Episode 3x10: Decepticon Air - Transformers Animated - Cartoon

Act I

Optimus Prime commends Sumdac and Bulkhead for quick construction of a new Space Bridge, located on the outskirts of New Detroit. However, you would have never guessed the 2 collaborated together, since they blame each other for delays. Sari tries to offer her help, but both Bulkhead and Sumdac seem to think she's not qualified. Optimus is more concerned about Megatron regaining control of Omega Supreme, which is still caught in random transwarping. This brings the 2 workers back to arguing. Having enough, Sari runs to the controls and, concentrating heavily, manages to somehow make the proper adjustments to activate the space bridge. This confounds both Bulkhead and Sumdac.

Out in space, Sentinel Prime is conduction an interrogation onboard the Elite Guard flagship along with the twins. He wants to know where the Decepticon splinter cels are that attacked the space bridges. Lugnut is mumbling through his gag. Taking that as a sign of wanting to talk, Sentinel 'pops his remote' to lower Lugnut's gag. All Lugnut has to say is more of his Megatron worshiping lines, so Sentinel reactivates the gag. Just then, Jazz alerts SP that 'big wigs are on the horn'. Those big wigs are in the form of Perceptor, Alpha Trion and Cliffjumper.

Perceptor informs SP that the reason for the call is that the council has decided to divulge the news about Ultra Magnus to the general Cybertron populace. SP tries to advise Perceptor that the idea might not be the best one, and wants him to keep the news low until he gets back and takes command. Perceptor is adamant about the decision, claiming the council has final say in these matters. On top of that, Alpha Trion shows reservations about SP wanting to take control since Ultra Magnus is still online. SP tries to use the moment to gloat about his 'capture' of the Decepticons on board his ship. Cliffjumper tries to correct SP by asking if that was Prowl who captured them. SP takes no notice of this, instead asking what is being done about Shockwave's at large status. In response, Alpha Trion issues a warning about SP trying to take control, then signs out.

SP orders Jazz to take the ship full speed back to Cybertron. Jazz questions the order, saying it'll burn up too much energon. SP, getting more full of himself by the minute, tells Jazz to follow orders and address him as either SIR or COMMANDER unless Jazz wants to end up in the brig. He then orders the twins back to the bridge and orders them to take their posts. He tells Jetfire to monitor energon readons while having Jetstorm keep their heading. Jazz interrupts, noting an electrical storm brewing ahead. SP tells them to push on, noting it's the most direct route to Cybertron. The storm manages to overload most of the ship's circuitry.

The storm also manages to knock Swindle out of his stasis lock, allowing him to transform again. Since he has no stasis cuffs, he now has free roam. Swindle assesses the situation, then decides to remove Lugnut's gag. Lugnut orders Swindle to remove the stasis cuffs at once, but Swindle (being the negotiator he is) wants to know what's in it for him. When Lugnut tells him for the glory of Megatron (tell me you didn't see that coming), Swindle agrees to help, since Megatron is one of his best customers. With one flick of a remote, Ramjet, Sunstorm and Blitzwing are also freed. Reaching into his chest, he also manages to rearm the former prisoners.

On the bridge, Jazz shows relief that they made it through the storm without any noticeable damages. SP orders the twins to go check on the prisoners. That wasn't necessary, as it seems the prisoners were eager to check on the Autobots instead, blowing the bridge door open. Lugnut vows revenge, with Swindle throwing in smart-alecks about accepting all major credit downloads for payment. Jazz asks how they got past the alarms. Swindle is only happy to show off his latest toy, the Sonic Jammer 3000, courtesy of Quintessa. As well as disarming alarms, it also has a stasis ray that manages to lock up the twins in a stasis bubble. Blitzwing has heard enough babble and wants to scrap the Autobots now. Jazz tells SP they need backup, but once again SP's pride won't allow for such a thing. SP would rather go offline, something Lugnut says can be arranged.

