Episode 313 Endgame Part II - Animated - Episode

Act IV

The Omega Supreme clones are now hovering over New Detroit's skyline, as the city below goes into panic mode. The Autobots surmise their current situation, with Bulkhead wondering why they're not attacking. On the moon, Megatron commands Lugnut to do a test run of the clones, starting with Sumdac Tower. Lugnut acknowledges with his pontificating, annoying Megatron. Asking Shockwave if he's cracked the code for direct command, Shockwave only replies that he's still working on it.

Lugnut gets down to business and begins the attack on the tower, firing a missile barrage from all 3 clones. However, Sumdac Towers' shield system withstands the attack. Optimus plans to try and divert the clones out of the city. Ratchet again stresses an aerial attack with the Magnus hammer is their only option. Optimus still has not regained his confidence since he was beaten by Dreadwing. Prowl offers to give Optimus air support. Sari also wants to help, but Optimus turns her down. Sari starts to pitch a fit until Optimus tells her that her job is to protect her dad and the other humans. Optimus tells the remaining Autobots to lend their support to Sari. A wave of transformation stock footage follows.

With planning set, Optimus and Prowl take to the skies to fight the clones. Megatron takes note, originally mistaking Optimus for Ultra Magnus (due to the hammer) before passing him off as 'a cheap imitation'. Megtatron hands down the order for Lugnut to dispose of the 2 incomings, and Lugnut responds shortly and sweetly, firing a barrage on the 2 Autobots. Prowl manages to dodge the barrage effortlessly. However, Optimus (likely due to the weight of the hammer) strains. He activates the hammer and in a Thor-esque manner tries a lightning attack on the clones. He misses by a mile. He then blames the hammer for his mis-aim.

On the streets below, the Autobots attempt to save the humans from the stray fire and damaged debris falling on the streets. Ratchet orders Jazz to get the humans to Sumdac Towers. Back in the skies, Optimus gets word from Ratchet that Omega Supreme's signal is still detected. He seeks permission to transwarp to the moon to rescue Omega. Optimus gives the OK, telling Ratchet to bring Bee and Bulkhead with him. As Optimus shifts back into the battle with the clones, Prowl suggests a group attack. Optimus tells Prowl to fall back as he attempts a move.

Swinging the hammer around, Optimus attempts a cyclone. It works, sweeping up the clones and causing them to malfunction. Megatron orders Lugnut to maintain control, but it's too late. The guidance systems are fried. The clones are blown clear to Dinobot Island. As Optimus winds down from his attack, Megatron is frustrated by the failed field test. He orders Lugnut to recall the clones, but they have lost all flight capability. Megatron then orders to have the clones destroy everything in their paths. One of the clones is no longer functional, but the other 2 get up and make their way back to the city.

Act V

As the two clones wade through the river on their way to the city, Optimus relays the current sit-rep to Ratchet. Ratchet is in process of firing up the space bridge. Sari and Isaac share a brief sentimental moment before Isaac realizes that Sari is planning to join the others in going to the moon. Sari can't explain why, but knows she has to go. Isaac seems distressed about this and asks Sari how she plans to breathe on the moon. She activates her battle mask, answering the question. She then plunges into the transwarp field, followed by the others.

On the moon, Starscream is literally pulling himself together. Vowing revenge on Megatron, he finishes reassembling himself and transforms into jet mode, heading to Earth. Just as he leaves, Sari and the others transwarp to that same location. As the group takes in the scenery, Bulkhead spots Arcee. Ratchet rushes over and tries to talk to her, but she has reverted back to her school bot tracks. Just then, Shockwave goes on the attack. He set up Arcee as a decoy to lure the Autobots to one spot. Transforming into tank mode, he goes on the offensive.

Megatron has transwarped to Dinobot Island and, after some stock transformation footage, joins the clones on their march to the city.

Back on the moon, the Autobots take on Shockwave. Bumblebee orders Ratchet to take Arcee onboard Omega while he and Bulkhead battle it out.

The clones have now reached the city. Optimus tries another hammer attack on one of the clones from behind, but the attack barely fazes it. Prowl warns Optimus to watch his back, as Megatron attempts an back attack of his own. Assuming robot mode, Megatron warns Optimus to stay away from his WMDs.

