Takara TOMY Diaclone DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX Design Interview and Images

Dengeki Hobby have posted a new article featuring an overview of the TAKARA TOMY Diaclone" series DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX that was just announced. They have interview the product designer, Motoki Takatani, about the design of the V-MAX and many of the concepts behind it. Read on to see Part 1 of the translated interview and many new images from Takara TOMY of DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX.

TAKARATOMY's "Diaclone" series "DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX" is approaching the development process! Interview with toy designer Motoki Takatani, Part 1 - Battle Convoy V-MAX: Birth

Takara Tomy's original SF toy "Diaclone" series woven by movable figures with a height of only about 3 cm (1/60 scale), and a large volume battle movement base "Diaclone DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX" boasting high play value Has appeared. The cab machine, which can be separated into two, a flying machine and a traveling machine, can be changed into a powerful humanoid combat machine with various weapons built-in, and also equipped with functions that can be linked to verse systems such as bollet cores and joints of each part. , "Operation Command Base", "Combat Mobile Base", "Storage Transport Base", "Maintenance Work Base", "Bolet Core / V Mover Storage Base", "PS Chamber Storage Base", "Triverse Mother Ship", etc. , Various specialized operations are possible according to the purpose.

We interviewed Mr. Motoki Takatani, a toy designer of TAKARATOMY, who is the central figure in the product development, about this product.

This week is the first part , which focuses on the development process of this product, and next week is the second part, which focuses on future developments Will be delivered over 2 weeks.

First of all, please tell us about the development process of "DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX".

As you know, the current Diaclone line started with Dia Battles V2 as the first step, but starting from the motorcycle hangar of Battles V2 Unit 3, various powered suit chambers, big powered GV base mode, Buffalo Mk.IV Most of the items released so far, such as the multi-chamber mounting function and the sky jacket mounting system, have some kind of base play element.

This is an item that incorporates the most authentic base play elements in the series, but there were several stages before its completion.

The first stage is when planning to restart Diaclone. The current Diaclone line attaches great importance to role-playing (playing while imagining various situations) elements, so we would like to incorporate base items that can be easily understood and effectively appealed as soon as possible from the time of planning. I did. When I was thinking about what to introduce, the first thing I had in my mind was the Battle Convoy. Since it is a Diaclone brand battle convoy in terms of rights, it can be commercialized freely, and since this item has elements of base play and humanoid battle machine play, clearly present the direction of the new Diaclone to be developed in the future. Is a choice because it is easy to do.

That said, as you know, the first Battle Convoy was renewed as a character that can be said to be an icon of Transformers after it was released as Diaclone, and it has gained worldwide recognition, so tentatively, "Diaclone will restart! Diaclone line, which had little recognition at the time when I said "Is a battle convoy!", Couldn't get rid of the fear that it would end up being laughed at as "the other power application project that relies on Transformers". I gave up because I didn't have it. Therefore, I didn't mention the battle convoy in the proposal, and even after that, I dared not mention the battle convoy, which has a strong connection with Transformers. However, I can not give up the original fun and potential of the original battle convoy toy without all the recognition and title, and I want to return the battle convoy as a Diaclone line toy someday. I kept it for a long time.

After that, the line development will start starting with Battles V2, but as I mentioned at the beginning as an activity toward the realization of base items, we will continue to appeal by incorporating base elements for each item and make several single base prototypes. I continued to explore the possibilities by holding reference exhibits. Base items are made up of a combination of large parts, so a large investment is inevitable. Besides, the push is overwhelmingly weak compared to machines like Battles V2, so if it doesn't work, it means "It's no good at the base, it's a robot after all". After that, if the base item becomes NG and it affects , it is the worst, so I have to be careful.

The next stage is the time when we were considering the project, which would later become the current triverse. The aim of introducing the medium-sized combat machine series is to reduce the size as a cost measure that continues to rise, and to develop a series that can suppress the selling price as much as possible including peripheral products, in the sense of medium-sized size, the car robot series in the initial Diaclone series and It is equivalent to the Dasher series. Here, I made a flow that large items to store them are necessary in the lineup, and made the battle convoy emerge with full satisfaction. At this time, Diaclone had already been established as a standard line to some extent in terms of name recognition, product evaluation, sales performance, etc., and it was in a situation where it was differentiated from Transformers, so it can be done now! I was convinced that I entered a concrete concept with commercialization in mind. However, the actual product development work will be done after all the development of 4 Triverses, 3 Vers Riser, Waldaros Giganter, Soldier Waldaros, etc., so it will take a lot of time.

