BotCon 2010 - Hasbro Designers Panel!

We are here for the Hasbro Designers Panel on the final day of BotCon 2010. This has been billed as the second half of the reveal, so get ready for some fun! We have completed the reporting live from the panel. Check out the full report from BotCon on new Generations, Power Core Combiners and the "Once Upon a Time on Cybertron" news!

On the panel, from left to right:
Eric Seibenhaler, Bill Rawley, Joe Kline, Lenny Panzica, Yake-San (Designer from TakaraTomy Joins Hasbro team for seven weeks). New Designers - Chris Oliverie and Lenny Panzica will have new things coming out next year.

Generation 1 Legends

These guys look exactly like their G1 counterparts, but cuter.
  • Optimus Prime
  • G1 Legends Starscream
  • G1 Legends Prowl
  • G1 Legends Megatron - "Who says you can keep a good bot down?" The figure does not have an orange cap. The figure can he held by MP Starscream.
  • Scout

  • Windcharger - looks very Universe 2.0/Classics and he can use the weapons of the Deluxe figures including Darkmount, Ironhide, etc.


    All of these figures that are repaints have new heads. They didn't say how they got to do this, but Seibenaler started this when he sent two head molds along with the Animated Cybertron Ratchet.

    Also, just like the trend started in the Revenge of the Fallen line, all weapons may be interchanged.
  • Skullgrin - repaint of Darkmount, has a skull head mold.
  • Scourge - Last of the three which completes the three from the original movie. The cannon can be attached on top of his head and can be lifted out in vehicle mode to expose the head with canon. His rifle is modeled after his original and Targetmaster rifle.
  • Cliffjumper - repaint of WFC Bumbelbee. "Even in War for Cybertron, Cliffjumper gets no respect." -Ender
  • Thunderwing - Looks pretty close to the original.
  • Deluxe Tracks - Has flames on the hood and you can put him in the winged form, too. Looks just like his Generation 1 version.
  • Terradive - His trident can be stored in his underbelly in vehicle mode. This trident can be getting a alternate repaints depending on the character, too.
  • Tomahawk - Shown again. They add that we should expect new characters in redecos
  • Mindset - Hailstorm repaint.
  • Fallback - Repaint of Brawn. They wanted to use Outback, but unfortunately they could not do so.
  • Jazz - He also had an alternate head design. He's got speakers that can pop up in his vehicle mode and blast them as a weapon as he's driving. In robot mode, the speakers can be popped out as shoulder cannons.
  • Perceptor! - Vehicle mode has tracks on the back of the vehicle, just like the original. The toy has a special place in the team's heart. The chest of the figure can open so he can inspect things. His primary head looks like the cartoon and his alternate head looks like his G1 toy. The team suggested Reflector will be the name of the figure with the new head.
  • Voyager

  • Fallen - His face can indeed come off! The final color will be darker than the one we've seen in the case.
  • Grapple - Repaint of Inferno with a new head and new feet. Instead of the water cannon, there's a crane with a hook.
  • Highbrow - Can spin the engine and his visor goes up and down. They said there would be an alternate head.

    The figure is based off of airplane that the directors' father used to fly in World War II. The P+10 is a reference to the pilot's last name, which starts with the letter P and is unpronounceable by English speakers.

    The logo is a pretzel and a tarantula (yes, that's what they said -ed).
  • Lugnut - The head looks very much like the Animated version and has an open mouth deco in plane mode. He also has a project that flips up over his head. His hands are claw-like and they said there's a lot of fun stuff in their arms and cannot wait for us to play with it. His alternate mode is a World War II era plane. Either of his wings say "LU6" and "NU7," spelling "Lugnut" in semi-l33t.
  • Power Core Combiners

    Early development stuff on Power Core Combiners.
  • Development: When they first started, they had four and six item pack ideas. Originally, all Transformers turned into a robot.

    The next slide shows off something that looks like Power Core Combiners is now, which is a figure and drones attaching to the figure.

    TakaraTomy drawing shows off the final stage of development and this is the stage where it was toned down to only 2 and 5 packs. 2 PACK WAVE 1, 2011
  • Heavytread w/ Groundspike - Color guide is very Brawlish. He has a turret coming out of his back in robot mode. Groundspike transforms into a cowcatcher and he attaches to the front of Heavytread's tank mode.
  • Skyhammer w/ Airlift - Airlift transforms into an engine-looking alternate mode that can be mounted onto the back of Skyhammer's jet mode. They wanted to visit another jet and see what kind of new ways we can bring transformation to the table. Predominantly yellow, and orange.

