Animated Episode 15: Megatron Rising Part I - Series - Review

Winter still grips New Detroit. A blustery blizzard grips the city. At Sumdac Tower, Megatron's decayed body is raised to the work floor. Sumdac remarks on how well the body has survived given the circumstances and is relieved it was retrieved before the blizzard began. He then picks up a welding torch and begins the tedious process of rebuilding the body.

Diminishing Patience

As Megatron remarks on how his Cybertronian technology is superior to Earth technology, the lights start to flicker. Sumdac tells Megatron that until the power grid is restored, Sumdac Tower is under generator power. However, it would seem that the generators are overloaded by Sumdac's work on Megatron's body. This causes Megatron to lose his temper and command Sumdac that nothing must impede his body being upgraded. As Sumdac stutters to understand, Megatron realizes his outburts and assures Sumdac that his impatience for a new body is due to the impending Decepticon attack that could happen. Remember, Sumdac still thinks Megatron is an Autobot.

It's about this time that they are interrupted by Sari, who is in the reception area. As we see the reception bot in a state of overload, she tells her dad that in her attempt to use her key to restart the generators... she might have made things worse. As Sumdac throws up his hands and tries to figure out how to cut power to non-essential operations, Megatron is left to stew further about the setbacks. It's at this point that he reminds himself about Sari's key and it's power. He then tries to locate Lugnut, who was last seen in pieces within Lake Erie.

Starscream's Dynasty

In the forest outside New Detroit, we see Blitzwing in his random mood fitting some armor to his shoulder. He succeeds, but in the process it pulls him down to the ground. Lugnut is also there, and he seems rather upset that Blitzwing took a piece of his armor. Changing to his cold mood, Blitzwing says that Lugnut doesn't have much use for it. As Lugnut's threatens to tear Blitzwing apart to get his armor piece back, Blitzwing switches to his rage mood and throws Lugnut clear. As Blitzwing stands, switches back to his random mood and laughs, both Decepticons are interrupted by Starscream, who doesn't seem to be amused.

Starscream reminds them that he saved the both of them and that they chose him as their new leader. He makes no effort to hide the joy of being leader, either. However, the two Decepticons remind Starscream that they were threatened into the acknowledgement, further testing Starscream's temper. As Starscream worms into a speech about obtaining the allspark for himself, Lugnut is contacted by Megatron. Lugnut begins his normal Megatron worship, but since only Lugnut can hear Megatron Starscream thinks the worship is for him instead and gullibly feeds on it.

Megatron proceeds to tell Lugnut about the key and his desire to obtain it. While Megatron and Lugnut converse, we briefly see a somewhat confused Starscream wondering about Lugnut's sanity. Suddenly, Lugnut goes into a tirade worthy of a minister. Starscream turns to Blitzwing (in his cold mood) and asks about Lugnut's condition. Blitzwing can only describe is as a technical malfunction before switching to his random mood and telling Starscream it happens a lot before going into laughter.

Starscream's Dynasty Threatened

Lugnut, annoyed, blurts out that it's not a glitch and that he has communication with Megatron. Upon hearing this, Starscream goes into disbelief and, eventually, a temper. In his temper, he almost reveals that it was he who caused Megatron's predicament, but pulls back at the last second. Lugnut refuses to believe that Megatron is dead, still referring to him as his supreme leader. This further spins Starscream towards a rage, as he reminds Lugnut that HE is supreme leader. Their arguement is interrupted by Blitzwing (back in his cold mode), who asks if they can all get along. Switching to his rage mode, he then threatens to tear them apart if they can't get along.

It would seem at this point that Starscream's patience has been exceeded as he raises his null cannon. As Blitzwing ducks, Starscream fires on Lugnut. However, the beam fired is a tracking beam. Starscream seems interested to know the source of the transmission. Acknowledging that Lugnut has been receiving a transmission, Starscream tries to spin it as someone playing a hoax. Lugnut will have no part of that theory. At this point, Starscream decides to play along. He sends Lugnut and Blitzwing off to find the Allspark key while he traces the source of Megatron's signal. Lugnut demands that Starscream defend Megatron until they find the key. As the other 2 bots transform into jet mode and fly off, Starscream mutters "Of course, what else would I do?"

Autobot Dilemna

As Starscream's smirk fades, we are cut to Autobot headquarters which is on alert. Prowl remarks to Optimus how Decepticon activity is increasing and is at it's highest point yet. Optimus fears the Decepticons are preparing for an assualt. In the next room, Ratchet goes into attack mode and uses his magnets to attack... a remote controlled jet. Bumblebee and Sari charge into the room, upset that Ratchet ruined their dogfight. Prime apologizes, saying they are on edge due to the increase in Decepticon activity. Bumblebee shows his uneasiness about how they fare against a Decepticon attack. As Sari tries to include herself in the Autobot head count, Bulkhead blurts out that the Dinobots can help.