Bulkhead launches a mace attack on Shockwave. However, Shockwave manages to blast the mace and it lands on Bulkhead's skull instead, knocking him down. Shockwave then takes robot form and lands a blast on Bumblebee, knocking him to the ground. Bulkhead, regaining himself, tries a rushing attack on Shockwave. Shockwave takes aim, but Bulkhead manages to barrel down Shockwave and dislodges his arm cannon as he strikes the ground. Shockwave then takes on Longarm's form, hoping it will fool the two Autobots. It doesn't, as Bulkhead uses his mace to destroy Shockwave's cannon.

Onboard Omega, Sari is getting freaked out by Arcee reviewing her school bot data tracks. Ratchet is distraught, as the constant tampering by Shockwave seems to have fried her processors. He fears rewiring her circuitry might permanently deactivate her. Sari, bonding with Arcee, tells Ratchet to recalibrate his EMP to be used as a data recovery tool and use her secondary hard drive as a bypass. Ratchet, again flustered that Sari has the answers, asks her what the settings are for his EMP.

Megatron and Optimus go into battle on Earth. Megatron lands a shot on Optimus. Prowl attempts a star attack, but Megatron manages to deflect the stars with his swords. Prowl's staff attack also fails, but not before Optimus lands a lightning attack on Megatron. Optimus tells Prowl to help Jazz slow down the clones while Optimus takes on Megatron. This is an attempt to buy Ratchet time. Megatron charges, using his arm cannon to fire at Optimus. Optimus manages to block the shots with the Magnus hammer. As the two engage in close combat, Megatron tells Optimus what a 'persistent little robot' her is.

On Omega, Ratchet is complete with the calibrations to his EMP. Hoping Sari is right, he fires a blast on Arcee. Initially, it doesn't seem to work. After a short pause, Arcee comes back online and recalls her last memory of Lockdown capturing them. Ratchet assures Arcee he'll catch her up on current events as soon as the battle is over. He tells Arcee their first priority is to have her use her activation code to regain control of Omega. About that time, Bulkhead and Bee enter the room. In a solemn voice, Bulkhead tells Sari there's something she needs to see.

The two clones continue their march through the city. Prowl is trying to slow them down, but it's like a fly shooting peas at an elephant. Jazz joins in, but he too is no match for the clones. As Jazz comms with Optimus (who is still fighting off Megatron), Optimus states the Allspark is the only thing that can protect the city. Prowl, who is on the same comm frequency, gets a brainstorm. If he and Jazz combined their processor over matter technique, they might be able to retrieve all the fragments. Optimus asks Prowl if it can work, but Prowl doesn't see any other choice but to try. He gives Jazz a lift back to the tower.

As Ratchet leads Arcee to the top of Omega's head to beam the activation code, Bulkhead and Bee lead sari into a storage room. One storage pod is open, revealing a protoform. As Sari touches the protoform and realizes her origins, a blue glow eminates. She now realizes why she needed to be there. Back outside, Ratchet uses his magnet claws to levitate Arcee so that she can beam the activation code to Omega. As Omega comes back online, Lugnut demands that Omega follow his orders. Omega instead ejects Lugnut to the moon's surface. With control lost, the clones stop their march and become lifeless.

Megatron is furious over the stop and demands Lugnut to continue, not knowing Lugnut lost control. However, it seems another Decepticon has control of the clones now... Starscream. Starscream informs Megatron that he has upgraded his clones with a self-destruct sequence. This sequence will destroy Megatron, and anything else within a 100mi radius. This news grips Optimus' face with terror.

Act VI

As Starscream puts the clones back on the march, Megatron attempts to disable the self-destruct sequence but is instead treated to a power surge. Feeling helpless to stop the clones, he instead focuses his anger back on Optimus Prime, calling him by name. Optimus seems relieve that Megatron can remember his name, and the battle continues.

Sumdac Tower seems to be having technical difficulty. The shield system has gone down, and Isaac isn't too pleased about it. Prowl and Jazz land and Prowl asks Isaac if the tower has a bomb shelter. Isaac starts to ask why... until he sees the approaching clones, then runs off. Prowl and Jazz prepare for their meditation. Using their processor over matter technique, they begin drawing Allspark shards towards them.

