Episode 312 Endgame Part I - Transformers Animated - Cartoon

Act I

The episode opens with Jazz working with Prowl on finishing his Cyber Ninja training at AutoBase on Earth. Using his concentration, Prowl is able to levitate a barrel of oil. Jazz is impressed and asks Jazz why he never finished his training. At that point, Bumblebee and Bulkhead burst into the scene with news. The interruption breaks Prowl's concentration, dropping the barrel and spilling the oil on the floor. Bee and Bulkhead get caught up in the spill and end up crashing into one another. Pointing at the 2 crash victims, Prowl gives Jazz his answer about why training wasn't finished. Bulkhead transforms and lets the 2 ninjas know that he's picked up Omega Supreme's signal on the moon.

Cutting to the moon, and the remains of the Nemesis starship, Megatron asks for Shockwave's status on cracking Omega's activation code. Shockwave, with Arcee's cranial chambers accessed, assures Megatron that he will have it soon. While trying to probe, he stumbles upon Arcee's teaching program, identifying her as RC687040. Shockwave confirms that he accessed a data track from her pre-war memories. Megatron reapplies to Shockwave that the access codes must be found and, in a bit of maliciousness, refers to Shockwave as his ever loyal subject. This ires Lugnut of course, and Starscream is all too happy to play into it.

Knocking Shockwave out of the way, Lugnut questions Megatron about loyalty. This touches off a bit of a spat between Shockwave and Lugnut. Meanwhile, Arcee is using the last word of every sentence to teach her lessons, eventually going into a loop. This now has Megatron peeved, who wants her to shut up. Megatron makes a crack about Lugnut making Blitzwing look sane, and again Starscream stirs things up. Lugnut knocks Shockwave to the wall again, then demands to be recognized as the most faithful. This works on Shockwave's temper, and the 2 go into fighting. Megatron's patience is starting to wear, but Starscream seems to be pleased with the outcome. Using the distraction, he rolls away unnoticed.

Back on Earth, the Autobots take note that Omega's position has not changed. Ratchet seems sure that Megatron still has control over the ship. Ratchet suggests an all out attack to retrieve both Omega and Arcee. He also suggests using the Magnus hammer, something that sets Optimus off into a flashback. The flashback is with Ultra Magnus questioning cadets Sentinel and Optimus about their trespassing on an organic planet and losing Elita-1. Sentinel is quick to throw Optimus under the bus, but Ultra Magnus suspects there's more to the story. Asking Optimus for more info, Optimus simply states that he is senior cadet and assumes all responsibility. Sentinel says nothing to defend Prime. Shaking his head, Ultra Magnus expels Optimus from the Academy and bars him from ever joining the Elite Guard.

Snapping back to the present, Optimus insists that they cannot use the hammer. The rest of the group question how Optimus plans to take on Megatron. Optimus suggests an upgrade to give him flight capability. Ratchet asks if Optimus is out of his motherboarding mind and insists Autobots don't fly. Bulkhead throws in Jetfire and Jetstorm as proof against that theory. Bumblebee also throws in Prowl's jet boosters. Even Sari throws in her 2 cents asking about her jet pack. Prowl offers Ratchet his boosters as a study. Ratchet reluctantly agrees. The next question is who will go on a reconnaissance mission to the moon. Prowl offers, but Jazz is insistent that Prowl finish his Cyber Ninja training. Optimus agrees, and asks for someone else. Opening his big mouth, Bumblebee becomes the unwitting one selected for the mission.

Back at the moon, Starscream is at his clone factory. Using the stored protoforms on board the Nemesis, Starscream preps a new body for himself, then attaches his head to it. Starscream remarks how nice it is to have a body again, but Megatron has now crashed his party, exclaiming that it will be the last body he ever has. Megatron takes a shot at Starscream, but he flees just in time. Megatron then turns his attention to the clones, destroying them one by one. With the clones wiped out, Starscream tries his charms on Megatron, claiming the clones were to serve him. Megatron tells Starscream that he things too small. Starscream's next guess is to clone Megatron himself. When Megatron says “Bigger”, his next guess is at Lugnut, who is now working with Shockwave (and manages to break something off and fall backwards). Megatron still says “Bigger”. As Shockwave laughs at Lugnut's tumble, Starscream catches new armor alongside Omega Supreme (now in bot mode). Now he gets it.

