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Transformers Subscription Figure 5.0 Pre-Orders Now Available For Non-Members
BaCon - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Not a Transformers Collectors Club member, but have been drooling over the Transformers Subscription Figure 5.0 toys?

If so, today is your lucky day as our site sponsor BigBadToyStore is serving up what you are hungy for without the hassle of signing up for the Transformers Collectors Club.

BBTS have just placed all six of the 5.0 figures on pre-order slated to arrive in 2017, including: Lifeline With Quickslinger, Counterpunch, Fractyl With Scorponok, Megatron With Space Warp, Optimus Prime With Hi-Q, and Toxitron.

Read on for the details, character info, and order links below.


LIFELINE is one of the last remaining members of the Paradron Medic Corps, a group which famously shared an identical body-type amongst all its units. The near-pastel color scheme of the Medic Corps is based off of Rungian insights into the psychological status of most would-be patients, it's meant to put them at ease and offer less risk of accidental provocation. LIFELINE does not fight and is a pacifist at spark, and she loathes that her programming drives her to accept patients injured from combat. Behind her ironic smile hides a detachment she’s developed for repairing bots who return to war. Naturally pragmatic, LIFELINE repairs when possible and deactivates when not.

LIFELINE and her practice are aided by the one-time Targetmaster QUICKSLINGER who was one of the most rough-and-tumble robots in the Autobot military, taking on missions that defied her size and bearing. When the war seemed lost, she left Cybertron in search of a rumored lost colony world and a new mission for her life. She has achieved that goal as a loyal attendant to LIFELINE.

Gather Lifeline's included medical implements – Energon Infuser, Plasma Projector, Hard-Light Scalpel Blades (x2) – as well as the Quickslinger Targetmaster partner accessory, and prep her for surgery as she treats your other Transformers action figures!

Order here:


The double spy known as both PUNCH and COUNTERPUNCH had been deep undercover for so long, even he had begun to question his true allegiance. After millions of years, the false history of his undercover persona had been burned into his datatracks, becoming indistinguishable from his true memories. Eventually, PUNCH and COUNTERPUNCH had each come to believe that the other was a disguise.

After a ruthless squad of Decepticons discovered his dual identities during a raid on an Autobot base, he was savagely beaten, labeled a traitor, and left to rust. However, thanks to a talented medic from the planet Paradron, he was saved. But only by removing the damaged components of his PUNCH form—including the barriers between PUNCH and COUNTERPUNCH’s mental processes. Reborn as a single entity, COUNTERPUNCH seeks to uncover the truth of an identity hidden within two conflicting sets of memories. His brutality has been tempered by a constant struggle between the Decepticon he thinks he is, and the Autobot he thinks he may be.

Utilizing an unreleased head sculpt which has never before been seen, Counterpunch becomes a special addition to any Combiner Wars collection! Arm him with his bladed Photon Cannon and Twin Mortar Launcher and send him on his newest spy missions to infiltrate your toy shelves!

Order Here:


As a scientist, FRACTYL was an anomaly among the PREDACONS. Favoring brute force as a method of subjugating their opponents, the PREDACONS seemed to have little use for carefully thought out strategies and highly technical weaponry. After the destruction of the Cybertronian wars, FRACTYL set out among the stars to find a new home where his scientific acumen would be appreciated. However, upon entering the atmosphere of a previously uncharted planet, FRACTYL crash-landed and was discovered by the native lifeforms – a primitive race of mechanoids in the early stages of evolving a techno-organic conversion ability. FRACTYL’S geological experiments established him as a sort of deity to these mechanoids – much to his chagrin.

FRACTYL has retained his Cybertronian jet mode and made modifications to better suit the atmosphere of his new home. Unlike his fellow PREDACONS, FRACTYL’S weapons are more defensive in nature.

Fractyl uses the new head sculpt first introduced on the BotCon 2016 attendee Terrorsaur figure and comes with a Twin-Barreled Laser Rifle and Air-to-surface Missile Launcher to aid him in his survival on strange new worlds that only your imagination can bring to life! Also included is the Scorponok accessory figure – so that now you can finally complete your vehicle-mode Beast Wars show cast Predacons.

Order Here:


MEGATRON is the embodiment of the next Generation of Transformer technology: the Double Pretender! Faced with his own survival and the survival of the Decepticon legacy, MEGATRON upgrades with an impenetrable outer shell that combines cybernetically reinforced superstructure and Cybertronic alloy to ensure victory on the battlefield!

MEGATRON also harnesses the power of his robot partner, the enigmatic Mini-Con SPACEWARP. A displaced explorer, SPACEWARP's innate spacebridge abilities give MEGATRON valuable mobility as well as added firepower as she can connect her Transwarp Blaster mode to any distant singularity in the mapped galaxies.

Robots who stand in MEGATRON's way ought to beware, he's in no mood for distractions!