Optimus still believes that the Dinobots were destroyed. Not knowing that Prowl still harbors the secret, Bulkhead questions Prowl on whether or not he let the cat out of the bag. Bulkhead convinces Prowl to tell Prime about the Autobots. This sends Optimus into such a tailspin, he scares nearby birds perched on a power line. While Prime catches his breath, Prowl calmly tells Optimus that, technically, he rescued the Dinobots and that he felt a spark. This doesn't please Optimus in the slightest, who goes on to show his frustration about leading an undisciplined group.

Ratchet tries to calm Optimus down and ask him to go easier on the others. Bulkhead and Prowl continue to convince Prime that the Dinobots could be an advantage. When they ask if they can go to Dinobot Island and retrieve them, Prime agrees but stipulates that he goes along to make sure it goes right. Prime then lectures the others that due to the impending danger, tighter security measures must be taken. This brings him to Sari.

Alienated Friend

Prime mentions that the conditions are too risky for Sari to keep holding the key. Sari is surprised and a bit offended by the remark and tries to defend her status as the key's keeper. As she takes it out of the RC jet, it flies off, then tailspins into Ratchet's head. This convinces Optimus that Sari doesn't fully take the key seriously and he asks Sari to surrender it. When she refuses, Prime orders Ratchet to take it. Ratchet begins to question Prime's motive, but Prime enforces that it was an order. Begrudgingly, Ratchet uses his magnet to forcibly take the key from Sari.

Sari, now saddened, asks Prime why he doesn't trust her since she trusted him. She then runs off crying. This strikes a nerve with Bumblebee. Bumblebee reminds Optimus that Sari has been an asset to the Autobots since they first arrive. However, Optimus callously reminds Bumblebee that he has made enough mistakes to question his position as a character witness. Without a second thought, Bumblebee fires back and questions Optimus' leadership ability. Bumblebee then storms off find Sari.

Enter Blackarachnia

Sari is running down the streets venting about robots. There just happens to be another robot in the background. As Sari is captured by a web, Blackarachnia shows some agreeance with Sari. While Bumblebee is on ground level searching for where Sari went, Prime continually barks for him to return to base. However, Bumblebee ignores the order and continues his hunt for Sari. Ratchet asks Optimus to ease off. Prime begins to question the acceptability of insubordination, but Ratchet reminds Prime that they are all on this together. Optimus finally calms down and admits that everyone is being pushed to their limits. He orders Ratchet to return to the ship with the key to protect the Allspark. He then orders Bulkhead and Ratchet to take him to Dinobot Island.

Back on the rooftops (by the way, did anyone notice the snowstorm is now gone?), Blackarachnia and Sari briefly trade one liners before Blackarachnia demands the key. When Sari informs Blackarachnia that the Autobots made her surrender the key due to lack of trust, Blackarachnia tells Sari that they are on common ground. Blackarachnia paints the picture to Sari that the Autobots left her to die and cursed her with the body she has now. She wants the Allspark to reverse the incident. Sari, feeling that she can relate, seems to give B.A. the benefit of the doubt.

The Key Lost

On the city streets, Ratchet tries to negotiate the unplowed terrain while Blitzwing fires a barrage of missiles towards him. Blitzwing demands that Ratchet hand over the key, and Lugnut confronts Ratchet with a rocket punch, hurling him into a building. Blitzwing transforms into his rage mode, demanding again that Ratchet surrender the key. When Ratchet says that it'll have to be pried from his cold offline servos, Blitzwing assumes his cold mood and freezes Ratchet. Switching to his random mood, Blitzwing mentions that Ratchet may not be offline, but he's cold. Laughing, Blitzwing snaps Ratchet's right arm off at the elbow. Lugnut, seeing Blitzwing with the key, tells him that they should now rendezvous with Megatron. They both assume jet mode and blast off, leaving Ratchet frozen... and without his right arm.

Meeting With The Dinobots

Meanwhile, Optimus is with Bulkhead and Prowl on Dinobot Island. Optimus seems frustrated that they've covered the entire island without spotting the Dinobots. Bulkhead starts to assume that they left, but then the earth shakes and within seconds the Dinobots confront their visitors. Prime tries to speak to the Dinobots, but the Dinobots only see them as intruders. Transforming into their robot modes, the Dinobots prepare to attack. Prowl asks Optimus to let him speak, but Prime shoots him down rather harshly. Optimus continues to get through to the Dinobots, but instead the Dinobots charge for an attack.

