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Ever since it was revealed that there was a listing for Omega Supreme, fans have eagerly looking forward to this one. When preview pictures appeared I was not too happy with the look and alternate modes of Omega Supreme.

But just recently I decided I want to get every Energon figure (except for repaints) so this one was on my list as well. And boy am I glad I bought him! I am also happy because I got him before most fan in the US got him. Which is, for someone living in The Netherlands, pretty cool.

Seeing how no one had yet written a review on Omega I thought I should write it and tell everyone why to buy Omega Supreme.


Omega's Box is as high and wide as Unicron's box. Just as deep as well though I cannot really verify that. I have Unicron's box on top of a closet and surrounded by other boxes. I am able to get a close look at my Omega Box. Needless to say it is an impressive sight.

The front features Omega's alternate modes as well as his box art which looks awesome. It is also on the top but there you can also see the legs. The left side shows more of Omgega's alternate modes and highlights their features. The right side shows Omega Supreme and Optimus Prime Powerlinxed. And finally the back of the box shows the supertrain and a close up of Omega's upperbody.

Omega is packaged in robot mode and held in place by a lot of twist ties. So you had better take 20 minutes (at least) out to get him out of the box. He requires 2 AA batteries to work and not surprisingly a screwdriver is needed to install them.

Omega Supreme.

Sadly enough, I am not able to watch Energon as it is not yet shown in my country. So I have seen very little and do not know how Omega Supreme is/will be handled in the show. But based on G1 Omega Supreme, I expected a really strong Transformer.

With the card only showing the values each Transformer gets and not his personality I did not learn much but what I learned dissapointed me a little. Omega Supreme has a strength of 10 and a intelligence of 8. Nice. Sadly his speed (and more importantly) his endurance are only six.

Seems really low for such a big (and strong) Transformer. Speed he can do without, high endurance seems to be essential to me if you are that big. Even worse, his rank is just 4. Why would a Transformer who is big, strong, smart and the ability to Powerlinx with the Autobot leader have such a low rank?

Oh well, tech spechs have been wrong in the past and this could just be a fluke.

Robot Mode

Like Unicron, Omega comes packaged in robot mode. Omega is just as big but for some reason looks more powerful to me. Must be all those guns. ;-) But unlike Unicron, Omega consists of 2 "halves" which most certainly shows.

Only in terms of color though as he is mostly yellow/black on the right side and blue on the left. Aside from that he looks like one robot. He is pretty sturdy, he will not just split open or anything. His head does come off easily, you need to be careful with that. Right now mine is leaning over on one foot a bit but more on that later. So he is a bit wobbly.

Omega has an Autobot Symbol on his left shoulder. On his right is his Powerlinx symbol. Sadly this is on the side which is not a good place for it actually. Opposite the Autobot symbol would have looked much better.

A second Autobot symbol is on the lower right arm which I could have done without. The spark crystal is on the lower left arm which is a good place because it is shown prominently in both the cruiser and supertrain modes. I just wish it could have been bigger and in red but it is no big deal.

The head is red with yellow translucent plastic covering the face and a gray visor on top of that. Omega's antenna's are blue. This face is a great tribue to G1 Omega indeed and I love it! Omega has several features in this mode. His right arm has a claw on it. Moving the black button up, makes the claw lunge forward. Moving the button down retracts the claw, a really cool feature and since G1 Omega also had a huge red claw a nice tribute.

His left arm and shoulder feature gun turrets. The upper two (the inner of the two can also launch 2 missiles independantly) rotate in unison while the lower one tiggers a sound when turned correctly. This sounds like some sort of gun sound but I could be wrong.

There is also a black button which activates a shooting sound and makes Omega's "hand" light up. There are actually two lamps in that part which looks great. Omega looks like he has a hand because there are 4 "fingers" molded on the insode of the battleship nose. And the black part opposite to the fingers could be a thumb.

Since this part lights up, it might just as well be a gun. (Or as Armada Demolishor had, both.) And that is another tribute to G1 Omega Supreme.

Omega has another turret on his lower left leg and 2 "guns" on his waist (on either side). I like to think of them as guns, though they have a function in the station modes. That is pretty much it for features in this mode. He does have four powerlinx points (one on each side of his shoulders) but that is quite standard.

Omega does pretty good when it comes to articulation. The head turns but be careful as it pops off easily. The arms rotate at the shoulders and rotate and bend at the elbows. The legs bend at the hips and rotate and bend at the knees. The claw lunging can also be counted as articulation of course.

There are also 4 panels that open up (the red one evew swivels) and these are for Omega's Powerlinx mode. And finally his head can transform into a little robot.

The detailing is awesome. Vents, intakes and all sorts of details are every where and very few parts are just flat. Omega's colors are yellow, blue. black, some red and a "grayish" color. He even has a bit of gold on his upper chest.

Note: Omega's left leg is a bit wider so that interferes with him being able to stand on both legs (unless you turn one of themor pose him) at the same time. Even worse, this can cause paint damage.

In all, this is one awesome mode and my favorite because it is so nice and big. Omega gets 5 out of 5 stars!

