Rise of the Constructicons - Animated Episode 22

The episode opens as the Autobots are working on repairing an overpass. Prowl is operating a crane as Ratchet guides him. Bumblebee is nearby doing some welding. He deactivates his battle mask, then asks Optimus for a break. Prime reminds him he just had a break 2hrs ago, but Bumblebee insists he's thirsty (for oil I guess). Optimus knows it's because Bee is bored, but reminds him they have to help repair the city, partially because it's their fault. At that moment, Bumblebee gazes off in another direction and catches something more interesting.

Material Snatchers

What Bee saw was Blitzwing and Lugnut running off with a mound of building material. He is quick to pin some of the blame on them as well, then leaps into action. On the ground, Blitzwing seems to be complaining that they can't fly because of all the material they're carrying. Lugnut doesn't even entertain an answer. Maybe that's because Bee just lept in front of them. After a cocky one liner, Bee activates both stingers and takes fire. This doesn't even slow them down. Ratchet tells Bee to move out of the way. He uses his magnet claw to warp a nearby light pole to the ground, thus tripping Lugnut and taking Blitzwing with him.

As a support pillar for the overpass cracks, Blitzwing emerges from the material in rage mood threatening to pound the Autobots into sheetmetal. He then switches to random mood and replies that they already have sheetmetal. Lugnut emerges at this point and gets Blitzwing back on track. They load up what they can in jet mode and high tail out. Ratchet cries out they're getting away, but Prowl tells him they have bigger issues at hand.

Saving the Overpass

The overpass, from the 2 Cons hitting it, is starting to buckle. To make matters worse, there's human construction workers on top. Bulkhead rushes over and leans against the pillar to try and support the weight. It seems to work, especially with Optimus helping out. He reassures the humans there's nothing to worry about and they'll fix it (with Bumblebee, under a sigh, saying "again")

The Autobots are still at the overpass when night falls. Bumblebee is still curious as to why the Cons wanted to steal construction materials. Optimus, in a tired voice, doesn't seem eager to think about that as long as they don't come back and cause more damage. He then transforms and calls it a day. With the others in tow, he asks if Bulkhead is going to join them. However, it seems that Bulkhead got stuck in the cement solution he was mixing, so he tells Optimus he'll catch up. Hilarity ensues as he tries to free himself, only to lose his batch of cement.

Mixmaster and Scrapper

The area is quiet now, and nearby is a building in construction with a steam shovel and cement truck parked in front. It seems that 2 vagrant Allspark shards have made their way into these vehicles, and infuses with them to give them life. The steam shovel swings over and taps the cement truck. The truck isn't amused, and tells the "shovel head" to watch where he's swinging. The steam shovel replies by calling the truck "cement breath". The truck seems to take offense, but can't think of his real name (because he doesn't have one). The shovel is quick to point out his 'name tag' says Mixmaster, but the truck thinks that name is too long. He settles for Mix instead.

The shovel can't think of his name at first, but quickly spots a sign indicating scrap and uses that as his name. Mixmaster thinks that name is too short, so he lengthens it to Scrapper. The 2 seem proud that they gave themselves names and show it by giving a kind of High Five (with Scrapper slapping his shovel against Mixmaster's mixer). Next, they wonder what they're to do. Mixmaster says they should be building things, then transforms into robot mode. This surprises Scrapper, who never knew Mixmaster had that ability.... until Scrapper too transforms. As both bots figure out how they've gained all these new abilities, a red sports car drives by. They both take a liking to the car, remarking on the chassis and tight tailpipes. They both then transform into alt mode and pursue the car.

Chasing Car Booty and Bulkhead's Mixing Disaster

Meanwhile, Bulkhead is still at it trying to mix cement. He reads an encoding on his finger with the basic recipe (1 part cement, 1 part water and 1 part fixative), but wonders what a 'part' is. He assumes it's the same as a Cybertronian measurement and goes to work. However, it would seem that Bulkhead doesn't even have an understanding of Cybertronian units of measure and proceeds to dump a whole vat of fixative into this mix. The results are quite violent. As Bulkhead is knocked out from the explosion, the shockwaves upset a bale of girders still hanging from the crane. One girder works itself loose and threatens to land on Bulkhead.

