorm tries to help his downed twin, Optimus knocks him down as well. Optimus and Ratchet, still assuming the twins are Cons, engage in battle. The twins are much too fast to land a good shot, though. Ultimately, the twins go back to back... then combine into Safeguard. As the battle continues, Sentinel arrives and informs Optimus (a bit too late) that Safeguard is part of his crew. Ratchet is in disbelief that the Autobots have fliers in their army now. However, Sentinel informs him that the twins are a result of data collected from Starscream. This angers Optimus a bit, and the bitter fued between him and Sentinel briefly continues. The end result is with the twins flying off to continue their search for Wasp.

Back at Autobase, the real Wasp is engaged in Bee's favorite video game. He seems to like his new lifestyle, until the computer gives him a whooping. However, the loss inspires Wasp to hack into the Autobot's computer so he can better assume Bee's identity. The real Bumblebee is still trying to figure out how to regain his identity, in one of his lamer moves, he assaults an automaton hot dog stand and steals the mustard to try to repaint himself. Prowl manages to save the stand (somewhat). As Bulkhead winds up to deliver a blow with his mace ball, Bumblebee shares an intimate secret with Bulkhead, convincing the big guy that Bee is who he says he is. A cutesy revelation scene follows (Bulkhead squeaking like a rubber duck toy as he walks is just too funny). Prowl start to radio Optimus, but they're interrupted by the incoming twins.

The twins mistake Bulkhead and Prowl as traitors as well, and begin attacking them. Jetstorm creates a tornado, sucking Bee into it. As Bee falls to the ground, Jetstorm lands and slaps stasis cuffs on Bee. As Jetfire is about to engage Bulkhead as a traitor, Prowl lands a kick on him. Bulkhead follows with a backhand. Note the animation gaffe, as it appears Jazz is in the background.


As Optimus, Sentinal and the rest drive the city streets, it seems Sentinel still hasn't gotten a grip on driving in the rain. Ratchet is quick to assault Sentinel on his lack of learning this skill. Ratchet tries to give Sentinel advice on how to manage, but Sentinel is too pigheaded to listen. Optimus asks Jazz how he handles Sentinel's behavior. “I just tune out half of what he says” is the reply. At that time, Jetstorm radios in to tell Sentinel they found Wasp, as well as 2 other traitors. Sentinel immediately accuses Optimus of leading a spy ring. Optimus, once again, tries to explain the situation. Sentinel still won't listen, so Optimus charges ahead to get to the scene first. Sentinel makes another attempt to drive in his vehicle mode, but it's just not happening. As he orders the others to follow Optimus, Ratchet sneaks in one more cut about Sentinel's driving skills.

Bulkhead, meanwhile, is engaged in battle with Jetstorm. Optimus arrives on scene and tells Bulkhead to stand down, but warns that Wasp may still be dangerous. Bulkhead, back in his bouncy squeaky mood, tells Optimus of the identity fraud. Sentinel finally arrives and, exasperated, orders the whole lot arrested to that Ultra Magnus can sort it out. Jazz orders Sentinel to time out while Optimus tries to set things straight. It's then that he realizes that the real Wasp is being left alone at Autobase. As the team transforms and rushes back to base, Jazz tries to ask Bulkhead what this all means. Bulkhead is frank and tells Jazz “It makes even less sense when you say it”.

As the Autobots interrogate the real Wasp, it's evident that he's been reading up on Bee's profile. As everyone tries to figure out how to expose the real Wasp, Bulkhead offers a suggestion by having the 2 face off each other at Bee's favorite video game. The twins seem to like the idea, and call dibs on playing the winner. As silly as Bulkhead's idea sounded, it works as Wasp bows to the pressure that he can't play well. Wasp takes Bee hostage, trying to convince the others that Bee corrupted him. Bulkhead, however, reminds Wasp that he always had a mean streak. Wasp shoots out the lights and takes off with Bumblebee.

Outside Autobase, they find Bumblebee laying on the ground. Bulkhead dogpiles on him, beating him senseless until he discovers that Wasp switched back to his own body. Prowl discovers how Wasp was able to switch bodies with Bee via an electronic device in the helmet that could alter the paint scheme. This causes Jazz to realize that Longarm is indeed the double agent. Sentinel, after being told this several times, demands to know why he wasn't informed earlier.

There's bigger problems brewing, though... MUCH bigger. On Cybertron, Ironhide is searching out Longarm Prime. The news that Longarm is the spy has reached the planet. As Ironhide searches for the spy, he instead finds a gravely wounded Ultra Magnus. Ironhide runs to the commander and asks who did this. As Ultra Magnus' pulse slows down, he utters the name of his assailant.... Shockwave.


It would seem some plots have come to fruition in this episode. We get to see Jetstorm and Jetfire for the first time and Longarm feels the pressure of being found out. So matters, as promised, goes to his own servos. Shockwave gives Ultra Magnus a beating. Meanwhile Wasp (still in his vehicle guise) is still on the loose. It is to be assumed that Wasp's next appearance will show his alteration to a beast.

There's plenty to love about this episode. Sentinel Prime's ineptitude is one. It's amazing how his incompetence is overlooked. There's also more G1 references (like Torq) to be had. One thing I did notice is how the animation has lost a pinch of quality. The transformations especially look like the artists wanted to put no thought into it. The only exception being the twins' merge into Safeguard. Overall, a very well written episode and a continuation into the main plots at hand. Join BWBM for the next episode has he guides you through “Five Servos of Doom”, premiering on Sat 4/4... unless someone sneaks it on YouTube sooner.

DateMarch 24th 2009  
Score 10 stars (10 out of 10)  

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