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Super Link Shopping Guide to Japan

If you live in Japan or are planning to visit there soon you're gonna love this. Takara has posted an extensive list cover many of the places you can find Transformers Super Link toys in Japan. We've captured their list and translated it into Engrish (via Babelfish) for your viewing pleasure.

Area Store Address Telephone
 POS fool Nagayama Asahikawa city Nagayama 3 provision 12 Chome 2-11 0166-47-7111
 POS fool Ebetsu Ebetsu city happiness town 34 addresses 011-384-2121
 POS fool Muroran Muroran city east town 2-4-32 0143-45-1414
 POS fool spring light Asahikawa city spring the optical town 10 addresses 0166-55-3100
 POS fool Otaru Otaru city harbor work 11-6 0134-21-3100
 POS fool Nishioka The Sapporo city Toyohira Ku Nishioka 3 provision 3 Chome 4-1 011-855-2400
 POS fool Shizunai Shizunai Gun Shizunai Cho green willow town 1-9-31 0146-42-7111
 POS fool Chitose The Chitose city Sakae town 6 Chome 51 addresses 0123-24-3100
 POS fool alga rock The Sapporo Itiminami Ku river following 2 provision 2 Chome 1st 1 011-571-4121
 POS fool Noboribetsu Noboribetsu city it is young mountain town 4-33-1 0143-82-3000
 POS fool east seedling head The Sapporo city east Ku east seedling head 3 provision 2 Chome 5-25 011-784-3100
 POS fool Kitami Kitami city going north town 1 Chome 0157-66-3100
 POS fool Yoichi Yoichi Gun Yoichi Cho Kurokawa Cho 12-62-1 0135-23-2527
 The Bick camera Sapporo store The Sapporo city Chuo Ku Kita 5 provision west 2-1 the Bick camera Sapporo store 6F 011-261-1111
 ??? of toy Main town 3 Chome of Asahikawa city 0166-51-1519
 Poplar mansion ???? store The Sapporo city Shiraishi Ku glory 18 Chome 5-35 co-op ? ? ? LUCY 2 F 011-855-8522
Miyagi  White peony Rifu store Miyagi Gun Rifu Cho Rifu letter new house Tamae 22 Jusco Co., Ltd. Rifu store 1 F 022-349-1830
Tochigi  (Possession) Nishi Nasuno ????? Nasu Gun west Gun Nasuno Cho Yamato Cho 1-3 S.C. Taking plug 1F 0287-36-8151
 (Inc.) Fukuda house department store Utsunomiya store Uto Miyaiti Imaizumi Cho 237 028-623-5260
 (Inc.) Fukuda house Utsunomiya ?????? store Uto MiyaitiNakajima Cho 939 028-657-6523


 Store in toy center atom ? City horse crossing over in ? 2565-8 029-271-0010
 (Inc.) oak and ??? cup Ishioka store Ishioka city Ishioka 2752-1 0299-23-6741
Gunma  ???????? store of toy Ota city Takabayashi ?town 1809 S.C. Inside ? ? ? 0276-38-5053
Saitama  The ? it is, the store east oral main office Itiminami Okegawa 1-6-5 048-774-5261
 The ? it is, the store ??? store Okegawa city Wakamiya 1-5-2 048-787-5771
 (Possession) Apollo main office Eight tide city centers 3-21-4 048-995-6541
 (Possession) Apollo Jusco Co., Ltd. store Eight tide city Oosone 273-5 048-998-0841
 (Possession) ball house Kawagoe store Kawagoe city Shintomi Cho 2-22-1 0492-23-1107
The Tokyo  ????? corporation ???????? Kanda outside Chiyoda Ku 4-3-3 03-3251-3100
 Pony of toy Nakano Ku Nakano 5-52-15 broadway 3F 03-3387-7451
 Happy house town seven store Reed with respect to Suginami Ku 1-9-1 town seven building 6F 03-3391-6966
 ?????? Harajuku store Shibuya Ku Jingumae 6-1-9 03-3409-3431