Just about that time, the 2 new robots are whizzing by still in hot pursuit of the red car. Scrapper looks off to the side and notices the crane with the swinging girders. The bale holding the girders breaks and sets all the girders flying. The stress snaps the cables for the crane, and the boom also comes tumbling down. The 2 bots go to work. Scrapper manages to knock a girder out of Bulkhead's path just in time. Then they built a shelter to block the other pieces from falling on top of him.

Bulkhead's New Friends

Bulkhead comes to as a errant debris of concrete bounces off his head. Trying to gain his bearings, Scrapper tries to get him to remember what happened. However, Mixmaster already sees the problem. The fixative Bulkhead used was old and caused the explosion. Bulkhead sees the 2 bots and asks if they're Autobots or Decepticons, to which they get confused. Bulkhead's inquiry into what they are if not with other faction has them reminisce about how they were ordinary machines until a light hit them. Slowly, Bulkhead realizes that they've been infused with Allspark shards.

The 2 bots shrug off the Allspark theory, eager to clean the mess. Mixmaster pours the cement into the holes made by Bulkhead as Scrapper flushes the cement to the ground. Bulkhead is thankful for their help, but Mixmaster is more interested in finding oil. Mix then spots the old fixative barrel and crossly asks Bulkhead if he's going to leave it laying around. Bulkhead gives a sheepish look, then takes the fixative and puts it in a storage bin within him.

Less Than Autobot

As a drill penetrates sheetmetal, we see there is oil underneath. A tap is then placed on top and oil poured into a barrel. The barrel is then passed from Mix to Bulkhead. Bulkhead doesn't seem so sure that siphoning oil from an oil tanker is kosher, but Mix says they worked for it and it won't be missed as he guzzles down his barrel. Mix seems to think it's high grade oil (at least 40W, and not Synthetic) and encourages 'Bulkie' to drink up. Bulkhead takes a swallow and agrees with Mix. Scrapper then points out the red car appearing again, to which they both make more catcalls.

Bulkhead still doesn't seem convinced that they're doing the right thing with taking the oil. Mix then accuses Bulkhead of being 'a puny little yellow compact'. Scrapper joins in as Mix makes clucking noises. As both the bots laugh at their joke, Bulkhead takes offense and says his best friend (Bee) is a puny little yellow compact. Mix tells Bulkhead that they thought they were his friends. Bulkhead replies that he has lots of friends, then after thinking briefly asks the other 2 to come over and meet his friends.

Crashing The HQ

At Autobot HQ, Mix and Scrapper are carrying on as Bulkhead is chugging down oil. The other Autobots are watching unenthusiastically. Prowl leans over to Ratchet asking where Bulkhead found them. Ratchet replies disgustingly that it wasn't at charm school. As Bulkhead finishes his chug, Mix reminds him it's not finished until the barrel is flat. Bulkhead then flattens the barrel. At that point Sari, in nightclothes, wanders in wondering what all the noise is. Mix and Scrapper see Sari and remark that the Autobots have a 'pet'. This annoys Sari, but Prowl and Bee try to coax Sari to go back to sleep and that it's all a dream (a bad one according to Bee).

Optimus takes some time to counsel Bulkhead and ask him if it was wise to bring strangers to their HQ. Bulkhead says they're his friends, but when Optimus questions the length of their friendship, Bulkhead agrees he might have slipped up but vouches that they're good bots. Bulkhead begins to tell Optimus that his new friends aren't exactly gentlebots, but he's interrupted by Mix who wants to play Frisbee with his crushed barrel. Bulkhead tears off after the Frisbee and catches it... before crashing into a pile. Bulkhead tells Scrapper to think fast and tosses the Frisbee his way. Scrapper is too busy chugging oil to catch it and instead it catches Sari's pigtails.

Party's Over

Prime decides to be the party pooper and tell the 2 bots to break it up. Scrapper doesn't want to leave, but Mix convinces him to go. He calls to Bulkhead to follow them, but Optimus stops Bulkhead before he goes too far. Optimus questions as to whether it's a good idea to follow them around. Bulkhead tries to defend them, but Optimus seems convinced they're not Autobot material. Bulkhead still tries to defend his new friends, telling Optimus he doesn't believe them to be evil.

