A Bridge Too Close, Part One and Two - Animated Episode 28 and 29

So the Transformers Animated two-part Season Two (say that ten times fast) is finally here, and man is this an epic battle! All the greats are back and they were even able to sneak in a new bot, too! Let's start it off as usual with the recap and then I'll let you know what I think.


The New Decepticons

Megatron swears in and brands Mix and Scrapper as Decepticons thanking them for building their Space Bridge. They turn it on, but it doesn’t work and Sumdac says he may need additional help.

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Cut to Starscream, he begins to add pieces of the AllSpark fragment embedded in his head to his clones. The clones and Starscream start to bicker with one another until a Blackarachnia version tells him that each clone represents a side of him. When Starscream asks the Blackarachnia version what side he represents, she tells him not to ask.

Mystery Bot

Back down underground, Megatron is receiving an update briefing that the Decepticon uprising is weakening the Autobot forces. Megatron loves the news, but has another task: track down the top Space Bridge technician and deliver him to Earth. His liaison checks on the network for that individual, but it turns out that the leading technician is already on Earth. It turns that it’s Bulkhead, who scored higher than anybody else. However, he has no other discernable skills.

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While Megatron and his liaison are speaking, an unknown blue sports car is driving in an unknown place. The monitor within the vehicle is playing a video of the conversation. When Megatron says that he will make Bulkhead an offer he cannot refuse in order to finish building the Space Bridge, the vehicle makes a 180-degree turn and takes off in the other direction.

More Than Meets The Eye

At the Autobot base, Bulkhead is painting a portrait of Sari. She complains about being tired and asks for a break. Nobody understands the painting that he calls Picasso-like art. The other Autobots are trying to give advice on how to make his painting better, but they only wind up making it worse. Bulkhead grows upset and goes to find another canvas.

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Megatron is speaking with Lugnut and Blitzwing that he will deal with Bulkhead alone while he wants his top lieutenants to pick up something for him at Sumdac Tower. Lugnut speaks of his unease with leaving Sumdac under the guard of the Constructicons. Megatron agrees and takes Sumdac with him.

Mystery Car Revealed

Sari is trying to comfort Bulkhead, but Bumblebee comes and makes it a little worse. But the consolation process is interrupted when Megatron swoops in and attacks him. Sari finds out that her father is alive and well (sort of) in the front compartment.

Megatron transforms and strategically places Sumdac square on the Decepticon logo on his chest. Bumblebee prepares to shoot, but Sari and Bulkhead tell him that doing so will hurt Isaac.

Just then, the mysterious sports car shows up again and Bumblebee leaves Bulkhead and Sari behind to intercept the vehicle. Once he stops the car, he radios Bulkhead but sees Megatron hauling away Bulkhead’s unconscious chassis.

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Turning his attention back to the mysterious car, Bumblebee tells “Zippy” to start talking. The Transformer is revealed to be Blurr, a member of the Elite Guard. He begins his speedy rant that he is an Autobot intelligence agent, sent to Earth to monitor Optimus Prime and the Earth Autobots and monitor Decepticon activity. He says everything was going according to plan until he intercepted a feed from a known Decepticon double agent and came to stop Megatron from abducting Bulkhead.

The Ultimatum

Bulkhead is being hauled into the Decepticon headquarters. Megatron tells him that if he does not cooperate, he will cut his head off and replace it with the Headmaster that he took from Sumdac Tower. Using Bulkhead’s own weaponry, he will destroy the people he cares about starting with Isaac Sumdac.

As Megatron threatens him, he sees the Constructicons and pleas for their help, but they do not remember him since their memory wipe. Defeated, Bulkhead agrees to finish building his Space Bridge.

Back at the Autobot base, Blurr is briefing the Autobots on everything that has happened. The Autobots are shocked to hear that Bulkhead is the leading Space Bridge technician on all of Cybertron. To save him, Optimus Prime mobilizes the Autobts and also promises Sari that he will bring Isaac back safely.


Meanwhile, Bulkhead and Isaac are arguing about where to put a certain component for the Space Bridge. After a bit, Isaac begins to think that Bulkhead is trying to sabotage the construction to the preposterous things Bulkhead is saying. Bulkhead becomes angry at the thought that people do not think he knows what he is talking about and tells Isaac that he will be the authority. Isaac goes along, still believing that he is trying to sabotage the Space Bridge.

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Back in space, Starscream is lecturing his clones, but is having issues trying to control them as they take off towards Earth.

The Battle Begins

Ratchet and Sari are on the Autobot ship and find that nothing is working. Ratchet has the idea to put the remaining AllSpark fragments into the AllSpark chamber of the ship and have a chance at jumpstarting the ship.

Meanwhile, Blurr, Prime, Bumblebee, and Prowl drive up to secondary entrance of the excavation tunnels that Megatron and his Decepticons are operating out of. The Autobots enter the tunnel and believe that they are in the clear but are ambushed by Lugnut and Blitzwing. After a brief struggle, Blurr literally runs circles around the two Decepticons, who emerge with Stasis cuffs around their wrists.

Further in the tunnels, Bulkhead pleads for Megatron to let him and Sumdac go now that they have finished his Space Bridge. As a demonstration that it works, Sumdac, who still believes that Bulkhead was trying to sabotage the construction, activates the Space Bridge, only surprised to see that it actually works.