The Double Pretender Megatron action figure reintroduces the famously rare and never before available outside of Japan “Grand Maximus” Pretender shell. This is the original vintage tooling brought out of storage for this special figure which will only be available through the Transformers Collectors' Club Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5.0! Also comes with Megatron's Fusion Rifle, Repulsor Blade, and the Spacewarp Mini-con partner accessory, any of which can be placed into the Decepticon Commander's hands as he battles Optimus Prime and the Autobots!

Order Here:


OPTIMUS PRIME steps into the next Generation of Transformer evolution as a Double Pretender! As the strongest and wisest of the Autobots, OPTIMUS is dedicated to protecting all life forms. Now he has added a whole new level to his considerable arsenal using Double Pretender technology!

Splits into three autonomous modules 1) His fearsome outer battle shell that combines cybernetically fused musculature and high-density Cybertronic alloy to truly dominate the field 2) The Commander Robot form which carries a high-density ion cannon and converts into an all-terrain vehicle capable of off-road travel in any environment 3) The Autobot cyborg partner Hi-Q, who transforms into both an aerial reconnaissance spy jet as well as a repeating particle beam cannon!

Decepticons should be wary of what OPTIMUS can bring to the battlegrounds. With his new capabilities, OPTIMUS PRIME continues to be both a respected commander, and a feared warrior!

The Double Pretender Optimus Prime action figure uses the fan favorite Pretender shell that debuted at BotCon 2015, and also features a brand new head sculpt for the inner robot! Equip Optimus Prime for combat with his Photo Rifle, High-Density Ion Blaster, and Hi-Q partner accessory, and your Decepticon toys won't know what's coming for them!

Order Here:


Forgotten. Abandoned. Left to rot in purgatory. This will not be the legacy of TOXITRON. A brute found by SHOCKWAVE on the edge of the Sea of Rust foraging for scraps of Energon, TOXITRON was promised a better life, modifications, enhancements and surely a reputation that would last for eons. In a single word: Perfection.

However, perfection failed to live up to its promises and “failure” became the word attributed to TOXITRON's intended upgrades. Left without any of the ‘gifts’ SHOCKWAVE had predicted, TOXITRON was a living weapon. A being who constantly discharged lethal toxins and poisoned anyone around him. When not on missions, TOXITRON had to be kept in a state of Cognizant Stasis to protect his fellow comrades.

Eventually other bots came to process special abilities from SHOCKWAVE’s modifications. More and more time passed between missions until finally TOXITRON was forgotten about altogether. Becoming more and more angered by his abandonment, he vowed to take revenge on those SHOCKWAVE found to be more ‘Perfect’.

The Toxitron action figure utilizes a never-before-released head sculpt, which captures the visage of an evil version of the heroic Optimus Prime! He also comes with a Distortion Rifle and Agonizer Sword, both of which can be equipped in either mode during his missions to infect the other Transformers action figures on your shelves!

Order Here:

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The Transformers’ Collector’s Club has started their final clearance sale. In an email to former members, they announced the beginning of the final Clearance Sale. Everything in the store is 10% off with further 10% reductions, "Approximately every week," till they drop to 90% at which time, they will continue sales til all the stock is gone or the end of the year arrives. Read on to see the full members letter sent to the Club, courtesy of the Allspark.
The time has come for the end of Fun Publications' licensed Transformers offerings, with the final shipment of TFSS 5 now reaching subscribers. By process of elimination we knew this shipment would be Toxitron and Counterpunch, the final parts needed to make the Wreckage combiner. And amazingly we managed to make it all the way to this point without the bonus figure being spoiled! We'll respect the desire for those who want to remain unknowing, so you'll have to click through to learn the final figure's identity. We've got several photos thanks to SeiberBirdR who did a quick post-unboxing shoot. Check them out below!
The last series of Figure Subscription Service offerings from the now-defunct Transformers Collectors Club is continuing to slowly be fulfilled. Subscribers will be finding the second shipment arriving in the next few days, with those lucky - and local to the Fun Pub office - already getting toys in hand. PumaTheHunter on Twitter is one such, and he's posted a nice batch of photos showing Double Pretenders Optimus and Megatron. Most of the focus is on Megatron, but both toys are represented nicely. Keep reading for more info, and of course the photos!
Thanks to a tip from Eric Crownover, who just got the first shipment of the final Transformers Figure Subscription Service! For those who may be wondering about Paradron Medic - who is a reuse of the 2014 Generations Arcee mold - we now know which set of hands she's using. Keep reading to see for yourself!
From SeiberBirdR we've got a first look at which toys are now on their way to subscribers of the final TFSS assortment. Shipping in pairs to get the toys distributed as quickly as possible, the first set is Fractyl with Scorponok, and Lifeline with Quickslinger, making for a very green and purple shipment. SeiberBirdR took quite a few photos of the toys as well as their bio cards. You can find all of those mirrored below in the gallery. Keep reading to see!

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