TFsource SourceNews - Make Toys Rover, MMC Grandus Hexatron, GCreation Collapse and More!

TFsource SourceNews - Make Toys Rover, MMC Grandus Hexatron, GCreation Collapse and More!

[color=#0040FF">NEW HOT PREORDERS:[/color">

- GCreation - Shuraking - SRK-03 - Collapse
- Reformatted - R-13 - Spartan
- MP-28 - Masterpiece Hot Rod - w/ Coin
- MP-29 Masterpiece Shockwave - with Collector's Coin
- e-Hobby Exclusive - Transformers Legends - Deadlock
- Combiner Wars 2016 - Legends, Deluxe, Voyager and Leader Class
[color=#BF0000">NEW HOT IN STOCK ITEMS:[/color">

- Make Toys - Guardia - CM04B - Rover
- Reformatted - R-01G - Grandus Hexatron
- MMC Feral Rex Member Restock- Unique Toys - Y01 - Provider
- Combiner Wars 2015 - Titan Class - Devastator
Now IN STOCK - MAKE TOYS - GUARDIA - CM04B - ROVER! New images of Make Toys' ROVER by Uranusdd. Now instock and ready to ship at:

Make Toys - Guardia - CM04B - Rover
Now up for PREORDER - GCREATION - SHURAKING - SRK-03 - COLLAPSE! Check out the new photos and preorder yours here:

GCreation - Shuraking - SRK-03 - Collapse
Check out new photos of Reformatted - R-13 - Spartan on our Facebook page! And preorder yours here:

Reformatted - R-13 - Spartan
Now available and ready to ship! Mastermind Creations' Grandus Hexatron. Order yours here:

Reformatted - R-01G - Grandus Hexatron

Reformatted - R-03 - Bovis the Supply Specialist - Reissue

Reformatted - R-04 - Leo Dux the Squadron

Reformatted - R-05 - Fortis the Ground Assaulter

Reformatted - R-07 - Felisaber the Surveillant
GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! BadCube just reduced the preorder price on SunSurge! Get yours today at:

BadCube - OTS-08 Sunsurge
Now up for preorder - ehobby Deadlock! Before he was known as Drift, he was the Decepticon Deadlock! Preorder this limited edition e-Hobby figure to your IDW Collection today at TFsource:

e-Hobby Exclusive - Transformers Legends - Deadlock
NOW SHIPPING: Unique Toys Y01 Provider! Features three forms: robot, tanker truck, and airplane! 8.2 inches tall. Order today at:

Unique Toys - Y01 - Provider

TFsource's BIG AUTUMN SALE is happening now! Save $100 (23% Off) on Make Toys' Quantron Set of 5. In-stock and ready-to-ship, order yours today at:

Make Toys - MTCM-03 Quantron - Set of 5
Check out all of the sale items by clicking here: TFsource BIG AUTUMN SALE!
Combiner Wars Bruticus Figures & More - Now up for preorder here at TFSource:

Combiner Wars 2016 - Deluxe Class Series 1 - Set of 4

Combiner Wars 2016 - Legends Series 1 set of 4

Combiner Wars 2016 - Voyager Class Series 1 - set

Combiner Wars 2016 - Leader Class Series 1 - Skywarp
Great news...Combiner Wars 2015 Devastator is BACK IN STOCK!! Get yours today here:

Combiner Wars 2015 - Titan Class - Devastator
TFsource restock - KFC's Transistor! Don't miss out on this one, as our last restock went fast, in stock now here:

Now In Stock - Hot Toys Optimus Prime (Starscream Version)! Standing triumphant with his spoils of victory attached, pick up this Hot Toys piece here today:

Hot Toys - G1 Optimus Prime (Starscream Version)
Just released: new, amazing picures of PE-DX07 Xerxes! Xerxes is a recolor of Leonidas and has more than 60 points of articulation and stands 23CM/9" tall in robot mode and is made of PC-ABS and die-cast parts. Pre-order now at:

PE-DX07 - Xerxes
Now up for preorder - Convention Exclusive Nero Rex! TFSource has secured a limited stock of this figure, preorder yours here:

Check out the latest release from Toyworld, a shining gold, fighting beetle! Now taking pre-orders for this as well as a blue version at:

ToyWorld - TW-03B

ToyWorld - TW-03C
Now up for preorder - Shapeshift's limited edition set of Sky Snake & Heavy Metal! Up for preorder here at TFSource:

Shapeshift - Micro Legion Shadow Ops Limited Edtion - Sky Snake and Heavy Metal
Now In Stock - Generation Toy - Gravity Builder - GT-01A Scraper! Order yours today:

Generation Toy - Gravity Builder - GT-01A Scraper
New color images of Generation Toy - Gravity Builder - GT-01B Mixer Truck! Preorder for this and other Generation Toy Combiner figures up here:

Generation Toy - Gravity Builder - GT-01B Mixer Truck
Now available for preorder - ToyWorld - TW-D04B - Iron Dreg - Limited Edition! This limited edition recolor of Iron Dreg features a blue color scheme. Limited quantities available, preorder here:

ToyWorld - TW-D04B - Iron Dreg - Limited Edition
Now available for preorder - ToyWorld - TW-D05B Spear - Limited Edition! This limited edition recolor of Spear features a red color scheme. Limited quantities available, preorder here:

ToyWorld - TW-D05B Spear - Limited Edition
From Toyworld - just revealed the full Construction MP Scaled Combiner! Preorders up at TFSource here:

ToyWorld Construction Combiner
Now available for preorder - MP-28 Hot Rod with collector's coin and MP-29 Shockwave with collector's coin! Preorders up at TFSource here:

MP-28 - Masterpiece Hot Rod - w/ Coin

MP-29 Masterpiece Shockwave - with Collector's Coin
Finally here are the high res photos of Masterpiece Hot Rod and Shockwave - Both up for preorder at TFSource here:

MP-28 - Masterpiece Hot Rod 2.0

MP-29 - Masterpiece Shockwave
A new image of the Collector's Coin for MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks has been revealed! Preorder yours from TFsource today:

MP-25 - Masterpiece Tracks w/ Collector's Coin
Good news for any that missed out, Takara is reissuing MP-22 Ultra Magnus! Preorders up here:


X2 Toys has announced an upgrade set for the Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus! This kit adds many new parts for your Ultra Magnus figure, including a new helmet & face parts, new forearms with articulated hands, leg & feet parts, gap fillers for the legs & back of the figure, a new rifle, and more! Preorder today at TFsource:

X2 Toys - XT009 Kit - Add on for Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus
Also available for Preorder - X2 Toys' XS001 Upgrade Set for Titan Class Devastator! Preorder today from TFsource:

X2 Toys - XS001 Kit - Upgrade Set for Titan Class Devastator
Make Toys' newest addition to the Manga Mech Series is the MM-02 Rear End with Hurricane Upgrade Kit! Rear End stands 4" tall, and includes alternate head & 'broken' legs! The Hurricane Upgrade Kit for Universe 2.0 Cyclonus; giving him a more IDW-inspired appearance! Preorder yours at TFsource today:

Make Toys - Manga Mech Series - MM-02 Rear End with Hurricane Upgrade Kit
Now in stock - FansToys FT-12 - Grenadier - Purple and Grey Chest versions! Preorder yours here:

FansToys FT-12 - Grenadier Purple Chest

FansToys FT-12 - Grenadier Grey Chest
Now in stock - BadCube - OTS-05 Claymore, OTS-06 Hypno, and OTS-07 Kickbutt - Collector Editions! These verisons includes die-cast metal, chrome, transparent color chest, as well as a weapon and energy cube with each figure. Pick up all 3 today!

BadCube - OTS-05 Claymore - Collectors Edition

BadCube - OTS-06 Hypno - Collector's Edition

BadCube - OTS-07 Kickbutt - Collector's Edition
Now in stock - Warbotron - WB03-E Laser Canon! Form the main body of this massive combiner, in stock now here:

Warbotron - WB03-E Laser Canon
Just received - first color renderings of WB03F Master! Preorders up at TFSource here:

Warbotron - WB03-F Master

Gundam Astray Red Frame...NEW BANDAI PREORDERS!! Introducing the Gundam Astray Red Frame and optional Flight Unit! We had a chance to see these in Tokyo this week, and are blown away by the quality of these metal build units. PREORDERS UP NOW!! Get yours at:

Metal Build - Gundam Astray Red Frame
BEERUS the Destroyer - PREORDERS Now Open! From Dragon Ball Super, balancer of the worlds Bills (Beerus) the Destroyer is coming to S.H.Figuarts! Any Beerus figure wouldn't be complete without an interchangeable yawning face that is so often seen in the anime! Preorder TODAY:

S.H. Figuarts -Dragonball Z - Beerus
Also up for preorder from Bandai Tamashii:

NXEDGE Style - Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L

Robot Spirits - MS-06S ZAKU II Chars Custom Model ver. A.N.I.M.E.

