Sari, No One's Home - Animated Episode 27

The episode begins at Autobot HQ, where Prowl is going through self-initiated training. He has set up the factory for an agility test. As he moves through this 'test', he shows off his agility and prowess. Sari is there to cheer him on and at the end gives her applause. Donned in rollerblading gear, she then voices her desire to try it out. Prowl is apprehensive about it, suggesting they try it at 1/4 speed. As her helmet falls over her eyes, she says she can do it as well as him... blindfolded. As Prowl helps her with the helmet, then helps her on to the conveyor, he tells Sari that if she can make it to the end he might ratchet up the speed. However, her arrogance won't listen. Prowl starts the test and after some hesitation, Sari goes off. She can't even make it past the first robotic arm without being knocked off the course.

The Drip

As Sari comes off the shock, she proclaims that the test cheats. Prowl picks up Sari off the ground and tells her she'll improve with time. About this time, Bulkhead enters the room trying to shush them up. He urges them to listen, and a steady drip can be heard. As Prowl and Sari look at each other, Bulkhead is being driven to madness by the drip and wants to know where it's coming from. The other 2 continue to stare in confusion at each other as Bulkhead shows anger in his voice. Cut to the rec room where Ratchet and Bumblebee are watching local news. A scan of the room shows the drip coming from a leak in Bee's left arm.

Bulkhead cuts in front of Bee, who seems rather out of it, picks him up, and demands he stops leaking. Ratchet intervenes and uses his magnet claw to collect Bee from Bulkhead. Ratchet seems to think Bee needs a tuneup, but Bee says he's fine as he flails his arm around splashing oil everywhere. Prowl and Sari enter the room along with Optimus. He informs the crew that he picked up a local broadcast indicating Mixmaster and Scrapper are causing mayhem again. Directing their attention to the TV, the broadcast reports the 2 Constructicons making off with 100 barrels of oil before escaping via smokescreen.

Child Left Behind

Optimus wants to find the 2 before Megatron does. He's worried that Megatron will bring them back into the Decepticon fold. Bumblebee wonders if they will remember the Autobots. Ratchet replies that after the last encounter, they only seem to remember guzzling oil and being obnoxious. Bee concludes that they're halfway to being Cons already. The Autobots rush off (with Bee still in Ratchet's magnetic grip). As Sari follows, Optimus cuts her off. Being that the Constructicons almost took her head off last time, Optimus doesn't want to put Sari in that danger again. Sari reminds him of when she fought the Space Barnacles by herself, but Prime says that a human is no match for a 2 story robot. He then joins the others, leaving Sari to herself.

As the Autobots rush off, we still see Bumblebee's leak persisting through his left door. Back at base, Sari wallows in her own misery of being left behind. She doesn't know how they'll find the Constructicons without her key. She whines about being stuck at base all alone... then a light bulb goes off in her head. She uses her key to entertain herself, making the vending machine dump a payload of candy and using the factory machinery as carnival rides. She also takes the time to make another attempt at Prowl's test... full speed. She almost does it too, until her early victory spiel takes her mind off the arm from behind which smacks her off the conveyor.

The Trouble With Oil

Back on the road, the Autobots are still on the hunt, with Bee still leaking. This infuriates Bulkhead, who manages to find a bumper sticker to plug the leak. In the city, Scrapper tells Mix they finally ditched the cops before letting off a belch. As they plan their next move, Mixmaster notices a trail of fresh oil on the road. He takes a sample of it and while not the best, it's still oil to him. He laments that he can't remember where they had 'the really good stuff'. The 2 then run off following the trail.

At Decepticon HQ, Megatron monitors the 2 bots. Blitzwing is watching with him, mentioning that they might be able to complete their space bridge with their help. Megatron commands Blitzwing to retrieve the Constructicons, noting that the signal dampers should prevent the Autobots from finding them first. He also warns Blitzwing not to engage the Autobots. Handing him a barrel of oil, Megatron tells Blitzwing it should help lure the Constructicons out. Blitzwing takes the barrel, assumes jet mode and leaves to find his quarry.

The Break-In

The 2 Constructicons follow Bumblebee's trail of oil back to Autobot HQ, where Sari is meditating while listening to music whilst humming the TF theme song. Scrapper asks how they'll get through the door, and Mixmaster responds by mixing up an acid which eats through the door. As Sari continues enjoying her music, she fails to notice the intruder alarm going off. As Mix marvels at his work before entering, the Autobots are in a different part of town scoping out construction sites. Bee notices a mixer truck and, assuming it's Mixmaster, goes into robot mode and blasts it with his stingers. A construction worker in the truck lowers his window and calmly asks Bee, "Dude, why you wailing on my truck?" Bee shamefully apologizes, with Bulkhead being sure the oil leak frazzled his circuits. Bee tries to defend his mechanical condition, but the bumper sticker 'band-aid' breaks off, leaking a puddle of oil.