Starscream has made it to New Detroit, looking forward to his defeat of Megatron. He then notices Prowl and Jazz's efforts to rebuild the Allspark. As Starscream thinks in disbelief, the Allspark shard in his head reacts and begins drawing Starscream towards the collective shards. Starscream attempts to fire on the Autobots, but can't land a shot. The shard finally dislodges from Starscream's cranial chamber and Starscream freefalls to the Earth. Upon landing, he parlors and is presumed deactivated.

However, this doesn't stop the clones from their mission. Fortunately, Omega Supreme arrives with Ratchet and crew on board. As Ratchet recommends sending the clones to the scrap heap, Omega assumes robot mode and goes on the attack. Omega manages to take one of the clones completely down in a few moves. As Bumblebee shows excitement over the defeat, the other clone manages to sneak up on Omega and toss him around. Omega manages to assume starship mode to minimize damages. The clone then goes back on the march, and begins the final self-destruct sequences.

Jazz is worried that they do not have enough Allspark shards to guard the city. Prowl, exhausted, concludes there is only one option left. He begins to levitate and glow, raising himself on level with the Allspark. Jazz, realizing what Prowl is about to do, yells at Prowl not to go through with it. Prowl gives one last smile, then fades into the Allspark. The result is an orbs that surrounds the clone. This same orb also traps Megatron and Optimus, who are battling in close proximity to the clone. As the orb is complete, Prowl parlors and falls into Jazz's arms. His sacrifice has been made.

The two battling leaders do not seem to care about the gravity of the situation, as they continue to battle. Megatron manages to knock Optimus into the wall of the orb and incapacitates him. Megatron seems to be satisfied that, if he is going to be taken down, that Optimus will follow him. As the final sequence is complete and the self-destruct engages, Optimus mysteriously transwarps out of the orb, leaving Megatron to absorb the blast on his own. The blast is contained within the orb, which eventually disintergrates into non-existence.

As Optimus regains himself, the crew from Omega greet Optimus. Bumblebee tells Optimus that the threat is over and everyone is OK. However, Jazz arrives and presents evidence that everyone is not OK. Still holding the parlored Prowl in his arms, the team goes into shock. As Optimus approaches Prowl in disbelief, he is interrupted by a laser blast. Megatron survived the explosion from the clone, but is missing a good deal of his armor. Using his magnet claws, Ratchet tosses Optimus the Magnus hammer. In a final showdown, Optimus and Megatron charge each other. In one swing, Optimus knocks Megatron to the ground. As Optimus rushes for the final blow, he hesitates right as he approaches Megatron.

Megatron asks why Optimus hesitates. Optimus charges the hammer and makes his strike. With the other Autobots looking on, they see that Optimus intentionally missed. As Megatron groans, Optimus tells Megatron that destroying him would be the easy way out. Optimus then pulls out a pair of stasis cuffs and takes custody of Megatron. The battle is finally over.

On Cybertron, there is much rejoicing. Optimus Prime (with the Allspark around his neck in a Matrix type containment cell) has brought back Lugnut, Shockwave and Megatron as prisoners. Sentinel (with Warpath and Bumper in the background), looks somewhat displeased with the events. Behind Optimus are Sari, three protoform chambers, then the rest of the Autbots. Including the now deactivated Prowl. Omega transforms now that his cargo is offloaded. Initially, the cheering stops... then continues again (note the fembots in the background). As the crowd cheers on, Optimus shows happiness.


So this is how it ends? I don't know about the rest of you, but there's still too many questions that have remained answered. Even without the posing questions, things felt quite rushed. With the clones crashing on Dinobot Island, what happened to the Dinobots? Seems they should have at least had a cameo here. Starscream's ending was also a bit of a letdown. As many times as he got blasted, a simple harmonic convergence took him down. All in all, it's a terrible way to end such a great series. And with Hasbro working with The Discovery Channel on a future endeavor, it looks like there will only be a pondering to how those leftover questions got unanswered. This series deserved better than that.

DateMay 23rd 2009  
Score 5 stars (5 out of 10)  

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