Your Collection and Numbers - What Was Your 100th or 1000th Transformer?

Have any of you ever kept note of when your collection has reached certain numerical milestones? Or maybe on an auspicious date. For example, which was your 100th or 1000th Transformer? Any other noteable numbers? I can't remember exactly when, but I think I reached my 100th Transformer around 1993 -- give or take a year. No idea who it was. My 1000th Transformer whizzed by me... I should've taken note, but unfortunately I didn't - so don't know who that was either. Join the Discussion Now

There have only been 3 instances where I've bothered to take note, and that was because I was prepared before I hit those numbers. In 2004 my collection was approaching 666, so I really wanted a major baddie as my 666th Transformer. My plan was to get Energon Megatron, but I remember when I'd past 660 Energon Megatron was nowhere in sight, but Energon Scorponok was out. I hit 665... kept waiting and waiting for Megatron to come out, but nothing. So I just gave up and settled for Energon Scorponok. He's big, nasty and evil... yeah, he'll do. :)

Then as June 6, 2006 (06-06-06) came along, I wanted another major baddie. But on that night I went to the shops and there were hardly any Decepticon toys out there which I didn't already have... the only one was Cybertron Sky Shadow, which I didn't really want to get cos I already had Cybertron Jetfire. But there was nothing else, so I got it. Then after I got home I read the bio -- gah! He's an undercover Autobot! Pah.

Last year as my collection was reaching 1337 I wanted to get some "nerdy" or "brainy" Transformer as my 1337th Transformer. But then my cousin went and gave me a big chunk of his old G1 collection... so my 1337th Transformer unexpectedly ended up being Fastlane! So if he ever appears in a photocomic I'm gonna make him a massively stupid nerd and have him speaking exclusively in 13375p34|< :P

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Erick - 2011-04-21 @ 7:28 pm

My 100th figure is the last thing, I bought which is Binaltech Deadend

megatron103 - 2011-04-21 @ 3:20 pm

I don't count the number of transformers I have, also I've been giving away a lot. I'm trying to just collect the classics universe generation reveal the shield or whatever they're calling it these days and the molds that fit from other lines.

Tripredacus - 2011-04-20 @ 6:17 pm

I seem to remember the actual moments rather than the numbers. I don't technically count my TFs anymore, I let Shmax handle that for me.

Goktimus Prime - 2011-04-20 @ 4:30 pm

Hmmm... memorable acquisitions:

+ 1987: I win Battletrap as a prize for a newspaper Transformers art competition (which I entered in 1986 - it was a newspaper promotional comp. for Transformers The Movie -- I'd completely forgotten about it when I got the prize for it nearly a year later! :P)

+ 1988: Walking home from school one day, lying right in front of me on the footpath is G1 Ravage. :)

+ 1989: a friend of my brother decides that he's "too old" for Transformer (bah)... sells me complete Gnaw for AU$5.

+ Mid-1990s... a friend of mine finds a complete 1984 Soundwave at a flea market for AU$5 and gives it to me for free. Later another friend gives me his box with foam insert tray for free. Double teh win. :D

+ 1999: The Ultra Transmetal 2s are SUPER hard to find in Australia. I hear a few people say they've seen them in limited numbers in a few locations, but I never saw them. Hasbro USA eventually hears of my dilemma and gives me TM2 Megatron and Tigerhawk for free! Thank you Hasbro!! :D

+ 2000: A friend at uni gives me a complete loose mint in box Sixshot for free. :)

+ 2001: I win silver chrome G1 Bluestreak as a lucky draw prize. Thank you eHobby and Takara!

+ 2006: As a school teacher I'm usually really happy when a student gives me an apple, but one day one of my students gives me Cybertron Hightail! :D

+ 2008: Someone gives me a free City Commander. I personally don't believe in buying unlicensed toys, but I'll gladly take them for free! Thank you Transfan who wishes to remain anonymous!

+ 2009: Another student returns from an overseas trip where she found a pair of Transformer keychains (G1 Autobot and Decepticon logos) and bought them for me. Yep, better than an apple. :)

Optimus739 - 2011-04-20 @ 3:32 pm

I never kept track it was almost always who I got and how I got their rather then how many I got, My mile stones are getting Omega Supreme complete for $40, being able to afford the whole RID line, Finding G1 Thunderwing,Getting Fortress and Brave Maximus, Having Master Piece Megatron without his orange tip, Buying the fansproject up-grade kits or getting Alpha-Trion at botcon 07 along with winning the drawing for a free Skyfall and Landquake. I have a sizable collection over a couple thousand but that wasn't what what was important to me its "Experience Lad, learn to appreciate it."

puma - 2011-04-20 @ 2:13 pm

i never counted but i'm sure i've hit 1000 at one point, but i've also turned around and sold a bunch of them. My current project is actually making a manifest of what i have and where its located. The g1 figures are also being noted with completion of the figure too. it's going to take me a while to get it done.

TheTransGuru - 2011-04-20 @ 1:47 pm

I can't remember when I've hit a certain numbers. I do know who I have, how many are in my collection(1178), but what I really keep track of is who helps to add to my collection

eneyekay - 2011-04-20 @ 8:57 am

A pic from my collection got used for the avatar to this topic on TFormers :)

yea, I have too many to count... I've got a load more since I posted collection photos all those years ago.

DEMarq-001 - 2011-04-20 @ 4:37 am

I missed the days I used to be able to collect freely :(

robo_rob - 2011-04-20 @ 2:55 am

I have around 3000 different pieces in my TF collection, but haven't been counting each figure or item. When it comes to ones that have particular memories here's a quick few.

Powermaster Optimus Prime- I had really wanted this one. I had the copy of the Marvel G1 comic where OP became PMOP and read it over and over. When Christmas morning came and he was under the tree, I was one happy ass kid.

G1 Jetfire- I come from a working class family and am the fifth kid. Needless to say, I didn't always get everything I wanted growing up. Jetfire came out and was pretty expensive for the time. Well, as I grew up and somehow never outgrew TF, I never gotten Jetfire. I guess for some reason it was still in my head that he was unobtainable. I think the only time I considered buying one was in a cheap box at BotCon and found a Jetfire missing everything who had aged into a brown color. And that was just for novelty. Well, flash forward a few years and my Mom visits me for dinner one evening. She had been at the local comic shop and grabbed some Transformers they had. Including a MISB Jetfire. Mom had no idea what it meant to me, she just thought she was buying me a Transformer. But even as an adult, finally getting something I always wanted from my Mom really touched me.

Masterpiece Grimlock- So, like I said above I didn't always get what I wanted growing up. So when I finally got a Grimlock at 19, I was a little disappointed. Of course I still acquired a few more and moved on (even have one complete and signed by Berger). Well, in 2009 Takara began solicitations for MP Grimlock and FINALLY the Grimlock i wanted as a kid was coming out. THIS was the guy on tv! Well, my girlfriend pre-ordered me one for my birthday without telling me. Want to know what a good surprise is? Getting the toy you wanted to be reality.

Optimal Optimus- I was in college when this bad boy came out, and I couldn't be any less interested. I was just not sold on this toy, until I saw it in person at the TRU across the street from the Office Max I worked at. I was on my lunch break and bought him. Spent the rest of lunch shooting his missles in my eyes while eating McNuggets. I think I toted that toy around for a month straight, to classes and work even.

There's a lot more stories, but that's all for now. Fun thread.

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