The next morning, we see Blitzwing and Lugnut trying to move portable containers uphill. In his cool mood, Blitzwing is upset that Megatron doesn't seem to be around for the hard work. Lugnut goes into his glory mongering and tells Blitzwing that Megatron will take them to new heights. That's when BW loses his footing. As the container's force of gravity skids BW downhill, he braces for a crash with the cement wall at the bottom. He stops suddenly, looking up to catch the two construction bots with Mix bracing the container.

From Constructobots to Constructicons

Mixmaster asks Blitzwing if he's OK. BW switches to rage mood, snapping if he looks ok, then switches to random mood and asks if his wing struts make him look fat. Lugnut makes it over and asks who they are. The 2 shrug and suggest they might be Autobots. The 2 Cons immediately prepare to blow the 2 construction bots apart, with BW switching back to rage mood. The 2 construction bots reconsider their choices and call themselves Constructobots. At that point, a police siren is heard.

Mix asks what that noise is, and Blitzwing (switching to cool mood) replying that it's the quitting bell. He tells the 2 Constructobots that it's time to pack up and go home, but they reply they have no home. This pleases BW, and with a coy smile tells the 2 Constructobots they can come home with him... provided they haul the Con's containers with them. Lugnut is upset that BW made this deal, but BW is convinced that once they got to the mines, they would be dealt with. Once at the mine, BW tells the 2 Constructobots that he is grateful for their help. Mix tells them it was nothing, and Scrapper suggests payment in 40W oil. BW replies he has something much better than that, as Lugnut positions himself behind the 2 and activates his rocket punch.

Megatron's Use

It is then that Megatron says "Wait". This throws Lugnut off balance and has him tumbling into the mine, shouting later that "I'm okay". Megatron mentions that the 2 might be useful, and invites them in. Inside, they remark that it's sparse, but roomy. Megatron tells them it's temporary. Scrapper then notices Sumdac in his holding cell and remarks to Mix that the Cons have a pet too. Megatron adds that he's a clever pet, then commands Sumdac to show the 2 new bots the Space Bridge schematics.

Mix seems impressed with the plans, but comments that they don't have enough supplies. Megatron confirms their knowledge of how much and of what materials they need... and also if they know where to find it. Mix assures him that they can handle it, much to Megatron's delight. The next morning, Bulkhead is at the overpass sight again looking for his friends. He is greeted with the 2 bots running from police drones. Bulkhead speeds ahead of the drones and cuts them off, as they crash into his side.


Bulkhead questions why the security bots were tailing them. Scrapper replies that they might have been after them for the steel they had. Bulkhead is distressed and said he thought they were helping someone. Mix begins to tell Bulkhead that they were helping some other bots, but Bulkhead knows right away they are talking about the Cons. He confirms it when Scrapper gives out BW and Lugnut's names. Bulkhead then tirades about the evil of the Cons, but Mix seems to think they were nice enough (especially Megatron). Bulkhead blows a circuit and tries to convince them that Megatron is the worst of the bunch. The 2 Constructobots now believe him, and decide to teach Megatron not to dupe them... as they dump their pile of steel on Bulkhead and take off.

Back at the mines, the 2 bots are pounding on the main door demanding to be let in. As Megatron approaches behind them, Mix begins approaching him. Megatron reacts by grabbing them both by the throat, throwing them against the side of the entrance and asking their intentions. Mix begins telling Megatron that he heard Megs was the scum of the earth. Acting immediately, Megatron looks surprised and asks where they heard that from. When Scrapper says Bulkhead, Megatron fills their heads with doubts about the Autobots, telling them how the Autobots forced the Cons off their home planet. Mix mentions they're confused, but the 2 Constructobots perk up when Megatron invites them to discuss it over some oil.

Setup for Betrayal

Mixmaster raises a barrel to his lips (which has been mimicked to resemble a goblet) and remarks how this oil makes the Autobot's stock taste like water. Megatron says it's a 'private blend' as Scrapper is seen in the background chugging straight from the barrel. Megatron them goes off on a speech asking why they would want to build highway bridges instead of space bridges. He tells them to be called Constructicons instead of Constructobots. He then adds that they would be heroes and monuments would be made in their honor (they could even make them themselves). Mix doesn't seem convinced, regarding Bulkhead as his friend still. Megatron then tells him he has a choice to make.