Act II

Out in the woods, Jazz continues to oversee Prowl's training. He tells Prowl to reach out for the Allspark. Prowl claims to feel it, and Jazz is amazed as Prowl seems to form an Allspark shard by concentrating. On the moon, Bumblebee arrives via transwarp. As Bumblebee tries to assure himself he can do this, he manages to find Shockwave, his legs firmly on the ground but his body up a couple of hundred feet engaged in welding. As Shockwave discards excess metal, Bumblebee freaks, speeds off in vehicle mode and drops the transmitter, which is subsequently crushed by the falling metal. Taking refuge at the feet of Omega Supreme, Bumblebee realizes his error and tries to think of his next move.

Sneaking aboard Omega, Bumblebee runs across Arcee. She is still stuck on her teaching data tracks, as Bumblebee figures out. Bee originally wants to help Arcee escape, but is worried about her being wired in to the ship. Instead, Bee reconfigures her communicator to remain open, using her as a transmitter. He then transwarps back to Earth and Sumdac Tower. Bulkhead meets Bee and asks if he was able to plant the transmitter. Bee instead tells Bulkhead about opening Arcee's comm link. However, he finds that the signal isn't exactly clear. They catch just enough to know that Megatron is building something. Bulkhead wonders what it is, Bee tells him he knows it's big.

At Autobase, Ratchet and both Sumdacs are busy building Optimus' rocket pack. Ratchet seems annoyed by Sari giving him suggestions, insisting the pack will never work. Indeed, upon igniting it the pack stalls out. Sari leans over and 'melds' with the pack, then suggests adding a micro aerator to the fuel line. Ratchet still doesn't buy into Sari's intervention with the pack until he opens it up and suggests the same part. With the pack finished, Ratchet tells Optimus to test it, but only at 5%. Optimus gives it a go, and hilarity ensues as the pack takes Optimus for a ride instead before smashing him into the ground. The Sumdacs suggest stabilizers... Ratchet agrees.

Test two, as the rocket pack now sports wings and Optimus' forearms have winglets. Optimus looks at the new getup and questions his suggestion. He tries it anyways, and is rather pleased by the results. Letting his enthusiasm get the best of him, he goes for an extended test run. This triggers another flashback. In a meeting between him and Ultra Magnus, Magnus confesses that he had good vibes about Optimus and his potential. Although Magnus cannot get him into the Elite Guard, he offers Optimus command of his own ship and promotes him to a Prime. Prime is proud of the moment, but the moment fades as soon as he sees the venerable rustbucket he has inherited (which is Omega), complete with leaky engines. Ratchet emerges from under the ship and tells Optimus the ship has lots of life left, then warns him to watch for the young crew, pointing to Bee and Bulkhead. Back to the present, as Dreadwing (Starscream's feminine clone) mistakes Optimus for Starscream and gives pursuit in anger via her jet mode. She fires 2 shots, one that damages the rocket pack and sends Optimus spiraling down to the ground. After assuming robot mode, she realizes that the object she's been chasing isn't Starscream but a... flying Autobot? As Optimus lands in the aquaduct, Dreadwing returns to jet mode and flies off.

To the moon again, as Shockwave finally has Arcee's data tracks figured out. She now assumes her memories as an intelligence agent reporting in. Shockwave quickly reverts to his Longarm and asks for the activation codes. Arcee attempts to file a field report about her capture. Longarm doesn't care, asking again of she can recite the access codes. As Bulkhead and Bee listen in, Arcee confirms that she has the access codes. Upon hearing this, Longarm severs the wires from her, putting her back in stasis lock. As the signal cuts out, Bee asks what happened. Bulkhead, assuming the worst, bows his head.


Optimus manages to pull himself from the aquaduct. As he comes ashore, Bulkhead radios in alerting Optimus that Shockwave has Arcee's activation code. Ratchet insists that they need to go on the offensive now. However, Optimus' ego is shot a bit as he questions his ability to battle Megatron after being shot down by a clone.