Act II

Back on Earth, Optimus picks up a transmission on the emergency subfrequency. Plugging into the filter of the space bridge control panel, he hears SP mentioning BROKEN LANCE. When asked what that might mean, Optimus replies it's an old code from the Academy days, normally meaning SP did something that shouldn't have been done. Bulkhead marvels at SP calling Optimus for help, noting that SP must really be in trouble. How right he is.

While sending the message, a battle takes place on the bridge. The Decepticons easily take the upper hand since Jazz is the only one placing fire. Knocking SP off the communications module, he activates his rocket punch and is about to slag SP. Swindle intervenes, wanting to keep Elite Guard parts for profit. Working on Lugnut's glory mongering, he convinces the brute that the Autobots might prove to be a bargaining chip to find Megatron. Lugnut agrees, albeit reluctantly, to keep the Autobots online.

On Earth, Optimus is trying to find a way to get onboard the flagship. Sumdac mentions it might be tough to use the space bridge without a transwarp signature, but Bulkhead seems to find a trace of one on the ship, but he doesn't recognize the readings. Sari says she can lock onto the signal. Bulkhead says she won't get lucky again, but she proves him otherwise. Optimus wants to know if that will get him there. Bulkhead thinks so, but is worried they won't be able to recall him. Optimus says to do it. He then raises himself up to the bridge and steps into the field.

The Autobots aboard the flagship have been transported to the brig. Sunstorm and Ramjet converse about the recent deeds. Swindle, wanting to distinguish between the two clones, offers them battle helmets. Now, you might be wondering, how can there be a transwarp signature onboard the flagship when Megatron stole the generator in Season 2? Easy. You see, Swindle has a transwarp generator built within him to transport his goods to a private storage dimension. This is how he's able to pull out various gadgets. This is also Optimus' way onboard the ship... through Swindle's chest. Lugnut accuses Swindle of being a traitor, while Swindle is complaining of being violated.

SP orders Optimus to attack and free them. Optimus says he'll wait for better odds, transforms, and flattens Swindle while escaping. While the other Cons pursue, SP is still shouting out orders as if he's in command of the situation. Lugnut orders Swindle to guard the prisoners while the rest give chase. Finding an elevator, Optimus resumes robot mode and takes the elevator upstairs. The Cons manage to miss Optimus right as the doors close. Blitzwing, tapping the schematics of the ship, tells Lugnut the elevator leads to an energon storage chamber. Lugnut is certain Optimus has lead himself to a trap.

In the storage chamber. Optimus hacks away at energon in attempts to make it unstable. He loads it on the elevator and cuts the cables, sending the waiter on a freefall. Down below, Lugnut and Blitzwing pry the shaft doors open in attempts to fly up to Optimus. As they open the doors, the see the freefalling waiter explode. The explosion knocks them clear of the shaft. It also knocks Optimus clear. However, this lets Optimus spot a vent shaft, which he uses to escape. While crawling through the shaft, he has second thoughts about his decision to come alone.

Swindle grapples with his own decision. Torn between guarding the prisoners and looting the ship, his greed wins out and he leaves the prisoners unguarded. Just then, Jazz and SP hear noises in the vents, then see screws come loose one by one. After that, Optimus is seen dropping through the vents. Removing the gag from SP, SP immediately scolds Optimus for disobeying him. Optimus doesn't seem to care, as he's busy removing stasis cuffs and gags from the other Autobots. As all the bondages are removed, the Cons return to the brig. Optimus instructs Jazz to rewire the decontamination chamber in the bridge to be a freezing chamber. His insignia flashes while saying this. Jazz picks up on the order, just as Lugnut orders the Autobots' complete annihilation. Optimus creates a smoke screen by severing a supply line to give Jazz escape cover. Lugnut, vowing none shall escape, uses his rocket punch to breach the hull of the ship, sending all within the brig into deep space.