 Toy of east mouth and - (possession) two surpassing stores - The Shinagawa Ku Tokyo University well 5-15-1 03-3471-3832
 Hiroshi item mansion toy park Chuo Ku Ginza 8-8-11 03-3571-8008
 Kids box ACT-1 Kamata Ku Ota 5-26-8 03-3731-0271
 Completion hall Bunkyo store This Komagome Ku Bunkyo 1-1-24 03-3821-1135
 Captain west Arai store Adachi Ku valley resident in house 2-6-3 03-3896-8787
 (Possession) ball house North Ku Akabane 1-15-3 03-3902-3218
 (Inc.) the Tobu department store Ikebukuro store Toshima Ku west Ikebukuro 1-1-25 03-3981-2211
 The Bick camera Yuraku Cho store Chiyoda Ku Yuraku Cho 1-10-1 the Bick camera Yuraku Cho store 3F 03-5221-1111
 Shinjuku ????? Shibuya Ku thousand inferior valleys 5-24-2 03-5361-1596
 The Bick camera Ikebukuro main office Toshima Ku east Ikebukuro 1-41-5 the Bick camera Ikebukuro store 7F 03-5396-1111
 ???????? Kasai store Edogawa Ku east Kasai 9-3-3 03-5675-1011
 ???? Kitiziyouzi store Musashi Noichi Kitiziyouzi south town 2-1-25 0422-79-4141
 The Bick camera Tachikawa store Tachikawa city dawn town 2-12-2 the Bick camera Tachikawa store 8F 042-548-1111
 Bell house Hamura store of toy Hamura city God discernment stand 1-33-9 042-579-0086
 Bell house Kawabe store of toy Oume city Kawabe Cho 10-1-5 0428-25-1112
 (Possession) ????? The Taito Ku Ueno 6-14-6 03-3831-2320
 ???? Kamata store West Kamata Ku Ota 8-23-5 03-3734-4141
 ???? Tsuda swamp store City Yazu Narashino 7-7-1 047-474-4141
Kanagawa  Toy & hobby ??? hall The Sagamihara city sunshine stand 3-6-7 042-754-8317
 (Inc.) ?? island house Yokohama store Yokohama city Nishi Ku south happiness 1-6-31 045-311-5111
 ???????? - ?? ? Yokohama main office Yokohama city chiku Ku Kitayama rice field 3-1-50 045-593-9888
 (Inc.) the toe is the Japanese robot laboratory Inside 3F Yokohama city Ku Yamashita Cho 15 marine towers 045-641-1595
 HEARTY ? ? and Odawara city Sakae town 2-9-33 application 4F 0465-23-0311
 ???? Yamato store Large Waiti Yamato east 1-2-1 046-264-4141
Nagano  ??? Wide hill Yoshida city Oaza Shiojiri 2905-2 0263-58-0381
 Matsuda of toy Before the Fujieda city station 2-7-26 054-641-4380
 Store of trust City Hagiwara Gotenba 413 0550-84-8843
 (Inc.) ?? island house Kyoto store The Kyoto city Shimogyo Ku four provisions Kawahara Cho west entrance true town 52 075-221-8811
 Pelican genuine store Motosu Gun genuine town governmental rice field letter Kamiichi place 1404-1 the Rio world 2 F 058-323-5159
Aichi  (Inc.) Matuzaka house Nagoya store The Nagoya city Ku glory 3 Chome 16th 1 052-264-2711
 The Bick camera Nagoya west store Nagoya city village Ku camellia town 6 - 9 052-459-1111
 Bremen The Nagoya city Meito Ku rattan hill 78-1 052-777-2385
The Osaka  ?????? Osaka Umeda store The Osaka city north Ku lawn rice field 1-1-3 Hankyu 3rd town north mansion 06-6372-7701
 It is close the iron Abe field Abe field Ku Abe field muscle 1 Chome 1st 43 06-6625-2210
 Pelican Izumi central store Izumi city it is, the roofing field 5-1-11 ???? 3 F 0725-50-3550
 Pelican thousand village hill store Suita city Yamada south 1-1 ???? SC 2 F 06-6386-0751