  • 5 PACK WAVE 1, 2011
  • Constructicons / Steamhammer - Alternate modes include Bulldozer, Steamroller, Crane, and a construction drill. "Very Voltron-ish," - Ender.
  • Dinobots / Grimstone - Looking around the Internet and learning more about Transformers, people really enjoy the Dinobots. (ed: DUH!) Alternate modes are all Dinosaurs, but we could not identify them in such a short timeframe.

    Dinoking repaint! somebody screams. Hasbro says: "Stay tuned"

    Once Upon a Time on Cybertron

    Aaron Archer speaks on "Once Upon a Time on Cybertron," a story about the original thirteen Transformers, which were created by Primus to battle Unicron's forces. Each character has unique features and are very "God-like."

    The original 13 is somewhat defined, but not fully explored. The design was in partnership with TakaraTomy without any notes from Hasbro and Archer is happy they are so heavily involved

    It should be noted that these characters are just characters and figures are not planned at this time.
  • Alpha Trion - Predominantly purple and has a beard. Trying to rectify the lore and the purpose for the characters. His artifact is a quill.
  • Liege Maximo - The character is from the Generation 2 comics, but looks extremely different here. He is very menacing and dark. They did not specify his artifact, but we think he may have a flag showing his factor.
  • Vector Prime - Golden with a sword in his hand. He is clearly influenced by his Cybertron series but looks considerably younger. He can control time and space and his artifact is an hour glass.
  • Prima - Warrior of Light. He is the initial Prime from where the lineage of Primes actually started. He is very big. To give us an idea of his size, the Matrix is on the hilt of his sword. The Matrix looks small. Very small.
  • Megatronus - A very hulking bot. Eric has taken the lead to create the look and craft of these characters, so he deserves the applause, which he gets here. And of course he becomes...
  • The Fallen - Evolves from Megatronus. After banishing Unicron, you have a lot of time to kill, and it doesn't end up very well for many people.

    This is just one of them. They are planning this throughout several years

    Battle Ops Bumblebee Easter Eggs

    There is a switch within the wheel of the vehicle mode and if pressed three times, the figure will play "More Than Meets the Eye."

    If you press it a third time, the figure will play "Autobots wage a battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons"


    Asked about third party customs
    They plan so far out that a lot of times that they see a third part start something, they cannot say they are working on something. It's not that they're copying, they just cannot say they're working on something already.

    Follow-up: What about something that makes sense? Like a trailer.
    It all depends on what our business strategy is at that time. If we see a good opportunity, we will take advantage.

    Can you share with us how far down the line Generations is planned for?
    Archer says it's a case by case basis and whatever makes sense. It's a year-by-year basis and not to worry, because we're running a marathon here. It all depends on the timing and which line. What are your dream toys?
    Seibenaler said he's happy about releasing an Optimus Prime for Transformers: Prime. One designer said Classic Humans. One designer says new cassettes. One designer said he would love to work on my dinosaurs because they rock.

    Archer said last night, the fans spoke with Dinobot winning the Hall of Fame voting. He says Beast Wars deserves to be redone.

    Who is the Ferrari in Transformers 3?
    Archer says he's not getting into that.

    Is there a reasonable chance for a Trypticon toy?
    Archer says that he and Eric are thinking about it, but nothing yet. Eric says the issue is that he turns into an asteroid, so they have to think of a cooler alternate mode.

    Is there any particular reason that Omega Supreme or female clones didn't get Transformers Animated figures?
    Eric: With Animated ending, everybody was disappointed, but there was a bigger direction, so certain decision have to be made.

    Are there any chances PCC will go larger? Maybe a deluxe with four scouts?
    Too early to talk about that. Everybody needs to weigh their ideas to get in there.

    Any new toys based on female Transformers?
    Stay tuned.

    Will we get Classics Gestalts? Archer - "I think the Power Core is how we are approaching that."

    Not all of the character in mythology will get a toy.

    Concept and Designs of the original 13 is great. Are there any ideas as to what size are the characters?
    Archer - "They are epic" They were created to deal with Unicron's forces.