The final stage is the development stage of the actual battle convoy. Actually, during the too long concept period, I felt the other power of the transformer reliance at the beginning of the series launch. I was worried that I would be surprised, and my conviction fluctuated, and I was wondering, "Is it really okay with Battle Convoy?" Doesn't it have to be a battle convoy? Anything is fine as long as it is a base theme? However, I was quite annoyed by the dilemma that the return of the battle convoy was a big deal, but in the end, I decided to put the naming on hold and basically go with the concept of a battle convoy-like machine as a product.

Battle convoy, to be exact, "battle convoy-like machine" at this point, even after entering the concrete mechanism examination, even at the stage of designing the mechanism block model with 3DCG, the head of the CG model The CG mechanism block model for the final design, which was eventually handed over to the design design company instead of the convoy head, was in a temporary head state. The body was made of Shioume, which can be anything, so if the head is different, it can be said that it is not a battle convoy, or making a sighing escape route and really indecisive until the very end. You did.

The final decision to go as was to commercialize the "TF (Transformers) Team" as a Battle Convoy when the final design work other than the head in CAD at the design design company was completed. It was when I heard from people that it was okay. " Actually, it may have been the personal opinion of someone in the TF team, but for some reason I felt like I could interpret it as "Battle Convoy was entrusted by Transformers". I decided my heart. Is it something like a self-suggestion at the end of being cornered? After that, I immediately modeled the design of the Battle Convoy head and sent it to the design design company, and it was fine and completed as .

In the first Dia Battles V2, it was a very small scale of loading and unloading battle bikes. Five years have passed since then, and the 65th edition has finally realized an item that can embody the original potential of the current Diaclone line with the return of Battle Convoy. It also means that the Diaclone line will start in earnest as a with all the elements.

About the naming of this product * "Battle Convoy" was a popular item in the old Diaclone series.

Many people think of "Convoy" as the commander character of Transformers. As I mentioned a little earlier, this time we are developing it as an item that follows the flow of the original Battle Convoy of the original Diaclone before it was packaged as such an anime character toy. The word "Battle Convoy" is too big to carry more than just naming, so I changed it to another name such as "Dia Convoy" or "Convoy Detonator" and was wondering whether to use it until the end, but in the end Has inherited the title "Battle Convoy" along with the latest Battle Convoy head, and has become the aircraft name with the model identification code of the V-MAX type of the series.

By the way, at the time of this release, the expression "Battle Fleet", which is a direct translation of "Battle Convoy (= BATTLE CONVOY)", is emphasized by incorporating it into the settings and catch copy, but this is the original title that is not the anime character name. It expresses the intention to return the Battle Convoy to the Diaclone world with the meaning shown.

What kind of position and backbone will this be in Diaclone's world view?

From a global perspective, it is positioned as the latest successor to the Battle Convoy series, which has undergone repeated model changes for decades after the first model was deployed. Since it is the same series, it incorporates some common elements, but I would like you to consider the as a completely different aircraft from the original Battle Convoy. So, if you look at V-MAX and get the impression that "this is no longer that battle convoy", that's exactly what it means.

Regarding the backbone, as a major premise, is neither a hero mecha who plays a leading role nor a miracle superhero who has a special power, like ordinary Diaclone machines so far. It is a very general mass-produced machine operated by.

In the current Diaclone world, the actual vehicle camouflage function that was implemented in some machine series in the past period is no longer necessary. The Battle Convoy series no longer needs to be in the form of a camouflaged cab truck and a camouflaged mobile base, and like other Diaclone machine series, it will respond to the era of multi-use combat function priority.

The biggest feature of the Battle Convoy series is the cooperation with mobile base machines. Each function will be strengthened according to the battle situation, the mobile base will evolve into a huge self-propelled machine instead of a towed type, and the guardian deity battle convoys who control the defense of the mobile base will attack each era It will be updated while adding functions corresponding to the posture.