Lugnut orders the Cons into vehicle mode, thinking the Autobots are helpless in space. The twins beg to differ though, as they also assume their vehicle modes. Blitzwing attacks SP and sends him hurtling into space only to be caught by Optimus, who manages to use his rocket axe for maneuverability. SP demands to be freed, but again Optimus pays no attention. Instead, he uses his grapple to affix himself to the ship. SP, squirming to be freed, is pushed away by Optimus. Meanwhile, the clones pursue the twins. The twins link up to form Safeguard's jet mode. They form a space cyclone which manages to suck in all the Cons and briefly disorient them.

On the ship, Swindle is happily helping himself to whatever he can find in the cargo bay. He happens to notice the ensuing battle outside. He briefly contemplates helping the Cons. His greed wins out agai, as he shrugs it off and continues his pantry raid.

Back outside, Lugnut is in pursuit of Safeguard. Optimus sends a grapple to SP. Asking SP to trust him, he shotputs SP straight into Lugnut, knocking him off course and straight towards a moon. However, SP says he will not trust Optimus and still insists that he's leader. Blitzwing freezes up SP and, believing SP IS the leader, threatens to off SP if the Autobots don't surrender. SP says not to surrender, but he motions the twins to do just that. The twins, trusting Optimus, surrender.

Back on the ship, the Autobots are placed in the decon chamber, where Jazz is waiting for them. Blitzwing, now assuming command, switches between his cool mode (stating that Optimus shouldn't have been so audible about his plans for the decon chamber), his rage mode (stating he will now freeze the Autobots in their own chamber) and his random mode (saying they'll have sno-cones afterwards). Activating the controls, the supply lines hitch up to the decon chamber. However, they then release, pointing to the bridge, freezing everything outside the chamber... including the Cons. The chamber opens up, freeing the Autobots. Jazz and Optimus commend themselves on the work done. The flashing of Optimus' insignia earlier was optical code. While telling Jazz to do one thing, the code gave a different order, which threw the Cons off. It's at that point when Swindle manages to escape using a shuttle.

As the Cons are being prepped in the decon chamber, SP mentions to Optimus that they'll be room in the Elite guard for him once SP vacates his position to take over for Ultra Magnus. Optimus declines the offer, saying there's still work to be done on Earth. Speaking of Earth, Bulkhead is worried that the transwarp field (which is attached to an escaping Swindle) is fading and they may not bring back Optimus. Sari says she can help, but Sumdac says it won't be necessary. Sari begins to whine about how he underestimates her upgrades, but Sundac points up to where the Elite Guard ship is coming in. Optimus disembarks from the ship. SP and Optimus exchange salutes, and the doors close. On Cybertron, SP is greeted to a heros' welcome. As Grandus escorts him through a parade, another vehicle shows off the captured Cons. SP gives his speech to the public, vowing to hunt down Shockwave and end the war... if the public accepts him as the new Magnus. Alpha Trion and Perceptor, also on top of Grandus, exchange a glare upon SP's speech.

As for Lugnut? Well, he continued to drift in space aimlessly until he was struck by a recently warped Omega Supreme. Starscream questions if they're picking up hitchhikers, which is followed by a backslap of Megatron's hand.


By the title, one might have seen what was coming. However, the episode was pretty well done. Lugnut showed some leadership ability despite his submissive attitude for Megatron. Swindle also marks his return. Sunstorm and Ramjet getting G1 inspired battle helmets was a great nod. How many G1 bots did you note in the parade crowd? Did you see Brawn, Ironhide, Hot Shot, Roseanna, Freeway, Huffer, Mainframe, Cosmos, Warpath, Tracks and Beachcomber? Good eye! If not, go look again!

Pieces are starting to come together. Sentinel Prime is back on Cybertron, smug that he will assume leadership. Alpha Trion is starting to come into play, and is rightfully suspicious of SP's abilities. Optimus is distancing himself from SP, using the camoflague of Earth, to solve the bigger issue at hand. And Megatron has been reunited with another able body. Should get interesting. BWBM will be on hand next week to give you the lowdown on “This Is Why I Hate Machines”, which we can only guess will center around Captain Fanzone.

DateMay 2nd 2009  
Score 9 stars (9 out of 10)  

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