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Megatron begins his conquest speech but is blown away when the Autobots blow out a section of the wall in the tunnel. The Constructicons ambush the Autobots, only in time to see Starscream and his clones entering and circling above.


Starscream and his clones concentrate their attack on Megatron, who asks for Scrapper to find Lugnut and Blitzwing and Mix for back-up. Mix is reluctant at first until a laser cuts through his motor oil container.

Optimus Prime frees himself and Prowl and grabs Bumblebee to go and fight the Starscreams. After a struggle, a Starscream clone struggling to free himself from Mix’s concrete mix sticks into Blurr and the two fall into the Space Bridge.

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Bulkhead tries to get them back but he doesn’t know where they went as he never set destination coordinates. He is knocked aside by the feminine clone. Bumblebee tells Bulkhead to use the Statis cuffs, but the clone uses them on him instead.

An Old Friend

Back on the Autobot ship, Sari is confused by Ratchet speaking to the ship, but she is corrected as the ship begins to speak. The robot still believes he’s in the Great War and cannot remember much, but Ratchet says they will catch up later. Ratchet explains to Sari that his old friend hasn’t been alive to two million stellarcycles and that he sacrificed his spark to win the wars and has been in modified stasis ever since. Ratchet tells him that he needs his help and will get him in “ship shape” in no time.

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After a long battle, Bumblebee is in concrete, Prime is damaged, Prowl is in Stasis cuffs, and Megatron has been overpowered by the Starscreams. Just as Starscream is about to slice into Megatron, Sumdac, using the Headmaster, cuts off Starscream’s head and replaces it with the Headmaster.

However, this effort proved fruitless and Megatron throws a clone at Sumdac, knocking the Headmaster off, and the body falling on top of Starscream’s head. Starscream orders the clones to attack Megatron, but his own betrayals backfire and they join Megatron.

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On the Autobot ship, Ratchet and Sari restore the ship’s memory just enough so he can function. With the help of the AllSpark key, the ship breaks loose from the side of the mountain.

Back in the tunnels, Bulkhead, Prowl, and Prime wake up to see the Decepticons are all back together. Prowl begins to use his ninja training and hums, believing that using his processors over matter, he will be able to free himself from the cuffs.

A Traitor Amongst

Bulkhead tells Megatron that the Space Bridge is useless unless he has a person on the receiving side. Bumblebee reminds Bulkhead that they caught Wasp back at boot camp, but is interrupted by the known Decepticon double agent, who turns out to be Longarm. At this time, Bumblebee finds out that he sent an innocent bot to the Stockade.

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Megatron grabs Prime and tells Longarm to prepare to receive the test subject, but is interrupted by the attack from the Autobot ship. He orders the Constructicons to clear the area and the rest of the Decepticons to attack the ship.

Supreme Ship

The ship begins to nosedive, but Ratchet tells him to switch to his emergency defense mode, keyword “Omega.” The ship doesn’t believe he can, but Ratchet and Sari give him an extra boost and the ship transforms into Omega Supreme. The Decepticons attack him and he almost falls, but after Ratchet and Sari help him out again, he is able to easily defeat his opponents.

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In the tunnels, just as Megatron throws Prime into the Space Bridge, Prowl is able to free himself from his cuffs with his ninja training and frees Prime from his cuffs. Right as that happens, Prime latches himself onto Megatron and pulls himself back from the Space Bridge.

The Space Bridge’s power core is not powerful enough so Megatron takes Starscream and throws him in, overloading it. Longarm reports that the destination codes have been deleted.

The Final Struggle

As a last ditch task, Megatron attempts to destroy Prime, but Prime surprises him by slapping Stasis cuffs on him. Megatron loses function and is dragged into the Space Bridge.

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The Autobots and Constructions are holding onto their dear life, but Omega Supreme steps in to absorb the transwarp energy, sacrificing himself.

The “Shocker”

As Sari and Isaac reunite, the tunnels start to collapse and the Autobots roll out safely.

Isaac comments that he is happy the ordeal is over. Sari tells the Autobots that she was right all along about her father not helping the Decepticons, and that he is as honest as they come. But she is unable to finish the sentence, as her scraped up elbow doesn’t reveal flesh, it reveals a robot panel. Everybody is shocked and the attention turns to Isaac, who tells Sari that they need to talk.

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Just Like Old Times

In the nothingness of space, Megatron and Starscream are staring at one another and bickering about who should stop staring at whom.


Wow! What an awesome season finale that definitely packed a great story and some awesome battles into one clump.

While some may not enjoy the Autobot ship becoming Omega Supreme, we all knew this series was going to be a big change from what we knew from the previous generations and I am willing to accept this new turn of events. Plus, who can deny that Omega Supreme kicked ass? Although it kind of sucks it was short lived through is ultimate sacrifice.
br /> The humor in this story was thoroughly paced. Between Prime telling Bulkhead he needed a caption on his abstract art, the Bumblebee and Blurr interactions, and the Starscream clones, this episode pulled the pieces that have made Transformers Animated fun so far in this finale of finales.

Oh, and who didn’t see the shocker at the end coming? Isaac! You got a lot of splaining to do! Kudos (yes the candy bars) to you guys who called this one!

Can’t wait for season three!

DateJune 29th 2008  
Score 10 stars (10 out of 10)  

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