Robot Spirits - RX-78-2 Gundam ver. A.N.I.M.E.
SH Figuarts Freddie Mercury PREORDERS OPEN NOW! The man, the legend, the voice that defined an era and rocked generations. Add Queen frontman Freddie Mercury to your SH Figurarts collection, featuring his iconic 1986 Wembley Stadium outfit. Bandai's new facial scanning process gives facial detail never before possible in production figures. This one has to be seen to be believed. Preorder now at:

S.H. Figuarts - Freddie Mercury
Now up for preorder - Star Wars: The Force Awakens Desert Assault Vehicle! We are so close to TFA being released that we at ToySource are getting goosebumps. So we're THRILLED to announce the latest TFA set...the Desert Assault Vehicle and Stormtrooper!! My first thoughts: half AT-AT Scout, half Tauntaun. This looks awesome. Order today at:

Star Wars Episode VII Desert Assault Walker with First Order Stormtrooper Officer
IN STOCK NOW: Tamashii Thunder Effects in Yellow and Blue! Take your display to the next level with these electric effects! Ideal for enhancing battle scenes with a fully charged impact, or electrifying power build ups, this thrilling lighting effect accessory set can be used with the separately sold Tamashii Stage support stands and action figure lines such as S.H.Figuarts to create extreme action sequences. In stock now, order TODAY at:

Tamashii Effect - Thunder Yellow and Blue Versions
Dragon Ball Z Piccolo - IN STOCK! From Dragon Ball Z, comes the new S.H. Figurarts Piccolo figure! The figure has been modeled to replicate natural human movements, and can be posed in several different poses from the series. Includes changeable hands, changeable head, and removable cape. In stock now! Order today at:

S.H. Figuarts - Piccolo
Digimon fans will be pleased to hear that Tamashii Nations is releasing Wargreymon Our War Game! with a completely new sculpt design and coloration true to the movie. Included in the set is a special plate that allows you to recreate iconic scenes from the film. Preorder yours today at:

S.H. Figurarts - Wargreymon
Tamashii Nations is bringing you the one and only Vegeta! Get your preorder in now at before he's gone:

S.H. Figuarts - Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta
Tamashii Nations is bringing back the Mazinkaizer SKL (Skull), with a truer coloration to the original anime! The Mazinkaizer SKL Final Count comes with a new wing unit, sword attachement piece, newly scultpted head, interchangeable hands, sword, and breast trigger parts! Preorder yours today at the ToySource:

Super Robot Chogokin - Mazinkaizer SKL Final Count
Bandai brings us the mighty Vilkiss, from the newly-popular Cross Ange anime series! The figure is able to transform from flight mode to its humanoid "Destroyer" mode, and includes many accessories! Instock and shipping now at the ToySource:

Robot Spirits - Cross Ange - Vilkiss
Now in stock at the ToySource - Bandai Tamashii's Robot Spirits V2 Gundam! Order this & other Gundam figures from the ToySource today!

Robot Spirits - Victory Gundam - V2 Gundam
The ToySource has recently received the S.H. Figuarts' Fire Mario, Yoshi, & Diorama Set D into stock! Mix & Match the sets to create your own unique levels & displays! rder these & other Mario sets today at the ToySource:

theToySource - Your Source for Mario Diorama Sets!
Bowser, the King of the Koopas; joins the Super Mario S.H. Figuarts' line-up! Don't miss this opportunity to add this iconic video game villain to your S.H. Figuarts Super Mario collection! Preorder yours today at the ToySource:

S.H. Figurarts - Super Mario Bowser
Also up for preorder - S.H. Figurarts - Super Mario Diorama Playset E! Neither the ground nor the sky is safe with Hammer Bro, Spiny and Lakitu coming your way. This set also includes a display stage and support parts. Preorder yours here:

S.H. Figurarts - Super Mario Diorama Playset E

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NEW SOURCE REVIEW! Peaugh’s latest YouTube review of GigaPower's Guttur (chrome version) is up at TFSource! Check it out here:
NEW SOURCE REVIEW! Peaugh’s latest YouTube review of DX9's TERROR is up at TFSource! Check it out here:
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NEW SOURCE ARTICLE! Mixing Triplechangers & Headmasters gave us the Headmaster Horrorcons! Source Blog | 1987 Decepticon Headmaster Horrorcons
NEW SOURCE INTERVIEW! TFYLP podcast frontman Duron Land shares his collection and experience with us. Collector Interview 41 – Duron Land

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