On the moon, Starscream and Lugnut load protoforms into the new armor Shockwave built. As the protoforms scan Omega Supreme, they take his shape. Megatron then tells Shockwave to beam the activation code. Reactivating Arcee, Shockwave transforms back into Longarm and instructs Arcee to beam the code. However, Arcee notices Megatron and questions the order. Longarm transforms back into Shockwave and assumes control of Arcee, prepping her for the code transmission. As Megatron basks at his upcoming victory, Starscream knocks him down and tries to steal the code instead. Lugnut knocks down Starscream, and in the process becomes the recipient of the activation code.

Starscream claims that, due to this, Megatron failed again. Megatron, regaining his footing, grabs Starscream and informs him that the code is in possession of Lugnut, his most loyal lieutenant. Lugnut absolutely eats those words up, even taking the opportunity to gloat to Shockwave. Starscream then gloats that without his Allspark fragment, Megatron has no way to give the Omega clones life. What Starscream doesn't know is that Megatron found 3 such fragments upon Omega. Informing him that his usefulness has ended, Megatron proceeds to blast Starscream into pieces.

At Autobase, Ratchet finishes up repairs on Optimus. Ratchet still tries to convince Optimus to use the Magnus hammer, something Optimus is still reluctant to do, saying it's not in his programming. Prowl tells Optimus that fate can sometimes override programming, setting off another flashback. This occurs on one of the space bridge asteroids. As the team works to clear debris, Bulkhead stumbles upon Prowl (who has not yet joined Optimus' crew). As Bulkhead and Bee wonder if Prowl is active, Bee tries to touch Prowl only to have Prowl stop him. Prowl complains about his interruption, but doesn't get much time as Ratchet accidentally drops an energon charge.

The charge lands at Prowl's feet, and the 3 Autobots manage to escape in time before the charge goes off, but not before it destroys Prowl's ship. Prowl asks how he's going to get off the planet. Optimus offers to give him a lift, and asks for Prowls help to speed things up. Prowl growls at being asked to perform as a maintenance bot, asking rhetorically if Optimus knows how it feels to embark on a path that renders one lost. Optimus puts his hand on Prowl's shoulder and assures him that he does. The flashback then cuts out as Bulkhead picks up 3 new signals on the moon.

The signals are the result of Lugnut activating the 3 Omega clones, who assume Lugnut's face. However, the clones are still lifeless. Megatron questions why the clones won't work. Shockwave informs Megatron that a update patch seems to be missing. Wiring Lugnut to a link, Shockwave tells Megatron that the makeshift bypass should work. Asking if Megatron wants to watch via the screens, Megatron tells Shockwave that he will travel to Earth with the clones and witness their work personally. The clones assume ship mode and blast off towards Earth. The movement confirms to Bulkhead that it's not a glitch and the Autobots rush outside. Optimus hesitates a moment, then grabs the Magnus hammer and follows the rest.

Outside, Ratchet tries to track the incoming signals. As Prime joins them, he asks if Ratchet might be able to reason with Omega. Zooming in, and discovering that Lugnut now has control, Ratchet tells Optimus that they're gonna need that hammer. The clones transform into robot mode and enter Earth's atmosphere.


Well, for being the last episode, it certainly is looking like it's not gonna answer questions still on people's minds. So far, Cybertron does not play a hand in this, which is disappointing. It's like the situation with Sentinel and Ultra Magnus has fallen off a cliff. On the plus side, we get a deeper look at Shockwave and Lugnut. More specifically, the jealousy that Lugnut has for Shockwave. It seems that Lugnut is only happy when Megatron utilizes him more than anyone else.

The episode also shores up the timeline between when Optimus lost Elita-1 and his command of Omega Supreme, as well as how Prowl entered the group. The nod to Cybertron Optimus Prime (via the jetpack) was a nice touch. We also get to see that Dreadwing is still kicking around. The main question left after the first half is this: Can they unfathomably tie everything together in the 22min that remain of the season... and possibly the series? Find out next Saturday, as Season 3 comes to a close!

DateMay 16th 2009  
Score 8 stars (8 out of 10)  
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