Megatron - RiD - Figure

Am I the only one who's getting sick of the name Megatron? OK, it was fine for the three seasons of BW, and the two seasons of BM, but isn't it high time for a new name for the head baddie? Whatever new TF series Hasbro comes up with after RID, I really hope we'll see someone other than Optimus and Megatron duking it out.

Beast Mode
This is the mode he comes packaged in, so I'll start with it. Megs stands about 19.5 cm(7.7") tall at the head and has an impressive wingspan of 40 cm(16"). Aside from the big cone hanging off his back and the claws on his arms, he's quite kibble-less. His main colours are purple and black, with gold and silver highlights, translucent red parts, and some silver and yellow vac metal. The membranes in his wings are translucent purple. His wings are really quite beautiful, even more so than TM2 Megatron's. TM2 Megs' wings are very ragged and tattered-looking, while RID Megs' are smoother and more bat-like. They unfold manually; there's no wing-spreading mechanism or anything like that. RID Megatron's robot form is also much more graceful, ornate, and proportional than the very squat TM2 Megs. Looks very regal and menacing indeed. I especially like his chest plate, which is vac metal silver with airbrushed turquoise and emerald green "eyes." His Spark crystal is mounted in the middle of his chest. His head is black with purple wings and a translucent red crest. He has a pasty white face with vac metal red eyes, and surrounded by four gold claws, similar to the ones found on TM Megatron. And hooray, no toothy snarl, just a downturned slit for a mouth. I was really becoming sick of TFs that display their pearly whites.

Megatron comes with two serrated-edge swords that double as pressure-based missile launchers. Pressing the red button causes the translucent blade to pop out about a foot, not terribly impressive. Dammit, the stupid thing went under my desk, right where the most clutter is. Hold on--ah, there it is, nestled under the power bar. The swords can also snap together to form a single weapon, kinda like Darth Maul's infamous double-bladed light saber. Welcome to the Dark Side.

In this mode, Megs has joints at the head, wings, wing claws, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles, many of them ratchet-type. Combined with his graceful proportions and overall lack of kibble, this makes him one of the most posable Ultras. His ball-jointed ankles make him somewhat unstable, however.

Transforming Megs from one mode to another isn't too difficult, and can usually be accomplished simply by looking at the pics on his box as opposed to reading the instructions. I did end up consulting them for when transforming him into car and hand mode though. Oh, and you've got to be careful of the purple wings on either side of his robot head. They chip easily.

Bat Mode
Hmmm. It's Megatron standing on his hands, with his legs stretched painfully back against his rear, wearing a bat muzzle on his face. Ooookay. It doesn't look like a bat so much as it does Megs trying out some new Yoga position while wearing a cheap Halloween mask. It would have helped had the bat mask covered his entire face, but even then it would be the blockiest bat since Mindwipe. Let's move on, shall we?

Dragon Mode
This one's better. Megatron's robot arms extend to become dragon legs, while his feet and legs turn into the dragon's heads and necks. Each head has red eyes, silver scales on its snout, white teeth, and red for the interior of its mouth, and looks quite vicious. The heads and necks are very poseable, and his puny arms have two ball joints each. Doublecross's evil great-grandson, ladies and gents! His body's kinda dinky though, and his arms have a bad tendency of popping off whenever you try to unfold them. Also, his legs aren't quite stiff enough to support him all on their own, and the lack of heel spurs doesn't help any. You need to use his tail as a third leg. In this mode, he measures about 32 cm(12.5") from noses to tail tip. Overall, it's a good dragon for a TF with six-plus modes, but I fear Megs would likely get his ass handed to him in a fight with icy-cool Cryotek.

Jet Mode: Ohh, now this one's cool. Measuring 28 cm(11") from nose to rear, it looks like a cross between an SR-71 Blackbird and a giant bat. No real poseability to speak of, but the wings can swing in for a supersonic speed mode. He's got a neat-looking cockpit with windows that resemble leering red eyes. He also has a front landing wheel that folds out from the inside of his chest plate. Bring it on, Jetstorm!

Car Mode
Another sweet-looking mode, this one measuring 30 cm(12") long. It's best described as an evil Cybertronian race car, or what Batman would drive if he was evil. Unfortunately while the rear wheels roll fine, the front wheels scrape against their own wheel wells. Plus, the car's got almost no ground clearance whatsoever. It sure looks badass, but it moves like a three-toed sloth.

Hand Mode
Now *here's* something original: a big scary hand, complete with four knobbly fingers and a thumb. I've heard a lot of people scoff at this mode, but I think it's pretty cool. I can easily imagine Megatron grabbing Optimus in this mode and giving him a good shaking. Or just pummelling him into the dirt, whichever he prefers. Pushing the black lever on the back of the hand causes the fingers to close on something. Helloooooo, Nightscream. Time to pop your head like the big ugly zit it is. The hand can assume all sorts of gestures, from a clenched fist to a peace symbol to the birdie. That's right, up yours.

Elephant Mode
This one isn't included in the instructions but I'm going to include it because it's really quite a clever mode. While Megatron has Gigatron's colour scheme, he actually uses the Devil Gigatron mould, allowing you to attain this mode. The big thumb piece connects to the wing section to become an elephant head, complete with a stumpy trunk and oversized ears. The swords attach to become tusks. The body isn't all that elephant-like, but overall this really does resemble an evil robotic Dumbo. Quick, someone get Rattrap! He'll scare that big brute into packing his trunk!

There's an almost infinite number of other modes possible as well, but I'll leave you figure them out on your own.

Overall, Suspsy Sez
What's great about RID Megatron is that he's not only the most ambitious TF ever, but that he actually succeeds as a toy. There have been quite a few ambitious toys over the years *cough* Supreme Cheetor*cough* that have fallen woefully short, but Megatron thankfully isn't one of them. Instead you've got a toy with a fabulous robot mode and virtually limitless play value. The floppy robot ankles and loose dragon arms are annoying, and the bat mode bites big time, but on the whole, this is one excellent toy, especially the Giant Hand of Doom mode. Heck, that mode alone's reason enough for getting this toy.

DateOctober 22nd 2001  
Score 9 stars (9 out of 10)  

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