Prowl finally intervenes and talks with the Dinobots. He reminds them that he helped them escape from Meltdown. Prime seems shocked, and rather annoyed, that Meltdown still existed and that he knew nothing of it. The Dinobots acknowledge that Prowl and Bulkhead are friends, but still assume Optimus is the enemy. Prowl convinces Grimlock otherwise. Optimus talks to the Dinobots and tries to convince them that the Decepticons will attack and the Dinobots should team up with the Autobots. However, the Dinobots now seem determined to destroy the robots themselves. It doesn't help that Prime reminds them that they themselves are robots. Ratchet interrupts with the call telling Prime that he lost the key. As Prime orders Ratchet to go to the ship, he motions the other 2 to leave. Prowl seems confused by the decision, but as the Dinobots fight amongst themselves, Prime points out that they won't be much help.

Starscream vs Megatron

As Optimus begins to doubt his ability as a leader, we find Starscream approaching Sumdac Tower. Assured he found the source of Lugnut's signal, he blasts a hole in the tower and assumes his robot mode. As the dust settles, he is shocked to find Megatron's head. He lands and tries to put on a surprised act. However, Starscream doesn't realize that Megatron knows about his attempt on his life. As random sarcasm and white lies is thrown around, Bumblebee arrives at the Tower and sees the hole blasted in it... and notices Starscream as well. He radios Prime about it and Prime orders Bumblebee to stay his position until the others arrive. Fearing Sari may be inside, Bumblebee charges in anyways.

As Bumblebee comically squeezes in an elevator, we find Starscream still trading barbs with Megatron. As Starscream mentions that anyone could do Megatron in at this state, Bumblebee charges in with both stingers blasting. However, Starscream is hardly fazed. One blast from his null cannon flings Bumblebee against the wall and knocks him out cold. As Starscream prepares to terminate Bumblebee, Megatron uses the chance to teach Starscream a lesson about betrayal. Using his mind power, he seizes control of a crane, grabs Starscream and flings out out onto the roof. Sumdac runs in wondering what the commotion is about. Megatron tells Sumdac that the Decepticon invasion is near the his body needs to be finished quickly. Sumdac says he'll do what he can, and Megatron in return also commits to do what he can.

The Deception Uncovered

Back on the roof, Bumblebee trades another shot with Starscream. Again, Starscream is unfazed and Bumblebee is sent hurdling over the roof. Clutching to the roof's edge, Starscream again gloats before Megatron knocks Starscream out with a beam. As Sumdac feverishly works on Megatron's body, Blitzwing and Lugnut enter the scene. Lugnut begins his glory worshipping, as Blitzwing admits that Lugnut didn't have voices in his head after all. Pushing Blitzwing aside, Lugnut informs Megatron that they have the key and are ready to have Megatron lead them in crushing the Autobots.

As Sumdac runs over asking what this is all about, Lugnut forces Sumdac to kneel and bow before Megatron, supreme leader of the Decepticons. Sumdac expresses to Megatron how he thought he was an Autobot, to which Megatron replies "And I hated every last moment of that humilitating charade." Sumdac now realizes he's been had, as Lugnut tosses him into Megatron's hand. Megatron insists that Sumdac stay to see his rebirth. Blitzwing, holding the key, inserts the key into Megatron's head.

Megatron's Rebirth

As the key is inserted, a matrix covers Megatron's head, then his hand. As Sumdac writhes in pain from the feedback, the matrix spreads to his body. Panels from the walls begin to tear off. Wires from Megatron's right arm flicker and penetrate the floor, burrowing to his hand. As Sumdac cowers in fear, the hand grasps Sumdac then burrows underground to join Megatron's body. Cutting back to Megatron's head, we see the panels from the walls rebuilding his face. Panning back, his head is now complete. The wires yank Megatron's head from the platform and reunite it with the rest of his body. Megatron is now whole again.

As Starscream is still facing off with Bumblebee, the building begins to glow red. The other Autobots arrive. Prowl asks if that's Starscream, and Bulkhead confirms Bumblebee's presence concluding that he didn't listen. As Prime sarcastically replies that it's becoming a habit, the whole building glows a deeper red. Starscream turns around in disbelief as Megatron bursts from the building in full glory, much to Optimus Prime's horror. This is where part one concludes.


It's nice how everything from the last few episodes pulls together. We also get some deeper character development. Most notedly, we see Prime's lack of leadership experience and frustration tear at the fabric of the Autobot team. We also see the disharmony of the Decepticon faction. And finally, Megatron becomes a legitimate threat. As we wait for part two to begin next week, we can only ponder at how the arc will bend with this new power now in play.

DateMarch 29th 2008  
Score 10 stars (10 out of 10)  

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