As for V-MAX, unpredictable Walder's sub-air raid attacks occurred too often, and it became a situation that could not be covered by interception response based on fixed bases in each area, so it is mobile. It's like the latest battle convoy model that has been updated to create a mobile interception posture by deploying a large number of battle convoy units that function as bases in various locations.

When planning and developing products in the same series, it is not possible to proceed with an idea without a clue every time, so a certain amount of reliance is required. The setting and positioning of the world view as I just talked about is necessary as a basis for planning and development, but it is just a guideline for making products, so if you deviate from this setting when playing with products, it is absolutely strict. It's not a compulsory promise. Therefore, I would like you to freely grasp and play as you really think, "My V-MAX is not a mass production type!" I myself think, "My Rhino Grander has the ability to fly!"

Please tell us about the appealing points of this product with individual explanations.

As I say many times, this is the latest model in the Battle Convoy series.

It is a multi-system type battle machine of the Battles series class developed as a two-machine combination machine by the flight machine MAX-01 and the traveling machine MAX-02. The configuration is similar to the Triverse series, but the size regulation is different, so it is not an aircraft designed as a Triverse. If anything, it's a design that makes Dia Battles V2 a verse with two machines.

The multi-system is a versatile system that has both the compatibility function of the arm unit with other aircraft and the compatibility function with the verse system, and the direction of expanding the range of choices of its own strengthening pattern and the compatibility of unit supply to other aircraft. It aims in two directions: to improve sex. Since it is often operated in the operation development area away from the base where it is difficult to obtain supplies, it is a setting because it is a base cooperation machine that also functions as a material supply warehouse in a sense.

It is clear that the battle style is a power type from the warrior type body type. In addition, the missile pod on the chest, the machine gun on the shoulder, and other weapons are built in everywhere, so the firepower battle is also quite cool.

It is a VTOL machine full of weapons. The landing gear can be stored. The cockpit module is compatible with MAX-02, bollet core, V mover, etc. It also serves as the head of the Rhino Grander.


The flat form of the MAX-02 is a multi-use machine that acts as a base cooperation machine for transporting goods and acting as a mobile deck, and in battle it is a multi-use machine that puts a huge armament on the top and goes into a gun mode with the upper deck deployed.

Multiple attack combat vehicle

By combining the flight machine MAX-01 and the traveling machine MAX-02 that make up the aircraft, it becomes a multiple attack combat vehicle MAV. MAX-01 and MAX-02 are the main forms and MAV is the sub form. It can be said that it is in the scramble mode state in Battles V2.

Pod Grander

A container pod machine that explodes with four high-power crawlers. You can now operate it as an independent giant super machine. Since the battle bike can be stored in the crawler panel part with the members on it, you can enjoy "scramble while driving! Situ", but if you feel that it is a little ... it can also be used as a convenient accessory case. .. The cockpit is separated as an independent flight machine . Since the connection part rotates, you can select either the cockpit surface or the rear nozzle surface for the exposed part.

Armed with a total of four atom breaker cannons and two double detonator cannons in the front intake. Of course, users should not be content with it, and I would like them to make use of the various armed parts they have and the large number of 4 mm concave joints on the aircraft to make them overarmed like a hedgehog. With an expansion set or destroyer arm attached to the front, it looks like a huge mech machine.


He is a hard worker who plays multiple roles such as a flight attack machine, a grander's cockpit, a base command tower, and a base command seat. There are also 3mm and 4mm concave joints at the bottom of the machine, so you can turn the DFO into a mech machine with your own parts. The cockpit section can be lowered like an elevator using the slide rail on the front panel of the base, so it also functions as a captain's seat or a command seat. Of course, you can perfectly reproduce "Situation of the captain who abandons other members and escapes first with DFO just before the base is attacked and wrecked".

Battle mother ship, Rhino Grander

can be operated as a huge battle mother ship by integrating with Pod Grander. This form is the machine mode of V-MAX and mobile base and is the basic form. You can prevent rattling by properly arranging the chamber fixture when storing the MAX-02 in the cabin.

My image of is that the V-MAX that forms the fleet is not in the same form, but the V-MAX group in different modes such as Pod Grander, Rhino Grander, Scramble Link Mode and its surroundings are MAX-01. It's like flying MAX-02 running. It is a too royal visual that they aim for the operation development point while exploding in the wilderness while raising dirt smoke against the background of the setting sun.

