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Prime Beast Hunters
SDCC 2013 - Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Hasbro Panel - Bumblebee SPEAKS!!!!

By BaCon on Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tformers is here at SDCC covering the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Panel. We will be updated this live from the event. Check out the full report with preview clips from the final episode, of Bumblebee speaking and a preview from the Predacons Rising DVD release and more in the report below.

Panel Attendees

Jeff Kline
Duane Capazi
Jerry Jivion
Fred Anderson
Dave Hartman
Mike Vogel

Talk about multi-award winning cartoon show on The Hub Network.

Jeff Kline said the big revelation is Season 3 was just as difficult to make as Season 1. They moved the season up 3 months and got to do a lot of characters they wanted to. They want to make sure they gave a great experience over the 3 years of the show - THANKS YOU to the fans for watching.

Unleashing the beast, they knew something big was coming for S3. So they thought the beasts would make it really BIG. They wanted to give the beasts a creative story and tie-in to the Earth being a sister planet to Cybertron.

Designing beast was different. They didnt want to do Beast Wars, and chose their own Earth based mythology that they could put into the show. A reason they have always been there. The design of Predaking was very difficult and has some of the most complicated transformations and other moves.

With having worked on the series and reworking the Transformers lore. Jerry says it is great work on these influences in the show along with new characters like Predaking. See how the 30 years of legacy influences the show. Hasbro loves to make new products for the show,

Showing teaser clip from Hasbro Studio of the FINAL episode. Shows epic battles and a scene of Prime and Megatron in Space. They also showed a clip of Bumblebee talking. He has a teen kind of male voice. LIke a cool young guy.

Prime started out as trying to key off the movie and didnt want to make him speak. They wanted to make him talk so they delayed it till Season 3 when they could work the story around Raf. BB is a scout who works his way up to becoming a warrior. They are going to release a talking Bumblebee toy that will be out later this year. Voice was done by Will Fredell.

The last episodes will be followed by the DVD movie release, Predacons Rising. After reading a lot of fan sites they saw we wanted to have a good ending and they decided to go with the movie to end the series.

Clips show Ultra Magnus encounter with Predacons. They are black and yellow metallic looking colored like the ones in the lab tanks on the cartoon. An invasion of many many preds is shown.

Terrorcons at the beginning and Predacons at the end of the show because Dave Hartman loves zombies. Is all we are told we need to know.

Talking about season 3 recaps and events.... they S3 has been epic and then epic again. The Movie Predacons Rising will be even more EPIC!

Questions and Answers

Will there be Dinobots in Prime?
There was no room for them in the S3, but they have talked about how they might use them in future cartoons.

Was there plans for a fourth seasons?
They had ideas for it, but they were able to tie up the loose ends in the series in S3 with the DVD movie Predacon Rising.

Will there be a new show with the same Prime Team with an aligned continuity?
IF Hasbro was going to continue, it would make sense to have some things stay the same and also continue... We know the head of the Hasbro Transformers brand like aligned continuity... is all they can say. They do realize Prime looks great and they would like to look at some other options, a possible hybrid....that is all they can say...again.

Were there any thing like Headmasters and Combiners in the show?
They wanted to bring in more Wreckers in S3, but they didnt have time and still had a lot of story to tell about the current characters. This allowed them to do more character development. They did want to do something with Seaspray. He was not killed on the episode, and managed to jetison off the ship. Dispite his name, he was going to be a baddass "Quint" like characters. He has a nautical whistle that strikes fear in the enemy. But it was not to be.

Was killing Miko a possibility?
They stand by Miko, and the Polygon animators love her. They were going to send Miko to Tokyo and meet her parents, but they ran out of time.

Why did you go with the other Ultra Magnus?
They had to do a redo of the character later on.

What were the vehicons?
They started out the making them clones, but it has evolved over the course of the show.

Will we see Knockouts backstory?
They have been trying to give these characters more development with the show with the comics.

Why was FOC Slag called Slug?
Something to with international compatibility.

Was there anything you did that Hasbro vetoed for controversy?
There is no additional work or footage that has been approved by Hasbro. Everyday there are ideas about new things, but most of it has been OKed by Hasbro and The Hub after some discussion and a compromise could work.

Panel ENDED!

Stay tuned to Tformers.com for more details as they are made available. Your best resource for all the Transformers news and community every day.

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