Back at Autobot HQ, Scrapper has a case of bad Deja Vu, telling Mix they've been here before and the ending wasn't good. Mix also feels that they've been there, but he's more interested in finding some oil than sticking around. Sari, meanwhile, skates around the complex still oblivious to any intruders... until she slams into Scrapper. As she turns around to make an exit, she finds Mixmaster blocking her way. Mix asks her innocently enough where they might find oil. Sari does the only thing she can think of at this point... freak out and scream.


As Sari screams her lungs out, Scrapper and Mixmaster try to plug up their audio receptors. Scrapper repeats his feelings about the place. Mix tries to grab Sari, and she dodges him. Now done with screaming, she tries to confirm their allegiance to the Decepticons before using her key to lower a bay door on Scrapper. Escaping through the narrow gap of the door, Scrapper begs Mix for help. Mix pulls Scrapper from the door. Scrapper again goes off about the place being hexed... then wonders out loud what a Decepticon is. Mix is sure that Sari knows where the oil is being kept and tells Scrapper they have to follow her. Scrapper fears that this is what fried their memory circuits in the first place and takes a head shot from Mix. Mix tells Scrapper he's a excavator, not a golf cart, to grow a backhoe and to find some oil.

The Autobots at this point have split up. Prowl reports no sighting. Optimus checks in with Bulkhead, who is just about to copy Prowl's report before noticing Blitzwing flying by. Bumblebee snaps off that without Sari's key, finding the Constructicons is hopeless (interestingly enough, his leak has stopped). Optimus tells Bee that Sari is safer at base. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Currently, Sari is skating in panic through the complex. She tries to take a breather (noting she overloaded on candy), but goes off again when she hears approaching footsteps.

New Concerns

The Autobots have now regrouped in a parking lot. They all confirm they spotted nothing out of the ordinary. Bumblebee continues to state that they need Sari's key and attempts to call her. Sari is currently hiding under her bed as Scrapper approaches her room. Scrapper looks around and is about to continue on until Sari's phone rings. He picks up her phone trying to figure out what it is. Mix startles him and Scrapper loses balance of the phone. Mix grabs the phone, slams it on the ground (breaking it) and tells Scrapper to quit messing around and find oil. Sari now has an anger streak starting... because she lost her ringtones.

Above the New Detroit skyline, Blitzwing is looking for the Constructicons as well. He notices the Autobots and his rage mood gets the better of him, as he wants to crush them into nail filings. BW's cold mood regains control as he reminds himself of his orders from Megatron. Leave it to his random mode to state he likes nail filings on top of servo salad. Back on the ground, Bumblebee is worried that Sari won't pick up her phone. Ratchet notices BW's freefall upon them and tells the Autobots to scatter. Bulkhead just stands there, rubbing it in that he knew he saw Blitzwing. Blitzwing, still in random mood, fires off hot and cold shots. Prowl takes note and pushes Bulkhead out of harm's way just in time.

Stand and Fight

Sari tries to think through her situation. With her cel phone destroyed, she surmises that she has to reach the communications room to hail the Autobots. However, she's also worried that the Constructicons will trash the place before the Autobots can make it back. Staring at her smiling white teddy bear, she toughens up and decides to defend the base herself. She is still bent on proving that she can hold her own in a fight. Back in the city, the Autobots are running from BW. Optimus is adamant that they must leave the city and take the fight away from the humans. This is hampered by their running into a traffic jam.

As the Autobots transform into robot mode and brainstorm as to why the vehicles are stopped, Prowl shows more concern about Blitzwing, who also transforms into robot mode in his rage mood. He takes a tanker truck in each hand and hurls them at the Autobots. Ratchet attempts to catch them with his magnet claws. While the force and weight of the trucks almost overpower him, he manages to minimize casualties and prevent an explosion. Prime thanks Ratchet for his quick thinking, then commands him and Bee to clear out the humans while the rest of them deal with Blitzwing.

Sari's Plan

Bulkhead engages his mace ball and spins it around in an attempt to become Blitzwing's target, saying that BW always targets him first. BW goes into tank mode and scores a direct hit on Bulkhead, knocking him back several hundred feet. As Bulkhead finally lands, all he can say is "Called it". Sari is preparing for her own battle back at base. She adjusts her safety gear and prepares to go on the attack with a hockey stick. The Constructicons are busy critiquing the rec room. Mix is complaining about the shoddy construction while Scrapper admires the big screen TV. Sari, determined that they won't break her TV, goes on the attack and takes a swipe at Mix.

