Garbage In, Garbage Out - Animated - Episode 20

Episode 20 already? Well that didn’t take long, did it? Garbage In, Garbage Out, features a development of sorts for Ratchet and his always grouchy self, and the introduction of Wreck Gar, the AllSpark-fragment-powered robot made out of trash.

Stinky City
The city of Detroit is really stinky now thanks to a contract dispute between the city and Sumdac Industries. The city is unwilling to increase the price of the maintenance contract the company has with the city.

In turn, while the contract has expired, Powell is unwilling to continue servicing the trash robots that collect all of the city’s trash, resulting in a large pile of stockpiled trash throughout the city and people growing extremely angry.

To help pay back all of the destruction their battles with the Decepticons have caused as well as to help regain the trust of the humans, the Autobots are helping loading trash into barges.

Meanwhile, as Powell, the new head of Sumdac, watches the madness unfold on the television, he is given a demonstration of a new technology to remove trash. They researchers have refined Isaac Sumdac’s microbot technology to dissolve the trash. While it costs less than the building and maintenance of the trashbots, Powell believes he will be able to sign a contract with the city where it will more for the new service.

Grouchy, Old Ratchet
However, all of the advances the Autobots make towards getting back on good terms with the humans seem to be shattered due to Ratchet’s grouchy and old self.

While he is loading trash onto the barge, he accidentally picks up an old man’s car, which the old man demands to be put down. Ratchet complies and puts it down, but into the bottom of the Great Lakes.

After a shouting match between the two old beings, Captain Fanzone breaks it up and apologizes to the old man.

Optimus remarks that Ratchet needs to learn how to be a better people person. Ratchet doesn’t think there are any problems with how he acts, but Optimus assigns Sari and Bumblebee to help him with learning how to better associate with other beings.

As the Autobots leave the docks, Sari’s key begins to glow. She does not know what it means, and follows the Autobots away. After they leave, a beam from an AllSpark fragment erupts from the trash pile on the barge, making way for a robot assembled out of discarded parts.

The robot doesn’t know what he is and after seeing a helium balloon with an advertisement about the Detroit Metro Police are here to help, he goes to find somebody from the Detroit PD.

In the underground Decepticon lair, Lugnut reports to Megatron that they have picked up another AllSpark signature. Megatron orders Lugnut to find the fragment before the Autobots.

Wreck Gar For Short
As the robot makes his way into the city, he stumbles across the Angry Archer making his escape after robbing somebody of their valuable possessions. While the Angry Archer passes by the robot unscathed, the Detroit PD squad car crashes into his leg.

He finds that the people in the squad car are from the Detroit PD, and asks them for help. They are of not too much help, but Angry Archer takes the opportunity and tells him to dispose of the two police officers and get away together.

Doing what he’s told, the robot and Archer run away, where they provide introductions. The robot spews out a long name that’s not too gracious thanks to his stinky nature and name-calling from angry citizens. Archer provides him a nickname of Wreck-Gar.

Spike and Carly
Meanwhile, Bumblebee and Ratchet are stuck in traffic, which Ratchet is extremely unhappy about. To move around the traffic, they turn on their sirens and navigate through.

However, as they are picking up speed, Ratchet is stopped by an guy whose wife is about to give birth, but their car broke down. Ratchet tries to brush him aside, but Sari says that it is an emergency and they need to help.

Reluctantly, Ratchet opens his doors and the couple climbs into the back of the truck. Ratchet speeds towards nowhere in particular as he tries to find a hospital.

After several close calls and getting knocked around in the back of the ambulance, Spike and Carly, as they call each other, find out that there isn’t a driver and start to panic.

Angry Archer and Wreck Gar have gotten away safely, and Archer is laying some ground rules for the robot. While Archer grows frustrated with Wreck Gar’s ability to only understand words literally, a security truck passes by, which Archer expresses interest in and enlists Wreck Gar’s help. Grabbing a piece of trash from his bin, he rushes off towards the truck.

Wreck Gar the Autobot
Ratchet and Bumblebee are still trying to find a hospital, but are detoured by Wreck Gar’s interruption where he runs by the Autobots and knocks the security truck over.

The two Autobots stop and transform to check out the situation. Archer ropes in the container that falls out the security truck and tells Wreck Gar to give the Autobot duo everything he’s got. Taking it literally, he starts giving Ratchet and Bumblebee everything he can find in his backpack.

Bumblebee tells Ratchet to get the humans to the hospital and that he will handle the junk bot. Ratchet becomes upset about Bumblebee giving him orders, and the two begin to argue, completely forgetting about Archer making his getaway.

Sari screams at the duo and says that they need to catch the bad guys. Wreck Gar agrees and begins to run after Archer and puts on an Autobot logo. Bumblebee and Sari take off after Wreck Gar and Ratchet asks Spike and Carly if they still want to go to the hospital. In unison, the two say they will call a cab and begin to walk away. Ratchet comments that the humans didn’t even say thank you, and called them rude.

Only Good For Garbage
Wreck Gar catches up to Archer and grabs him. The cargo that Archer stole bounces off of the asphalt and lands in Wreck Gar’s trash backpack. He proceeds to throw Archer up in the air so he can catch him when he comes down. However, Archer recovers on a flag pole and escapes, but without his cargo.

Bumblebee asks Sari what he is, and while Sari doesn’t know, she comments that he is giving off an awful lot of AllSpark energy. As they are having the conversation amongst themselves, Wreck Gar repeats everything they say, which angers Ratchet. He walks over to Wreck Gar and tells him he will never be an Autobot, knocking his insignia off in the process. Ratchet proceeds to tell him that he is only good for one thing: garbage.

