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FanFic- Batman vs The Transformers Part 2

SCENE: Arkham Asylum, in the cell of Jonathan Crane, AKA The Scarecrow. Scarecrow is sleeping until a disturbing voice coming from the shadows awakens him.

BATMAN: Crane! Wake up!

SCARECROW: What? Who’s there?

Two menacing eyes with no pupils appear in the dark side of the room. Scarecrow knew immediately it was Batman.

SCARECROW: You! What do you want?

BATMAN: The Chromacron from the Waynetech lab. Where are you hiding it?

SCARECROW: What the devil are you talking about?

BATMAN: It was stolen an hour and a half ago. Witnesses say they saw giant robots attack the lab. They had to be created by your fear gas, but......

SCARECROW: But, you know I couldn’t have done it because I’m in here where you put me a week ago. Isn’t that what you were going to say?

BATMAN: You’re clean for now, Crane. But if I find out you’re behind this, I’ll be back.

The two eyes disappear.


Just then one of the asylum orderlies enters.

ORDERLY: Who’re you talkin’ to, Crane?

SCARECROW: Who do you think I’m talking to, you halfwit? Batman!

ORDERLY: Batman? Sure.....just keep it down, okay? The other looney tunes are sleeping.

SCARECROW: You dare mock the Scarecrow?

ORDERLY: Good night, Crow.

The orderly shuts off the light. But the Scarecrow still can’t sleep.

End of Scene

SCENE: The Batcave. Trusty Alfred exits the elevator with a pot of coffee. Batman is sitting at the computer console trying figure this whole mess out. Alfred joins him.

ALFRED: Working late again, sir?

BATMAN: It can’t be the Scarecrow. According to the Asylum’s log, Scarecrow was in there the whole time. There are even orderlies who say he hasn’t moved an inch.

ALFRED: Oh, well. Back to the drawing board, I’m afraid.
BATMAN: Something doesn’t add up. Scarecrow didn’t produce those robots. The workers and scientists are drug-free. I screened them myself. The only explanation must be......


BATMAN: .......the robots weren’t hallucinations. They were real! End of Scene.

SCENE: Waynetech labs yet again. This time we see a red van and a red semi truck pull up to the building which is torn open. There are no drivers. Suddenly parts of both vehicles begin to fold and contort until they are in the shape of giant robots, Autobots to be precise. Ironhide and Optimus Prime.

IRONHIDE: This has to be Megatron’s work, Prime! We’ve come to the right place.

PRIME: Yes, Ironhide. And from the look of things he made off with what he was after.

IRONHIDE: What in the Matrix was he after?

BATMAN: Chromacron.

Batman swoops down from the top of the lab building wings spread. Prime catches him in his hand.

PRIME: Who are you?

BATMAN: I’m Batman.

IRONHIDE: Batman? Is that the name your human parents gave you?

Batman gives Ironhide a mean look. Leave my parents out of this you oversized tin can!

IRONHIDE: Sorry, feller! I didn’t mean to offend!

PRIME: Batman, I apologize on behalf of my comrade, Ironhide, if he offended you. I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.

Batman looked puzzled. For a moment these giant robots seemed to be alive!

PRIME: This will take some explaining. On our planet, Cybertron, 4 million years ago.......

End of Scene.

SCENE: Decepticon temporary base, the Funnybones Candy factory. Site most commonly used by The Joker. Megatron sits in a chair constructed out of the candy making machines. Soundwave approaches him carrying a camera.

SOUNDWAVE: Lord Megatron. Reflector and I have surveyed this Gotham City, and found something interesting.

MEGATRON: A new energy source, Soundwave? We have more than enough.

REFLECTOR: No, mighty leader.

The camera jumps out of Soundwave’s hand and transforms, splitting into three separate robots. These robots are together, Reflector. Reflector hands Megatron a photograph. The picture is of Optimus Prime holding Batman in his hand.

MEGATRON: You waste my time, Reflector. I do not care about Prime’s human allies. They are of no concern to me.