    They're god-like and should be rightfully huge. Playing off the Transformers: Prime panel.

    Is there a chance for the Ultra class?
    Stay tuned. It's a possibility but they're not looking into it right now.

    Do you guys ever reach a point where 'enough is enough'? How do you approach this?
    As creative people, Hasbro appreciates creating new things and never see anybody running out of ideas.

    With Ratchet in his G1 characters, can we get an Ironhide from the movie in red?

    Stay tuned.

    "Will there be a Transformers: Prime toyline?"
    Archer - Right now there's only the show. (It should be noted that Seibenaler alluded to putting out Optimus Prime from the series. See first Q&A question.)

    What's the possibility of a new Wheeljack toy?
    Archer - You can tell everybody is a fan. If you have a desire, they have a desire, too, so stay tuned.

    More toys based off the WFC video game?
    Archer - Creates breeds more success, so if it garners enough, they will try and bring those out.

    Were you planning on doing any more toys from IDW?
    They just did Perceptor, so probably not another one.

    Power Core Combiners are all part of 2 and 5 packs. Will we see 3-pack Mini-Con teams again?
    No plans for that, but the line is still in its infant stages, so stay tuned.

    Does Hasbro have access to Takara's old molds from Japanese-only lines?
    Archer - He looked at this when they did R.I.D. But each of the figures have their own license. So it would have been too costly.

    Any Cosmos toy coming up?
    He's a great character, but nothing right now.

    You're designing a product for the North American market and the Japanese market. How hard is it to design a product that both markets can embrace?
    We look at what works and then because we're fans, we look at the need. So that fans and kids enjoy them.

    Alternate Perceptor head looked a lot like Trailbreaker. Anybody notice that?
    We haven't forgotten about him. Don't worry. The head is original supposed to be the alternate head for Perceptor, so we can do whatever we want with it.
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    News Story Comments

    Last 10 comments - ( Read All Posts )
    O-Packs - 2010-07-31 @ 1:52 pm

    13 what?Nothing about the Quints or is that mythos to dated? I detect some form of favor in reference to

    Trailbreaker(which leaves room for hoist) They also mention not every characther from the mythology getting a

    figure which is fine as long as the ones I want are included to wit wheeljack(they could rework the tracks mold),

    blitzwing, kup the aforementioned breaker/hoist, cracker/warp these are clearly essential. and it seems the hasbro

    staff are labeling themselves as fans. Could it be?

    Lord_Onslaught - 2010-06-29 @ 1:09 pm

    But still can't belive any of the talk until, we see actual product

    RedundantRedeco - 2010-06-29 @ 3:49 am

    so the panels are listening? not good enough. here is what i have to say.

    Until they have to rely on us (and not children) for the bulk of Transformer sales, we're not going to get priority.

    Sounds more like a "talk only" event...this is an out line of what the designers agreed to try and work on. Usually we wont see pics until Comicon

    Probably just as well. There's more exposure at Comic Con.

    Liege Evilmus - 2010-06-29 @ 1:08 am

    yeah, and then Preceptor with his toy head (instead of animated model) is gonna be a crap ass excuse for Reflector.

    Also, the idea of the origional 13 having items from earths antiquty is stupid, lazy and hack.

    Alpha Trion with a feather and ink well(if they even realize a feather pen needs one of those) is just plain stupid.

    bugstomper1973 - 2010-06-29 @ 12:58 am

    Wait, did I read Jazz and Tracks and Perceptor in all that?!

    MikePrime - 2010-06-28 @ 2:33 pm

    Why should there be toys for Transformers: Prime right now? Hasbro has got enough going on for this year and the next, especially with Transformers 3 in 2011.

    Breaker - 2010-06-28 @ 2:28 pm

    Just to clarify a few of your questions:

    All new molds that have yet to be released that are getting a repaint will get a BRAND NEW head instead of just being a repaint. In some cases new weapons and all weapons between most of them will be interchangeable.

    Scourge is not a tank. He looks like a big upgraded version of Skystalker but still with some Scourge flavor.

    Skullgrin and Thunderwing are NOT Pretenders but they are updates/homages to their former pretender selves. Thunderwing is a brand new mold and looks particularly faithful. Skullgrin IS a repaint of Darkmount but with a NEW HEAD of a cybernetic ram skull.