The little robot.

I do not know if there is a name for this guy yet so I do not know what to call him. But I can describe him for you so I will surely do that. ;-)

Roughly the same size as a Mini-Con, he is mostly red with blue arms and upper legs. His lower legs are black. His face resembles that of Omega. The arms have lasers molded in them but he also has hands. Nice.

His arms rotate at the shoulders and his legs bend at the waist and knees. Saldy all limbs are on ball joints which could become very loose. I had an arm pop off a few times already. But that does not mean that I do not like the little guy. His arrm/leg problem costs him one point though so he gets 4 stars.

Vehicle modes

Omega has not just one but two vehicle modes. The first is the cruiser which is my favorite of the two. This part of Omega has all the firepower with four rotating turrets. The 3 turrets on the bow of the ship even turn in unison, activating the sound effect. The other sound works fine as well. The middle of these 3 can still launch its missiles. No change there.

The ship has a tower in the middle in which the small figure can be inserted. Makes me think of Fortress Maxmus where Cerebros transforms into a tower for the city mode. The turret has two moving radar dishes. So much for features.

Omega has a few small turrets molded in as well as a lot of detailing. 2 Mini-Con powerlinx points are on the flanks of the bow of the ship. A really good place to add firepower. (Not that Omega Supreme really needs it.) One can also pace a Mini-Con on the aft deck of course.

Anyways, this is one cool mode. It looks awesome and does not even show a sign of the other modes. One of the things like is the yellow panel that folds up to cover the hole next to the main tower. A really neat touch. This mode is definetely worth 5 stars.

On to simplest of Omega's modes which is some sort of contruction vehicle. To me it looks cool because the front resembles a train somewhat. Still, it is basically the right half of Omega's body with the upper part turned 90 degrees. The joint is clearly visible but seeing it does provide articulation I am ok with it.

The arm lunging feature works fine here and the little robot can be stored in the translucent cabin on the back of the vehicle. The powerlinx points are here as well so two Mini-Cons can provide firepower which Omega really needs in this mode. There is a turning "crane" on the front section but it is pretty much just for show. The simplest (and perhaps one of the weakest forms) it gets only 3 stars from me.

The combined mode is a simple adaptation of the cruiser and the construction vehicle. The latter attaches itself to the first. This mode cannot do anything new nor does it activate new features. It looks really impressive (and frightening to a Decepticon) which is always good. ;-) So I am giving it 4 stars.

Both body halves also transform in to "stations. (Which is where the "hip guns" come into place acting as handle bars.) Being just a simple "mid-transformation" between vehicle and robot mode one they are pretty much extra's. (Like the third mode on most Beast Wars Transmetals.)

But that means they are not cool or anything. The cruiser section looks really cool, making for one really big gun enplacement to be used by other Transformers. It has a lot of guns and with 2 powerlinx points one can add even more. And with the added sound feature this half is clearly the better one!

I am giving it 4 stars only because it still looks like a cruiser. It is the cruiser half transformed so what was I to expect?. ;-)

The other base is some sort of contruction/digging device. It can stand very nicely allthough in certain poses the weight of the arm can cause it to topple over. It does not topple over at all. Nice. The arm lunging featuere still works but that is it for this mode. Rather weak to me and worthy of jusr 2.5 stars.

Powerlinx mode

Omega Supreme can powelinx with Energon Optimus Prime. Prime can also man the stations but seeing how any large Transformer that really is no combo. I do not own Optimus Prime but I can see that Powerlinx Omega is a rather weak combiner.

Omega has a hollow chest which accomodates Optimus Prime's robot mode. Prime's vehicles are attached to the aforementioned panels and that is it. I think the designers must have though that they could make him hollow, allowing Optimus to be placed inside. Then they thought of a simple way to just slap on the extra vehicles.

To me this powerlinx mode is really quite weak and pathetic. I expected a lot more from Omega when I heard he could combine with Optimus Prime. However, since I do not own Optimus myself I do not care much about this mode. Still, if I had to grade it I would give it 3 stars just because it is included.

Note: why did they call this mode powerlinx Omega? Whenever two Transformers combine the upper Transformer's name is used as name for this combined form. And even though Powelinx Omega is a more "traditional" combiner he does use Prime's head. But in the end I would have preferred Omega Prime which suits him perfectly. ;-)

Closing comments

Every Transformers fan should get Omega Supreme. He is just as big a Unicron but a lot more fun. Since he does not have to transform into a planet, the designers could do a lot more with him and it shows. He has loads of cool modes and features. He also resembles the orgininal Generation One Omega quite nicely which only enhances his coolness.

So far Omega has been the highlight of Energon to me and he will be one of yours as well. So get him as soon as you can! You will not be dissapointed!

Note: one must keep in mind that I do not own Landmine, Cliffjumer, Mirage or Shockblast yet so I cannot compare Omega to them. (I have ordered them so I should get those soon. After getting Omega Supreme, I can hardly wait!)

ReviewerFerry Rudolph  
DateJuly 18th 2004  
Score 10 stars (10 out of 10)  

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