Unflinching, Wreck Gar agrees and says that he needs to deliver garbage to all. He transforms into a trash truck and begins to drive around the city while dumping trash all over the road.

Wreck Gar the Decepticon
Lugnut continues to search for the fragment from the sky and sees Wreck Gar dumping the trash. Thinking that a human is carrying the fragment, he comments that he is not worthy to carry Megatron’s AllSpark fragment and intercepts him.

When he stops Wreck Gar, Lugnut finds that he is a robot and asks him if he is an Autobot. Wreck Gar repeats the phrase that Ratchet screamed at him and leads Lugnut to believe that he is a Decepticon. Wreck Gar repeats the phrase and puts on a Decepticon logo. Lugnut approves and begins to hail Megatron.

Minibots and AllSpark Fragments Don’t Mix
The Autobots return to the accident and save the human from the truck, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Powell, who reveals that the canister carries a sample of the trash-eating microbots that he is to demo to the mayor.

As the Autobots figure out that Wreck Gar has the canister, they follow the trail of trash and find him. Bumblebee tells him to hand over the microbots, but Wreck Gar takes micro literally and begins to pull out all things that contain the word micro in it.

Frustrated, Ratchet grabs Wreck Gar and yells at him to hand over the microbots. Lugnut steps in and attempts to attack Ratchet, but Wreck Gar mistakes the move as a universal greeting and touches it, blowing up both Wreck Gar and Lugnut while the Autobots escape unscathed.

This angers Lugnut, but he thinks the Autobots are at fault. He commands Wreck Gar to attack, but his literal translations anger Lugnut, so he transforms and says he will take care of the Autobots himself.

Wreck Gar climbs on top of Lugnut as he takes off and asks if he’d like to know the special of the day and pulls out the canister of microbots. As he reads the label, and drip of the liquid from the canister falls on Lugnut and he immediately begins to yell to get the microbots off.

Wreck Gar attempts to help by unscrewing the panel melted away by the microbots from Lugnut, which causes Lugnut to separate in two with the tail section crashing into a trash barge in the lake.

Wreck Gar the Hero
At the docks that the trash barge is heading towards, Powell and the mayor are meeting. However, as Powell comes to deliver the bad news that they need to postpone the demonstration, the group discovers that the trash on the barge begins to disappear at a rapid pace. The mayor is impressed and Powell begins to ask about negotiating a brand-new contract to clean up the city.

The Autobots are worried about what the microbots will do to the city and rush to stop the barge from reaching the city. Ratchet understands that he started this chain of events and vows to stop Wreck Gar from destroying the city.

Ratchet drops onto the barge and tries to convince Wreck Gar to stop the barge. However, he says he knows he is only good for delivering garbage and thanks Ratchet for his helping him figure that out. This angers Ratchet, who calls him a malfunctioning scrap heap and begins to struggle over the controls of the barge.

Wreck Gar takes the phrase literally and begins to twitch. However, while doing so, he turns the speed of the barge on top speed and breaks the controls. Ratchet tries to talk some sense into him about the prospects of destroying the whole city, but Wreck Gar says he does dare to do so, and plans to attack Ratchet.

Ratchet says Wreck Gar has forced him to make the ultimate sacrifice and do the hardest thing he has ever done in his Autobot career, which is to apologize. This confuses Wreck Gar, but Ratchet says he is sorry for all he has said about Wreck Gar, and that he can be any bot he wants to be.

Wreck Gar the Hero
Wreck Gar asks Ratchet if he can be a hero, which Ratchet replies positively to. Ratchet says that he can start by stopping the city from being consumed by a bunch of out-of-control microbots.

This inspires Wreck Gar to take off the Decepticon logo and put back on an Autobot logo. He then proceeds to take out a vacuum cleaner and vacuums all of the microbots on the ship. However, the unstable microbots knock him into the lake, followed by a large upward beam of AllSpark power. Ratchet tries to save him, but is only able to fish spare parts.

As the barge arrives at the docks, Bumblebee congratulates Ratchet on a job well done and Sari calls him a hero. However, Powell disagrees and says that Ratchet destroyed his microbots.

On that comment, the mayor’s assistant says that the mayor refuses to resign Sumdac Industries’ sanitation contract. Angered, Ratchet picks up the mayor and mayor’s assistant in one hand and Powell in the other and yells at both of them. He says that they either sign the new contract, or he will dump the both in the river.

Defeated, the two parties agree to their previous terms with a slight increase in pay, which the parties shake hands on while the party cheers. Ratchet believes the cheering is for him and comments that the people like him, believing he has a way with words. The latter comment bring sour looks to both Bumblebee and Sari’s faces.

Under the lake, we learn that Wreck Gar is not offline, but just stuck on the bottom of the lake. The episode ends with his asking for assistance from the fish.

This episode was pretty enjoyable with the humor centered around Wreck Gar’s inability to understand anything other than in the most literal of senses.

The episode centers around this new crazy character and a 360 of sorts for Ratchet. It is seen by the viewers that while Ratchet is harsh, he gets the job done.

While basically a filler episode, it was fun and it was nice to see the return of Aaron Archer, I mean, Angry Archer, once again.

Tune in next week when we dish out the deets on episode 21: Velocity.

DateMay 4th 2008  
Score 8 stars (8 out of 10)  
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