As the 2 Constructicons look at her, her hockey stick breaks in 2 and she admits she's out of ideas. As she skates off, Mix wonders what that was all about and the 2 Cons follow her. They check in Prowl's room, but find nothing. We see Sari hiding behind the tree as they walk off. The 2 Constructicons continue their search, calling out to Sari and telling her they won't hurt her... much. It's all futile, as Sari escapes the compound via a discharge tube. The re-enters the compound and reaches the communication room.

Sari's Second Plan

Sari is able to hail Bumblebee, who is glad to hear from her. Sari tells Bee that the Autobots have to get back to base, as the Constructicons are tearing it apart. She then sees the action behind Bee. Blitzwing has Prowl in his grasp while Bulkhead is trying to hold him down. As BW tosses Prowl into the horizon, Bee tells Sari to stay cool and they'll return as soon as they can. Sari asks if they're OK. Bee asks her to define OK just as BW jumps him and the communication is cut short. Sari wonders how she'll get rid of the Constructicons now... then hatches a plan as she spies some oil barrels.

Mix asks Scrapper if he can smell what's in the air. Scrapper says he can almost taste it. The 2 follow the scent into the factory floor. They then spot Sari leaning against some oil barrels. She has a malicious look on her face, and she asks them if they're thirsty. The 2 cons look at each other, Mix starts to demand Sari back off of the oil. Scrapper tries to warn Mix that it's a trap, but Mix doesn't seem to care. Sari does what he asks... sort of. Using the robotic arms, she takes 3 barrels and dumps it in front of them, making them lose their balance and fall to the ground. She giggles, then skates off.


As Blitzwing taunts them from a distance, the Autobots huddle to form a battle plan. Bee tells the others that Sari is being attacked by the Constructicons. Prime tells them to form Omega formation. Bee starts the attack with his stingers, which gets BW's attention if nothing else. Meanwhile, Bulkhead launches Prowl airborne, who dons his battle mask. He lands a flying kick on BW, effectively knocking him down. Next, Ratchet attempts to use his magnet claws to pin BW down. However, BW gets his wind back and takes Ratchet hostage instead. As Blitzwing dares the Autobots to blast him (and Ratchet) in his cold mood, he gets an unexpected interruption. Megatron seems peeved that BW hasn't followed orders. BW lets Ratchet go and jets off. The Autobots briefly wonder what just happened, but Optimus reminds them of the urgency of returning to HQ.

Scrapper and Mix try to collect themselves after slipping in the oil. Scrapper wants to leave, convinced more than ever that Sari is a curse. Mix is still convinced there's more oil to be found. As they try to crawl out of the puddle, Scrapper is content trying to drink the oil off the ground. They manage to get back on their feet, but now they have a different problem. Sari has started up the factory floor again, and as she cruises by on a conveyor she asks the 2 bots if they have an outhouse to build. Mix has the desire to crush her now, but Scrapper says to not get 'it' mad.

The Deconstruction

Sari advises them that it's too late for that, and using her key, starts a new factory process. Scrapper lunges for her, but misses. As Sari skates off, 2 robotic arms seize Scrapper. Next, it's Mixmaster's turn. Sari runs the course, dodging the arms along the way. Mix follows her, but has a much harder time dodging the obstacles as they take hold of him. The machines proceed to beat upon the 2 Constructicons before reuniting them on top of one another. The worst is yet to come for them though, as they get riveted (then welded) together. With another flick of the key, a magnet picks the two up, carries them to the floor entrance and deposits them on the ground. Mix is finally convinced of Scrapper's paranoia. As Sari confronts them again, they decide to vamoose.

The Autobots rush back to base, and upon arriving notice the "door" that Mixmaster carved. Optimus fears the worst, but Bumblebee expresses relief as Sari comes out to greet them. The Autobots asks Sari where the 2 Cons are, but Sari gloats about how she got rid of them and tries to rub Optimus' earlier words in his face. Optimus ends up apologizing to her and commends her on her work. This lasts until they enter the base and notice all the empty candy wrappers. In another part of the city, the two Constructicons are still on the run. Mix again tells Scrapper that he was right all along. As they wonder if they finally lost her, they are greeted by Blitzwing who flies in and transforms into his cold mood. Blitzwing offers them some oil and upon drinking it, Mix remembers that this is the 'good stuff'. Mix asks where BW got it from, and BW says there's more where that came from. Motioning the 2 Constructicons to follow him, the screen circles in and ends the episode.


The main point of this episode was reintroducing the Constructicons into the arc. They did this successfully, but they didn't really tie things together too well. For one, what ever became of Bumblebee's oil leak. It was like once the Constructions found his leak (and the Autobot base), the leak miraculously disappeared. The "Home Alone" cues also showed a bit of uncreativeness. The moral, of course, was not to underestimate one's abilities. While not a terrible episode, it is at best luke warm and perhaps one of the most underwhelming of the series.

DateJune 21st 2008  
Score 5 stars (5 out of 10)  

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