Meanwhile, at Autobot HQ, Optimus is learning that the 2 bots have seemingly defected. Bulkhead spins it saying they were going back to the Cons to pay them back. He suggest the 2 bots might lead them to the Con's HQ, but Prime seems more convinced that they'll lead the Cons to Autobot HQ. Bulkhead tries to convince Optimus that they'll do the right thing, but Optimus isn't sure if they even know what the right thing is. It's then that the Constructicons walk in. Bulkhead jokingly remarks that his friends (who are in the background and battle ready) suggest that the 2 bots are working for Megatron. Mix unfortunately confirms that rumor. Bulkhead seems let down and asks the 2 if they were ever friends. Mix assures Bulkie that they are still friends, which is why they haven't hurt them yet. They then ask for the pieces of the Sparkall... ahem... Allspark.

The Battle and the Letdown

Optimus interrupts and says it's over his dead body if they get it. Mix is annoyed with Optimus, referring to him as a dipstick in the mud, and shoves him back towards the other Autobots. Bumblebee coins up with "Hey! He's our dipstick!", Ratchet follows with his own retort... and a magnetic blast to Mix. Bulkhead asks for everyone to calm down, but Mix says they have to get the Allspark. Mix pays Ratchet back by tackling him down. Wasting no time, Prowl grabs his shurikens and aims them at Scrapper. As they reflect off Scrapper, he charges Prowl with his drill arm. Prowl dodges it, then leverages Scrapper and nails him to the ground. Mixmaster then ups the ante.

He has Bumblebee hostage, holding Bee over his head. He hostages Bee for the Allspark fragments. Optimus tries to stall Mix while thinking up another plan, although Mix reads into the stall. Optimus suggest that it'll take time to get the fragments together, but is shocked when Bulkhead hands them over to Mix. As Scrapper takes the Allspark storage unit, Bulkhead suggest they 'have one for the road', which pleases Mix. After they finish their barrels, they take off and throw Bumblebee aside. As Bee questions Bulkhead's intentions, Bulkhead says to trust him with a low head. He hangs his head lower as Ratchet berates him for his actions.

A Double Double Crossing

As the 2 Constructicons run off, Mix remarks on how easy that went. He then reacts as if he had indigestion. Meanwhile, Optimus is convinced they can still catch the Constructicons, but Bulkhead insists there's no rush with a smirk. Scrapper notices Mix's slowdown and teases that Mix can't handle it, but Mix tells him it's just vapor lock. Mix starts saying how the Con's oil is better, but then his condition worsens. As Mix begins to stall, Scrapper too starts feeling off. They both then seemingly explode. Optimus and the others notice this from a distance, and when they catch up to the Allspark Bulkhead admits that he spiked their oil with the unstable fixative he had stored.

The other Autobots note that the 2 Constructicons are coming too, but Bulkhead is now convinced to shut them down. The 2 Cons seem dazed, and Ratchet thinks the explosion scrambled their memory circuits. This doesn't stop Bulkhead from launching his mace in between the 2 of them. The 2 Cons beg for mercy, but Bulkhead said they should have thought of that before enleaguing with Megatron. As he launches his mace again, the 2 Cons have no clue who Megatron is. Bulkhead hangs his head in shame as the 2 Cons transform and skip out. In a switching of thoughts, Bulkhead writes off the Constructicons as hopeless. However, Optimus states that there's hope as long as they don't wear Decepticon insignias.


This episode started out strong and let out in a whimper. While I think the 2 Constructicons were benefited from getting an 'average construction worker Joe' type attitude, losing their memory at the end was a real downer for me. We again see how the Allspark is able to give machinery almost child-like and innocent life. There was definitely a strong message about trust and true friendship in this episode. However, the message was too heavy and detracted from the plot. Too bad, it could have been better in my opinion.

DateMay 19th 2008  
Score 6 stars (6 out of 10)  

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