 Pelican Saigan Wada store Kishiwada city port green town 2-1 Kishiwada cancan bay side mall EAST 3 F 0724-30-2308
 The pelican it is young the river Iwata store Higashi Osaka city melon raw hall 1-10-52 ???? SCF 0729-63-2580
 ?? island house Osaka store The Osaka city Chuo Ku wreck 5 - 1 - 5 06-6631-1101
  Bick camera what store The Osaka city Chuo before the Ku thousand days 2-10-1 06-6634-1111
 Jaw thin super kids land Nihonbashi store The Osaka city Oyodo Ku Nihonbashi 5-8-26 06-6634-3711
 Pelican Wakayama store Japanese ode Yamaiti new life town 7-20 ???? SC 2 F 073-433-8106
Hyogo  Pelican west Kobe store The Kobe city Nishi Ku dragon Oka 1-21-1 ???? west Kobe store annex 2F 078-967-5118
Okayama  (Inc.) the Mitsukoshi Kurashiki store Kurashiki city flattering knowledge 1-7-1 5 floor toy counter 086-423-3149
 ABC parade flat island store The Okayama city Higashi Hiroshima 163 dream town flat island 086-297-5688
 ABC world Kurashiki checks island 1154-2 ??????? saddle system 1 floor 086-464-2230
 ABC parade Oku store Oku Gun Oku Cho Owari 268 dream town Oku 08692-4-1920
 Toy & variety Kuse store Maniwa Gun Kuse city Kuse 2418 Tenma house ?????? Kuse 2 floor 0867-42-7157
 ABC parade Kurashiki store Kurashiki city bamboo grass open sea 1274-1 ???????? 3 floor 086-422-8777
 ABC parade Sanyo store Akaiwa Koriyama positive town Shimoichi 473 ??? Sanyo SC2 floor 08695-5-9800
 ABC dream younger sister tail store Straw raincoat island 1387 Tenma house ?????? younger sister tail 2 floor 086-282-5173
Shimane  Pelican Hamada store Hamada city port 227-1 dream town SC3F 0855-23-7724
Hiroshima  The Malta mosquito child department store The Hiroshima city Ku book 4th 8 082-247-1440
 Pelican Higashi Hiroshima store Higashi Hiroshima city Saijo Cho Oaza earth giving circle 971-1 dream town SC4F 0824-23-1275
 Toy & game ? - ? Tertiary city ten day city 1-1-10 CCTH plaza 2 floor 0824-63-8578
 ABC parade school store Higashi Hiroshima city Saijo preliminary inspection 6-2-32 dream town school store 2 floor 0824-21-1680
Yamaguchi  Pelican Yamaguchi store Yamaguchi city Ouchi moat 1301-1 dream town Yamaguchi 2F 083-933-2211
 (Inc.) Sanyo ? - ? Yanai Itiminami Cho 2-5-17 0820-23-1835
Kagawa  Pelican Takamatsu store Place in Takamatsu city Sanjo Cho letter 608-1 dream town Takamatsu 2 F 087-869-7733
Ehime  To be, the Tetsu ?? island house Matsuyama city port 5-1-1 089-948-2111
Fukuoka  Pelican Chikushino store Tsukushi Noichi Oaza needle ? 30-21 dream town SC2F 092-924-9163
 Pelican Yukuhashi store Yukuhashi city Nishinomiya city 3-8-1 dream town Yukuhashi 2F 0930-24-8180
 Ogura Department Store Izutsuya Co., Ltd. Kitakyushu city Kokura Kita Ku Hunaba Cho 1-1 093-522-2815
 The Bick camera Tenzin store The Fukuoka city Chuo Ku Tenzin 2-4-5 092-732-1111
Considerably the  Pelican Nakatsu store Shimada city Oaza Nakatsu 134-1 dream town Nakatsu 3F 0979-23-6773
Saga  Pelican Saga store Saga Saga city large spirit town Oaza cow island 730 ?????… Saga 2F 0952-41-6061
Nagasaki  Every ? dream ? capital store Nagasaki city original boat town 14-49 dream ? capital 2 floor 095-829-2310

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