SOUNDWAVE: But, My Lord. This Batman is a local hero. He has escaped death many times.

MEGATRON: Why should I be afraid of a human, just because he wears a ridiculous costume?

JOKER: He’s no mere man.

Megatron thrusts out of his chair.


Megatron, Soundwave, and Reflector cast their gaze downward. They see a man dressed in a purple suit with a goofy ascot. His face appears to be painted like a clown with green hair. But, his face is not painted. He’s the Joker.

JOKER: OOOOOOO! Giant tinker toys.

Megatron looks at Joker for a moment. He can sense in some way the evil qualities they share. Plus, he may know about this Batman.

MEGATRON: What do you know about this human?

Megatron places the photograph on the ground in front of the Joker. It is too large for a human to hold.

JOKER: Darling!

Megatron smirks.

JOKER: Hey! He’s got better toys than me! No fair! No fair! I want that red one, Daddy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

MEGATRON: You may think this is a joke! But no one’s laughing here but you.

JOKER: All of life is one big joke. Especially when you maim and torture people. HEH! HEH!

Megatron was beginning to like this human. But he never answered his question.

MEGATRON: The human in this picture. Who is he?

JOKER: You know, I’ve been wondering that myself. He does always wear that ridiculous mask. In fact nobody knows except maybe the girl he’s shagging! HEH!

Megatron motions his fusion cannon in Joker’s direction. Joker doesn’t flinch. Instead he laughs maniacally.


End of Scene.

SCENE: The Batcave. Batman sits at the console while Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jazz and Grimlock stand around him. Grimlock is in his alternate mode, that of a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Grimlock notices a giant statue of a T. Rex near a giant penny and joker card.

GRIMLOCK: Optimus Prime, Me Grimlock see distant relative.

PRIME: Try to focus, Grimlock.

Grimlock transforms into a robot. His robot from looks almost as bestial.

GRIMLOCK: Me Grimlock focus.

PRIME: This is quite an impressive lair you have, Batman. It rivals our own headquarters. But why keep it so hidden?

BATMAN: I keep my true identity hidden to protect those I care about.

Jazz was a stylish robot with a white body. He notices Jason Todd’s Robin costume in a glass case.

JAZZ: Hey, Bats. I dig these high-tech Earthen gizmos, but who’s outfit is that if you’re cool with me askin’?

Batman looks over at the Robin costume. Visions of Jason’s brutal death and The Joker’s sick laughter run through his mind.

BATMAN: It’s nothing. A souvenir.

Prime could notice by the look on Batman’s face, that the costume meant more to him than he was revealing. And he left it at that.

PRIME: My Autobots. We must not burden Batman with questions about things that don’t concern us. He deserves his privacy. There is a reason we were asked to deactivate our optic sensors until we entered the compound.

JAZZ: Right. And thanks to our bumper magnets, all we had to do is let Batman guide us with his vehicle.

PRIME: Why did you bring us here, Batman.

Batman gets out of his chair, his cloak draped around him. He has already been informed of Megatron and his Decepticons’ evil ways.

BATMAN: Megatron has stolen a valuable chemical which can make steel invulnerable.

PRIME: Chromacron.

BATMAN: Yes. No doubt he will use it on his own metal body and the bodies of his troops. One of the vats that housed the chemical wastes was stolen as well. More than likely Megatron will try to build more soldiers to add to his army.

JAZZ: Damn, jack! There’s already too many of those Decepticreeps! We gotta stop them!

PRIME: But, where could he be hiding I wonder?

Batman goes back to the computer and brings up a list of possible hideouts. Factories, warehouses, labs. One catches his attention. The only abandoned one on the list.

BATMAN: Funnibones Candy Factory.

PRIME: Quite a crude location for a base of operations. But it might serve his purposes, nonetheless. Autobots, Transform and roll out. And be sure to switch off your optics leaving here as well. Grimlock, get in my trailer.

Grimlock does as he’s told as Prime uses his magnet to hook on to the Batmobile. The other Autobots do the same and they head out.

End of Scene

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