Scramble link mode

At first glance, it looks like the container is being towed like the original Battle Convoy, but this is not a tow, but a state in which two aircraft are connected and running in series. The purpose of this mode is to use it in situations where there is a possibility of immediate engagement such as enemy search or patrol, or with equipment included in the pod. V-MAX runs in a form that can immediately shift to the decisive battle mobile mode while receiving energy supply from the Grander's coupler, so you can always fight in a fully charged state. It's a mode equivalent to the scramble mode in Dia Battles V2.

The joint of the coupler part called the link arm is two 4mm convex and is the same standard as the arm mount on the back of the verse machine. If you change the angle, it becomes one 4 mm convex joint, so you can connect it with already released items depending on the running verse machine and ingenuity. A big powered GV battle command vehicle is also OK.

Mobile base

When the arrives at the operation deployment point, the pod granders will deploy one after another to become a base with various functions and build an interception colony.

As a product, it will be a free layout type base item that expands a flat space of 30 cm x 23 cm when deployed. The slope is foldable and removable and can be fixed to either the front or the back. Since there is a click for fixing the angle near the deployment axis of the ceiling / wall panel, it can be held even in the half-opened state of 45 degrees.

Although it is a specification inside the base, there are many 4 mm / 3 mm concave joints on the flat surface and wall surface while securing a space to attach a large amount of attached steel sheet that can easily fix Diaclone members with built-in magnets on the vast flat deck part. Since it is arranged, it is a "loose-san" in the battle base product world that you can enjoy free base construction by laying out the attached optional parts (with 4 mm convex joint).

Base layouts such as "Operation Command Base", "Storage Transport Base", "Maintenance Work Base", "Bolet Core / V Mover Storage Base", "PS Chamber Storage Base", and "Triverse Mother Ship" can be assembled with only the attached optional parts. I would like all of you to aim to build a fortress-class super-fighter maneuvers base that can make full use of your various equipment and brains to provide perfect hospitality even in the event of a sudden Walder attack. I think.

I have listed some examples of base construction, but of course this is not the correct official layout and there is no correct answer. Of course, it is not realistic to collect multiple V-MAXs to form a battle fleet, so I hope that you will play with the "command base" today and the "maintenance base" tomorrow on a daily basis.

Returning to the interception colony mentioned earlier, I think that depending on the scale and period of the operation, a colony with a large-scale urban function may be built. Aside from commercialization, there may be a pod grander with non-combat functions such as accommodation, eating and drinking, medical care, and in some cases entertainment. Or, the base will also be used as a venue with a stage for the Great Operation Success Celebration! Imagine that the depth of the world spreads wide and it's fun.

Anyway, Imagination V-MAX! Enjoy the endless layout with.

Pod Grander Extensions

It's really big, isn't it? Excuse me.

If the product is also a large volume, the feelings put into it will be shared! The interview is still going on! We will deliver it next week as the second part, , which talks about future developments that are of concern. Do not miss it!


Motoki Takatani

Takara Tomy Co., Ltd., toy designer.

Major participating works: "Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop" "Transformers Z" "Armored Police Metal Jack" "Denkou Chojin Gridman" "B'TX", 1/6 scale action doll "CoolGirl" attracting attention as a product for high targets ], And is involved in many product planning and development. Currently in charge of the Diaclone series. While reading user questionnaires and requests, he spends his days passionate about product development for the restarted "Diaclone" series.


Diaclone DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX

Container body x 1, Battle convoy body A x 1, Battle convoy body B x 1, Maintenance deck x 1, Commander x 1, Gun x 2, Bolet core A x 1, Bolet core B x 1, Deck x 4, Console A / Console B x 2, Console C x 2, Crane pillar x 4, Crane rail x 2, Crane rail joint x 1, Chamber hanger / bollet core hanger x 6, Combat bike base x 2, Weapon x 2, Chair x 4, Claw × 2, connecting parts × 4, Diacron member × 2, seal × 2, steel sheet × 1, brochure × 1, instruction manual × 1
Target age 15 years and over
Price: 32,000 yen (excluding tax)
Scheduled to be released in late February 2021

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