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Five Servos Of Doom is the next episode in the third season of Transformers Animated. This episode serves as a back story of Prowl and how he became versed in the art of Circuit-Su. We’re also treated with meeting Prowl’s master, Yokotron, who played an integral part of shaping what Prowl is today.

First, the recap.

The Beginnings of a Cyber Ninja

The episode opens with Prowl, Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Sentinel Prime looking for an more loose Decepticons. Sentinel surprises the rest of the Autobots that he was able to nab the orange Starscream clone and Blitzwing without nary a fight. Sentinel is very suspicious about giving up his ways, and the other Autobots doubt his reasonings.

Optimus mentions that he noticed somebody wearing a rather strange helmet. Prowl searched with Optimus for the helmet. They came across a Samurai helmet and Prime identified it as what he saw earlier in the night.

This triggers Prowl to flashback to an event back before he was a Cyber Ninja. We see Warpath bringing Prowl to Master Yokotron, who is seen wearing the helmet that Prime spotted. We learn that a point in time during the war, Prowl was against risking his behind for anybody, since nobody was willing to risk theirs for him.

Master Yokotron offers him a proposition: get out of the room before he reaches him, or learns the Cyber Ninja way. As Prowl tries to speed away, he gets his butt totally handed to him by Yokotron and thus, accepts learning the Cyber Ninja Way.

Snapping out his flashback, Prowl goes to Jazz and alerts him of the situation he has learned. They decide to tail Sentinel to see how he captures each of the Decepticons, but they mysteriously lose him.

Suspicious Actions

When they return, they find Sentinel has captured Lugnut, but after Prowl notices that none of them have weapons, he begins to suspect Sentinel had help. However, he proves him wrong by showing Lugnut’s weapons.

Frustrated, Prowl walks away and flashes back to his Cyber Ninja beginnings. He is finally certified a Cyber Ninja and Yokotron awards him weapons he greatly deserves. Yokotron brings him to a chamber and reveals their mission: protect the protoforms that are being housed in the area.

Yokotron tells Prowl to close the chamber with the processor over matter technique. Prowl fails, and Yokotron sends him on an optic quest, so that he may return to fully realize his Cyber Ninja potential.

Double Crossed

Back to the present, Prowl hears Sentinel approaching and masks himself. Sentinel gets a phone call, and he grabs a pair of stasis cuffs and takes off. Prowl tails him while Jazz brings backup. Sentinel meets up with his contact at a baseball stadium, which turns out to be Lockdown.

Prowl speeds up to the meeting spot and blows their plan wide open, but it turns out that Lockdown had another plan: make a deal with the Liar Starscream clone to capture Sentinel Prime.

Now statis-cuffed, the Starscream clone flies away with Sentinel while Prowl and Lockdown duke it out. During their battle, it is revealed that Lockdown was also a student of Master Yokotron, and he had a thing for his helmet. To get the helmet, Lockdown led an ambush on the chamber of the protoforms, where saw many of the protoforms that the Cyber Ninjas were guarding, to be stolen.

In the ensuing battle Master Yokotron was battling damaged, leading his Spark to join the well of AllSparks (i.e., he died).

Meanwhile, Prime, Jazz, and the twins catch up to the Starscream clone, and they duke it out. Prime bests the Starscream clone and drops Sentinel.

Prowl bests Lockdown and asks for Yokotron’s helmet. Lockdown gives it to him and as Prowl is distracted, Lockdown gets the jump on him. He brings Prowl onto the ship to salvage his parts, but Prowl uses processor over matter to free himself from his restraints.

He dons Master Yokotron’s helmet and the rest of the armor first introduced during “A Fistful of Energon,” using the processor over matter technique to overcome the power-hungry feelings that drove him mad the last time he wore the upgrades.

Prowl and Lockdown begin to fight, which is taken outside back onto the baseball field. As Jazz and Prime drop the scoreboard onto Liar Starscream, Prowl and Lockdown cross into the area of impact. Not to worry, though, Prowl, uses his newfound ability to keep himself from harm.

Liar Starscream was not so fortunate, and was arrested on-site.

Bad News Hits Home

On the Elite Guard ship, Prime was ready to give up Sentinel for his dirty little tricks, but Cliffjumper provides some grave news: Ultra Magnus was betrayed by Shockwave, and his hammer was stolen. Given the situation, Prime decides not to expose Sentinel, but instead announces that Prowl was responsible for nabbing the boatload of Decepticons. Cliffjumper orders Sentinel back to Cybertron.

Optimus tells Sentinel that he didn’t expose him because of the issues on Cybertron, but they will revisit the issue when the smoke clears.

Back at the Earth Autobot base, Jazz tells Prowl that Master Yokotron would be proud of him. Prowl thanks Jazz, and says he will do everything in his power to be worth of it.


What a phenomenal episode.

This episode was a great climax of Prowl’s series-long struggle to obtain processor over matter. We get to see a great back story for Prowl, showing his roots and how he became knowledgeable in the art of Circuit-Su. Also, let’s not forget we see the return of Samurai Prowl and some kickass new abilities that he inherits with his newfound ability, and his newfound armor.

Although I do have a question: how did Prowl not know that the helmet was Master Yokotron's in the first place? Maybe the reason he was drawn to the helmet during Fistful of Energon was because it looked very much like his Master's, but he didn't actually know it was his.

Did Prowl just chalk it up as coincidence the first time? It's possible, but it'd be nice if they explained it a bit better.

Something interesting occurred in the episode that was rather quick, but noteworthy: the writers threw in that Lockdown is able to replicate anything that he wants, like Prowl's sidecar armor, because he liked it so much. So, don't be surprised if he comes back with a replica of Yokotron's helmet, too.

Also something else interesting that speaking to Ender led to: do one of the stolen protoforms eventually become Sari? Something to think about.

Sentinel’s power trip and stupidity strike again, but we all knew that he was already going to be comedy fodder since we first saw him introduced. I am also joining the “I hate the Jetfire/Jetstorm brothers” camp. They contributed to the Liar Starscream clone battle, but damn, do they annoy me to no end.

The title of this episode, “Five Servos of Doom” is a reference to a specific move that Master Yokotron uses during the battle with Prowl, where Prowl shows that he is ready to be a Cyber Ninja.

And let’s not forget Master Yokotron himself, who is wonderfully voiced by guest actor George Takei. The voice of Mr. Takei fits so well with the character, providing the wisdom and the age that the character needed to convey in an important back story.

Join us next time (or whenever a Youtube member leaks it), when my accomplice Blitz-wing reviews, episode #3x06, Predacons Rising.

DateMarch 27th 2009  
Score 10 stars (10 out of 10)  
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