    Fallball is actually Fallback (Outback), that was a typo. He is a straight repaint of ROTF Brawn with no notable changes.

    Grapple is the Universe Inferno mold but instead of his water cannon missile launcher he has a crane with a grapple on the end, new head and new feet.


    Mindset is a repaint of Hailstorm with a new head

    Wheeljack was stated to be on their radar during q & a. It should be noted that the designers stated that Hasbro made them remove about 5 slides that they wanted to show. Not that the two are connected but it gives hope.

    They ARE NOT abandoning classic gestalts. PCCs are simply viewed as armies and a commander. The Combaticons are NOT the classic Combaticons and they do NOT form Bruticus, they form just a super mode for their commander Bombshock. While they still take flavor from the classics and use heritage names, Hasbro was adamant about us not confusing these guys as the "next" updated versions of classic gestalts.

    Trypticon was an asteroid thing in the War For Cybertron game.

    Grimstone is the leader of the PCC Dinobots and he is NOT a Tyrannosaur. There are NO classic dinosaur types in this set, no pterodactyl, no stegos, etc. It seems Hasbro did this intentionally so you wouldnt cry foul if they used the most well known ones. The commander Grimstone turns into a type of ceratopian herbivore of which the name escapes me at the moment.

    It was not stated that TF Prime is not getting a toyline, they just didnt want to talk about it or acknowledge it one way or the other.

    It was a no camera event. Stop bitching everybody, if we dont follow the rules then we get kicked out and then no news and Hasbro explicitly stated that violation of their rules will result in no more reveals or sneak peaks down the road. It pays to be a little patient.

    @ Subterfuge, repaints are a necessary evil. At least they are making steps in an awesome direction to differentiate them from the pack. And release the REST of the Dinobots as MPs? Are you crazy? You have any idea what that'd cost or how long that'd take? I for one dont want to see 4 more years of nothing but Dinobots in the MP line, its time to move on. That class is made for the best of the best, Snarl and the others are cool but they are not in the league of Grimlock, Prime, Starscream, etc.

    The sheer amount of fanservice worked into these toys is ridiculous. Jazz's speakers? Cyclonus' head pops up in vehicle mode? If you were paying attention they are doing their best and it took this TFan an in-person trip to Botcon to see that.

    The whole Original 13 story as of now is just a concept to be used down the road in some facet. Other then that and some images Hasbro was mum. It should be noted that these guys could bitchslap Devastator with ease. Based on the size of the Matrix in the hilt of Prima's sword, Optimus Prime would have to jump off of a few crates to reach the bottom of his knee.

    G1 Legends Megatron does turn into the classic gun, with no orange cap, and he can be held by MP Starscream. It should be noted that these legends look WAY better in every way as opposed to every other legends. They look VERY impressive for the size class.

    Megatronus is a double edge sword. Your either going to love him or hate him. He clearly borrows his design heavily on movie Megatron but in a way that makes him look better. He has a fusion cannon (imagine that) and his head is the Decepticon symbol. He doesnt look real bad but wait till you see him on fire. That version of The Fallen looks more badass then anything else on the planet. Dont lose hope yet guys, I doubt he'll hold the Megatron part of his name for long.

    Axis_Vega - 2010-06-28 @ 12:58 pm

    oooooohhhhh 13 prime toys would be so sexy!

    i think you need a girlfriend.. or if you have one (or a wife) you should probably look at her. i don't think she'd be very happy that you're using an adjective you use to describe her to describe the possibility of getting 13 old guy transformers

    no transformer is sexy. :P lol


    yeah, I have a wife.. she just works a lot.

    i think she prefers me drooling about this nonsense over looking at porn or something. I talk a big game, but she knows where the loyalty of my junk lies. :tfgrin

    Timothy.R - 2010-06-28 @ 7:23 am

    oooooohhhhh 13 prime toys would be so sexy!

    i think you need a girlfriend.. or if you have one (or a wife) you should probably look at her. i don't think she'd be very happy that you're using an adjective you use to describe her to describe the possibility of getting 13 old guy transformers

    no transformer is sexy. :P lol

    Axis_Vega - 2010-06-28 @ 7:01 am

    oooooohhhhh 13 prime toys would be so sexy! was there any mention about the continuation of the human alliance line, or something like it? :-) still hoping for Prime, Ironhide and Ratchet *fingers crossed*

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